Brilliant manicure — fashion trends for long and short nails


Brilliant manicure - fashion trends for long and short nails

Each girl pays attention to the condition of her hands, because the image without a beautiful design of the nail plates will not be complete. Today, nail art masters offer the fair sex many interesting options, among which a brilliant manicure occupies a special place.

Brilliant manicure 2019

Beautiful shiny manicure does not lose its position for many years. 2019 is no exception — this season, girls and women cover their claws with sequins of various shapes and sizes, not only as part of special occasions, but also in everyday life. The most relevant trends in 2019 were the following:

  • richly decorated plates that look like the contents of an entire jewelry box have been poured onto them. In this case, glasses are glued to the nails — imitation of sapphires and diamonds, gold chains and pendants, and much more. This splendor is necessarily complemented by sparkles that make nail art incredibly beautiful, festive and solemn. Although such a design has no place in everyday life, many girls give it their preference on the eve of holidays and important events;
  • The original novelty of 2019 was a brilliant manicure, in which only half of the nail plate is filled with varnish with a shimmer or glitter. In this case, the second half should have a transparent surface or be covered with the most natural nude shade;
  • Another trend of the season was a scattering of sparkles not on the nail plates themselves, but on the skin around them. This technique was widely met at the fashion shows of the autumn-winter collections of the new season;
  • in 2019, a brilliant manicure can be as bright and spectacular as possible. For this reason, stylists advise not to save sparkles and even, on the contrary, use them in large quantities. For example, the original trend of the season was the simultaneous use of varnish with shimmer and glitter, as a result of which the nail plates receive a “double portion” of shine.

glitter manicure 2019beautiful shiny manicure

Shiny manicure for short nails

In the case of short nail plates, nail artists are not advised to cover the entire surface with sparkles, since such nail art will look overloaded. The best option for owners of short nails is a French manicure, in which the smile line is highlighted with glitter or sparkles.

In addition, ladies with short nails can highlight 1-2 accent fingers with glitter, and cover the rest with a solid gel polish, the color of which can be any. A small amount of sparkles present in the varnish itself is quite acceptable, however, when choosing such a coating, you should abandon any decorative elements.

In 2019, owners of short nail plates can choose the following design options:

  • jacket with a transparent surface and a brilliant smile line;
  • red shiny manicure without decor;
  • glitter stretch on accent fingers;
  • thin stripes applied over a matte dark finish.

glitter manicure for short nails

Shiny manicure for long nails

Owners of long nail plates can use a wide variety of nail art options. A shiny manicure on such claws looks especially good when they are almond-shaped, and their free edge stands out by at least 7-8 millimeters. In the case of long nails, glitter nail art can have a huge variety of varieties:

  • monochromatic coating combined with glitter on accent fingers;
  • highlighting the hole with sparkles, which can overlap with the smile line, designed in the same style;
  • glitter patterns, which are becoming especially popular on the eve of certain holidays and events;
  • red and blue shiny manicure without decor is ideal for celebrating the New Year;
  • geometric nail art, the lines in which are drawn with sparkles.

glitter manicure for long nails

Brilliant Manicure Ideas

The shiny surface of the nail plates always attracts attention, however, most girls and women choose it only for going out and special occasions. In everyday life, you can sometimes find a monochromatic shiny manicure that looks very restrained, chaste and concise. However, nail art masters can offer their clients a lot of interesting options, which are used to create glitter or sequins.

glitter manicure ideas

Shiny french manicure

In everyday life, a shiny French manicure will look great, the smile line in which is highlighted with sparkles. As a rule, in such a design, the main surface of the nail plates is covered with a transparent gel polish, however, if desired, it can be replaced with a snow-white, pink or black coating.

A brilliant French manicure will look even more interesting if you add it with the following decorative elements:

  • rhinestones and broths;
  • painting or flowers on accent fingers;
  • lace or curls;
  • hole, designed identically to the smile line.

shiny french manicure

Shiny stripes manicure

Recently, the fair sex has been very popular with simple and concise types of design, for the creation of which special strips of foil are used. Every girl will be able to cope with the creation of such nail art without turning to a professional for help, and the result will exceed all expectations.

With the help of foil strips, you can make a very shiny manicure if you use them in large quantities. Meanwhile, in most cases, stylists recommend not to overload nail art, but to correctly and evenly distribute decorative elements over the surface of all nail plates. Especially stylish look options in which a strict and clear geometric design is laid out with the help of stripes.

glitter manicure

Black shiny manicure

One of the most mysterious and mysterious options is rightfully considered a black shiny manicure, which perfectly matches the atmosphere of a solemn event and can be combined with any evening dress. A large amount of shine does not allow the use of this type of nail art in everyday life, however, during the publication, it truly has no equal.

However, some young ladies consider the black color too gloomy and try to diversify the design of the nail plates, making it more interesting, stylish and attractive. Popular combinations include the following:

  • black and white shiny manicure is a classic that will never lose its relevance. This option looks very strict and elegant, but does not look too gloomy or mournful;
  • a combination of matte and glossy finish, complemented by glitter;
  • black drawings and sparkles on a light background;
  • using glitter and rhinestones.

black glitter manicure

Glitter glitter manicure

Gorgeous nail art that shimmers tidally in the sun or ramp, perfect for a party, dinner party, wedding, prom and so on. As a rule, such design options are not considered as an option for every day, however, subject to the principle of moderation, they can be used in everyday life.

There are no strict restrictions for creating such a design. A shiny silver manicure or a similar variation with gold looks great on nails of any shape and length — from the shortest to the extra long. In addition, another advantage is that when choosing such a nail art, overgrown nails and other shortcomings do not catch the eye for a long time.

sparkly glitter manicure

Manicure with one shiny nail

The most popular way to decorate nail plates — highlighting one accent finger with glitter or sparkles — has not lost its position for many years. With such an accent, even the simplest and most concise design looks very interesting and attractive. Nude shiny manicure with an emphasis on one finger can be appropriate even at work — it goes well with both an elegant trouser suit and an evening dress.

manicure with one shiny nail

Shiny manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones can be used to create a glittery layer or to complement other designs. Depending on the size of these translucent pebbles, they should be laid out in different ways — with small rhinestones you can cover all the nail plates completely, while large ones are best placed near the cuticle, along the nail in the form of a vertical strip or as an addition to the created composition.

Rhinestone decor is perfect for creating festive looks. So, for example, a bright shiny manicure, complemented by large rhinestones on accent fingers, can become the subject of choice for a young bride. Small elements blend perfectly with glitter and form a single layer with it, so they can be used as a finishing touch.

shiny manicure with rhinestones

Manicure with shiny tips

A gentle shiny manicure with highlighted tips is a variation of a jacket in which the smile line has no clear boundaries. As a rule, the main surface of the plates in this design has a natural shade — it can be covered with a transparent gel polish or you can choose a color scheme that is as close to natural as possible. In addition, a variation in which blurry tips are complemented by pieces of mica or foil looks very interesting.

glitter manicure

Shiny golden manicure

The luxury of gold always draws attention to the fair sex, which is why girls and women are so indifferent to jewelry made from this precious metal. In addition, you can add gold to your image in other ways, for example, by making the appropriate nail art. A very shiny manicure with gold sequins or glitter looks very catchy and spectacular, so it will never leave its owner unnoticed.

However, this design may only be appropriate for formal celebrations or club parties. For less formal events, it is better to choose a variation in which a monochromatic coating prevails, and the golden sheen only complements it and gives a festive look to the fashionable look. In this case, the dominant color should be black, red or dark blue — these colors are much better combined with golden glitter than others.

shiny gold manicure

Lunar glitter manicure

A beautiful manicure with shiny holes will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex. This design looks especially good on long almond-shaped claws, although if desired, it can be done on nails of any shape and length. Holes filled with glitter, in most cases, have a traditional natural shape, however, for those young ladies who want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their individuality to others, options with unusual holes, for example, triangular or square, are suitable.

Shiny transparent manicure with holes and similar variations are popular among modern fashionistas, in which the main surface of the nail plates is covered with red or pink varnish. In addition, the design in black tones, the holes in which are filled with golden sparkles, looks incredibly stylish and interesting.

moon glitter manicure

Glitter Manicure

Luxurious nail art with a mirror effect can be created using rubbing, or finely ground pigment. The variation with the use of multi-colored rubbing looks especially interesting and unusual — it makes the nail plates incredibly bright and sparkling. Rubbing can be combined in one design with coatings of any color shades, but the most delicate, romantic and attractive is pink shiny manicure, which emphasizes the natural beauty and femininity of its owner.

glitter manicure

Manicure shiny gradient

An incredibly bright, stylish and beautiful shiny ombre manicure is performed with color gradation from one shade to another. In most cases, colors close in tone are chosen, however, an interesting design can also be created using contrasting shades. Ombre manicure itself looks very catchy and attractive, it can emphasize both tenderness and femininity, as well as courage and sexuality of its owner.

In addition, masters of manicure art skillfully combine the gradient technique with other methods of decorating nail plates, for example:

  • combination of matte and glossy surface;
  • shiny French manicure with gradient coloring of the plates;
  • all kinds of patterns and drawings;
  • addition with rhinestones and broths;
  • smooth overflows combined with sharp color transitions.

shiny gradient manicure

Glitter Manicure

Glitter manicure is very popular among young girls, which is very easy to perform and is one of the most common variations of both everyday and festive designs. Depending on individual preferences, you can sprinkle with sparkles both all nail plates and accent fingers — when using this technique, nail art always looks restrained and concise.

Meanwhile, many young ladies note an important drawback of such a design — it quickly loses its appearance, because it simply attracts pollution to itself and, and its unusual texture is erased after a few days. For this reason, it is better to use glitter sprinkles only for creating festive nail art, and in everyday life, give preference to other options.

glitter manicure


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