Coral color — who suits it, what goes with it, how to wear it?


Coral color - who suits it, what goes with it, how to wear it?

According to the Pantone Color Institute, coral is the color of choice for 2019. This shade is bright and cheerful, it looks beautiful not only in the wardrobe of a modern woman, but also in a cosmetic bag, and even on her hair.

What color is coral?

First of all, it is important to determine what coral looks like and how it differs from similar reds, oranges or pinks. In fact, the shade is a mixture of these three colors, it looks very juicy and cheerful and is associated with coral reefs, from which it got its name. This stylish and fashionable color has firmly entered the women’s wardrobe, harmoniously combined with most stylish and bright shades.

Coral color - what is it

Coral Color of the Year 2019 by Pantone

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the main shade that will become fundamental in fashion trends. In 2019, it became a color called living coral, which has a slight golden sheen. This is not the easiest color, and not everyone loves it, but those who want to keep up with fashion should figure out how to choose the right shade for themselves and what it is best to combine it with. Coral, the main color according to Panton, was popular earlier, in the distant 50s, and this year it has again gained wide popularity.

Coral Color of the Year 2019 by Pantone

Who suits coral?

The first question that should be clarified before you start updating your wardrobe according to fashion trends is who suits the coral color, and which shade is better to prefer with certain appearance criteria. First of all, when choosing the right tone, you should consider the color type of your appearance. Absolute blondes and burning brunettes are better off choosing cold shades of coral, brown-haired women are more likely to face warmer tones.

Who suits coral

Of great importance when choosing the right tone of coral is not only hair color, but also skin tone. Light and light shades are suitable for fair-haired girls, bright and saturated shades for dark hair. Gorgeous coral outfit in bright colors will look very nice on dark tanned skin. Fair-skinned girls are better to give preference to light shades.

Who suits the coral color fashion

What goes with coral?

To create a harmonious female image, it is important not only to choose the right shade of coral for skin and hair tone, but also to choose the right combinations with other colors. Despite the fact that the coral color is very specific and not everyone likes it, its combination with other colors should not cause great difficulties. Combinations with neutral tones will be universal and uniquely successful options:

  • coral with black;
  • What goes with coral black

  • with white;
  • What goes with coral white

  • with gray;
  • What goes with coral gray

  • with beige.
  • What goes with coral beige

Such combinations are win-win, but remember that they will not add charm to your image. In addition, in combination with the standard color, coral can look faded, losing its richness and magnificence. Therefore, it is still worth paying attention to the compatibility of different shades of coral:

  1. Classic coral is a fine line between orange and pink. Such tones as warm pink, cold pink, yellow-green, azure, denim, sky blue, silver, gold go well with it.
  2. Bright coral is more of a shade of scarlet, and you should combine it very carefully. Suitable options may be sky blue, aquamarine, azure, silver, gold, brown, navy blue.
  3. White-coral color looks gentle and soft, looks beautiful on both light and dark skin. It is worth combining it with the same light and light shades — yellow, purple, peach, aquamarine, heavenly, lilac, gold, brown.
  4. Yellow-coral color suits girls with dark skin. Ideal combinations for him are tones such as yellow-gold, carrot, rusty, burgundy, olive, azure, denim, lilac.
  5. The orange-coral color is original and complex, associated with warmth and relaxation. It goes well with sand, carrot, raspberry, olive, azure, lilac, blue.
  6. Coral pink color is very bright and saturated, it should be used with caution. It can be harmoniously combined with such tones as orange, azure, aquamarine, black-brown, silver, gold.
  7. What goes with coral

Coral color in clothes

The warm season is conducive to bright and juicy tones — in the rays of sunlight they look especially attractive and cheerful. Intense coral color is the trend of the spring-summer 2019 season, combined with both light and dark tanned skin. We can say with confidence that this color suits every girl, it is only important to choose the right shade of it, so every self-respecting fashionista should get a couple of things in such colors for the new season.

Coral color in clothes

Coral dress

Delicate and light coral dresses look very gentle and feminine, you can’t look simple or banal in such a thing — it gives the image a special charm, makes a woman bright and spectacular. The coral color of the dress is bright, but not flashy, such an outfit will certainly attract attention without overshadowing your natural beauty. For a stylish and spectacular look, you should choose light beige shoes or sandals in gold or silver with high heels for a dress.

Coral dress

Coral skirt

A delicate and light coral-colored skirt will be a bright accent to any look. Much depends on the shade. The light coral color matches perfectly with a white top and fits into the office dress code, while bright colors can be combined to create original stylish combinations. In this color, different styles of skirts are popular:

  • a pencil skirt is in harmony with a business shirt, blouse, turtleneck;
  • Coral dress

  • the bell skirt is suitable for a modest white blouse, and for cardigans, jumpers, combined with various shades;
  • Coral pencil skirt

  • A straight or flared coral maxi skirt will help create a delicate and graceful feminine look.
  • Sun coral skirt

Coral blouse

The coral color of the top refreshes the face, rejuvenates, skin imperfections become invisible. A beautiful thing looks very elegant, but at the same time concise. In order for the image not to seem too saturated and overloaded, it is better to choose a monophonic bottom. Neutral colors such as white, beige or nude look good in trousers or a skirt.

Long coral skirt

It is worth paying attention to the choice of shade, not everyone can be to face. Delicate and youthful coral pink color is likely to suit fair-skinned and blue-eyed blondes, especially a light shade that gives lightness and tenderness. For brown-haired women and brunettes, it is better to opt for blouses in classic coral color or with an admixture of orange.

Coral blouse

Coral hat

Juicy and catchy details, harmoniously combined with clothes, add a touch of originality to the female image, emphasizing style and excellent taste. The bright coral color of the hat goes well with light-colored outerwear — with white, gray, beige coats and jackets. For harmony in the image, it is worth picking up other accessories to match the hat — a scarf or scarf, mittens, a bag. The coral bright color of the cap will look original in combination with shoes of the same color.

Fashion coral blouse

Coral coat

The new trend of the spring season 2019 is the coral coat, which will become a stylish and bright accent in your look. Fashion trends offer several options for such a thing:

  • a jacket coat is harmoniously combined with jeans and sports shoes, as well as with a classic style;
  • Fashion coral blouse

  • a fitted coat in coral color will appeal to lovers of conservative looks;
  • Coral hat

  • The cocoon coat, which is very popular, is beautifully combined with skinny jeans and stylish ankle boots.
  • Coral coat blazer

Delicate or deep coral color of the coat will be the main bright accent in your image, so you should be very selective in accessories. So that your bow does not turn out to be overloaded and sticky, handbags, scarves should be chosen in a laconic design of neutral colors that do not attract much attention. Shoes are also better to choose with a minimum of decor.

Coral fitted coat

Coral shoes

Coral-colored shoes have become a stylish and eye-catching trend of the season — an original accessory that brings zest to any look. This shade cannot be called defiant, it rather speaks of the delicate taste of a woman. The coral bright color of the shoes is combined with clothes in neutral pastel colors, white, gray, and flesh are win-win options. It is better not to combine such shoes with bright outfits.

Cocoon coral coat

Coral-colored shoes can be combined with an outfit in the same colors — a dress, only a skirt or trousers, or only a blouse. In order for the image to be harmonious, the shades should be selected so that the tone of the shoes is somewhat darker than the color of the clothes. The spring-summer 2019 season offers fashionistas the following shoe options in coral color:

  1. Shoes and sandals with heels or stilettos — regardless of the height of the heel, they are ideal for both office dress code and evening wear.
  2. Coral coat

  3. Coral shoes and platform sandals can be called a youth model. They harmoniously fit into the everyday female image.
  4. coral shoes

  5. Low-cut ballet flats are perfect for a casual look. Favorite model of many fashionistas due to comfort.
  6. Shoes coral color fashion

Coral bag

Not a single female image can do without a bag, which has long been not only a functional item, but also an attribute of female style. Fashionable coral color is a bright and catchy accent, and it is important that the image has another detail of the same tone — a scarf, hat, neck decoration, belt or shoes. Bags in coral color are diverse — the range includes both large accessories that can hold a lot of necessary things, and miniature clutches.

Shoes coral color style

coral hair color

Warm and juicy, and at the same time soft and pastel coral hair color is the new trend of 2019, which very quickly became fashionable and gained popularity. Unfortunately, this shade is not suitable for everyone. It will look great on fair-haired and fair-skinned girls, brown-haired and redheads. Whether coral hair color is suitable for a brunette is a moot point, it is worth considering the appearance of a particular girl. And for dyeing dark hair in such a shade, preliminary discoloration is required.

Shoes coral ballet flats

Coral makeup

Such a bright trend as a juicy and cheerful coral color could not help but go to cosmetics. So, at the peak of popularity was makeup in such colors:

  1. Facial makeup — blush coral shades. It is better to choose non-pigmented cosmetics in order to smoothly apply a thin layer, keeping a fine line between fashion and naturalness.
  2. Coral bag

  3. Lip makeup in coral color has been very popular for several years now. There are many different shades, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your appearance. Combine coral lipstick with blush of the same color and warm eye makeup.
  4. coral hair color

  5. Eye makeup in coral tones looks stylish and catchy, but you should use such cosmetics with great care — not every girl will suit her.
  6. coral hair blush

  7. Coral nails are a bright and win-win option in various variations of execution, which looks beautiful on both long and short nails.
  8. coral hair color lips

Wedding in coral color

On her solemn and unforgettable day, every girl wants not only to look stylish and fashionable, but to create a stunning design around her. This year, such an idea as a wedding in coral color has become a trend, the design of which is not as complicated and expensive as it might seem. To do this, you can use ideas such as:

  1. The bride and groom dress in coral. In a male image, it is not necessary to use this color of the suit, although such an idea will look stylish and juicy. You can limit yourself to a decorative element or coral-colored accessory. For a girl, a coral wedding dress can be an ideal option, emphasizing tenderness and femininity.
  2. Clothing of witnesses and guests in coral colors will create a special atmosphere and a festive cheerful atmosphere.
  3. Wedding accessories in coral tones — these include glasses, ribbons, table setting elements, hall decor.
  4. Coral hair shade

  5. The bride’s bouquet in coral color is the embodiment of tenderness, elegance, sensuality. For such a design, a variety of flowers are suitable — roses, peonies, amaryllis.
  6. coral hair color nails


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