Black glitter manicure - 36 photo ideas for nails of any length

Neat nail art is a worthy end to any look. In 2018, black manicure with sparkles is especially relevant. When creating it, you should follow two main rules: find an interesting design and competently fulfill your plan. It is suitable for a nail of any shape and will become their worthy decoration.

Black manicure 2018 with sparkles

In recent seasons, many fashionistas have appreciated the manicure with black lacquer and sparkles. Shiny elements are an inexpensive and easy-to-work decorative material that will turn a simple design into an original one in an instant. In this case, the drawing does not have to be complicated. Each girl has the right to choose varnish and decor in her own way. You can designate such variations in the design of nail art:

  1. The decor can be applied to the tips or base of the nail, select only the ring finger on the left hand or the middle finger with the ring finger on the right. On the remaining fingers, you can apply a simple dark varnish.
  2. Masters of the nail industry recommend not being limited to one tone. You can use a matte varnish, on which small glitters look spectacular. It is better to place them in two thin lines or attach them in the middle of the nail plate. At the tip, the line should be thin, but the closer to the base, the more these elements should be.
  3. A black manicure with sparkles looks beautiful, where they are sprayed over the entire surface of the nail. 2018 is the time for gold and colorful details of any size.

black manicure 2018 with sparkles

Black glitter manicure for long nails

If just a couple of years ago, the lacquer of this shade was associated with gothic and non-formal style, now it is given special attention. The only caveat is the shape of the nails. Black glitter manicure looks great on long sharp, almond-shaped and short nails. It has the following distinctive characteristics:

  1. On a matte varnish, silver glitters arranged in the shape of a triangle look spectacular. The same figure can be created from a multi-colored decor on a glossy finish. On long rectangular nails, you will get more even and clear triangles.
  2. It is not necessary to apply a dark coating to the entire nail. They can cover only the tip, on which to attach the scattering. This manicure in black with sparkles is great for triangular-shaped nail plates.

black glitter manicure for long nails

Black glitter manicure on short nails

For short nail plates, you should especially carefully choose the design. One thing is important — a fashionable black manicure with sparkles should not turn out to be vulgar. It can be made in the following variations:

  • the classic way is to apply a coating on the entire surface, and place the decor on top;
  • on shortened nails, you can draw a heart with dark varnish, the edges of which are decorated with a shiny scattering;
  • you can apply the main color only on half of the nail, and fill the free part with small golden details;
  • a good touch is to leave an empty strip right at the base. This design is especially suitable for short nails.

black glitter manicure on short nails

Black manicure with glitter on sharp nails

A stylish black manicure with sparkles on the nail plates, which have a sharp shape, looks extremely organic. It can be done in the following ways:

  • silver glitters located at the tip and applied to a glossy varnish. It will give the impression that the girl has dipped her finger in pollen;
  • the main color can be successfully combined with any other, for example, it can be a beige manicure with black sparkles;
  • sharp nails, on which the scattering is distributed over the entire surface, are no less spectacular. In order not to overdo it, you can add decor exclusively on one or two fingers.

black manicure with glitter on sharp nails

Black Glitter Manicure Ideas

A real element of glamor is rightly recognized as a black manicure with sparkles. It is the basis for the implementation of almost any ideas of the masters of the nail industry. Shiny details add sophistication and charm to it. Among the commonly used design solutions are the following:

  1. Decorative elements look great at the tips, in the form of stripes, curls or geometric shapes. Each idea is luxurious and interesting in its own way. To create a mini galaxy, no experience or special materials are needed. You can use a dark coating as a base, and apply a fine scattering on top.
  2. It looks original when two nails are completely painted in a dark color and have sparkles on them, and on the rest this design is applied only to the tip. Such nail art will turn out extremely beautiful on long nails.
  3. A black matte manicure with sparkles applied to the ring finger is also interesting, while the rest has an exclusively matte finish.
  4. At the base, you can draw a small triangle and draw two stripes on both sides in the form of the letter A, but without a stick. Glitters are applied to them and next to the triangle.
  5. Black manicure with glitter gel polish looks great on almond-shaped fingers. The design is appropriate for everyday life, especially when blue decor is chosen. They should decorate the thumb and ring fingers.
  6. If desired, you can combine decorative elements of different colors and sizes, draw a jacket or make a gradient.
  7. Incredibly popular decor — simple crumbs attached to fresh varnish. Only a layer of fixative is applied on top of them.
  8. Decor can be applied randomly in unlimited quantities or on individual nails. In the second case, it turns out a festive, but discreet Nel-art. The ring finger will often stand out, with the middle finger being the second most popular.
  9. Festive and elegant nail art is obtained by covering the nail with a continuous layer of placer. Metal and gold details are the most winning options, because they are ideal for nail plates of any shape and length.
  10. On a dark varnish, the “honeycomb” design is perfectly executed — parts of different colors in the form of polyhedrons or round ones are attached very close to each other. The result is a beautiful shimmery surface.
  11. The lines of crumbs drawn with a thin brush look original. They can be vertical, horizontal or arbitrary. The stripes are first drawn with a colorless varnish, and then they are drawn over with a brush with collected sparkles. Monograms, spirals, hearts and cells are drawn in this way.

black glitter manicure ideas

Black and white glitter manicure

If the fair sex wants to stand out, then you should play in contrast. To do this, you can use a black and white glitter nail design — this is a classic that will never go out of style. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • shiny elements are appropriate on a black and white jacket, lunar design from the same tones;
  • Nail art will turn out to be original when most of the nail plate is covered with dark varnish, and a crescent-shaped bezel is made white, on one side of which sparkles are applied;
  • coatings can be alternated, placing the decor on any layer.

black and white glitter manicureblack and white glitter nail design

Black manicure with silver sequins

Manicure with black lacquer and silver sparkles does not lose its relevance among fashionistas. It has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • the crumb pattern perfectly complements the dark coating and will help create a unique nail art;
  • silver details can be applied to several fingers in a dense layer at the base;
  • there should be very few of them near the tip of the nail — then it will seem as if silver dust is falling from the girl’s finger.

black manicure with silver glitter

Black manicure with gold glitter

A black manicure with gold and sparkles looks truly luxurious. Among the successful design solutions are the following:

  • with the help of crumbs, you can create one or two stars on the ring finger;
  • small crumbs on a dark gloss will remind you of the starry sky;
  • golden details are appropriate when creating sugar nail art, as if fine sugar is scattered over the nail. The design is glamorous and one of a kind;
  • so that a black manicure with gold sparkles is not too catchy, it is better to make a sugar texture only on the index and ring fingers of one hand;
  • it is advisable to decorate the nail on the middle finger with one golden stripe located in the middle;
  • decorative elements can be distributed around the entire perimeter of the nail plate or attached only on one side — on the right or left.

black manicure with gold glitter

Black manicure with red glitter

For young girls, a combination of dark glossy varnish with bright details is ideal. The decor can be a mix of a scattering of several colors, for example, this is a red and black manicure with pink sparkles. Saturated shades can be drawn certain geometric shapes, and a brilliant edging is applied along their edges. Another option would be a red scattering that completely covers the nail plate.

black manicure with red glitter

Black manicure with blue glitter

One of the most organic combinations is rightfully recognized as a black manicure with bright blue sparkles. They will not please both young girls and older women. This is due to the fact that they give the image sophistication and elegance. This design is truly universal and will suit almost any outfit.

black manicure with blue glitterblack glitter manicure

Black manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Fashionistas who want to create a memorable bow can apply a beautiful black manicure with sparkles and rhinestones. It will be a harmonious addition to any harmonious outfit. Decorations can be placed in the following ways:

  • rhinestones can adorn any one finger, while others will be evenly covered with a scattering;
  • both types of decorative elements can be present on the same nail plate, for example, rhinestones are at the base, and sparkles are closer to the tip;
  • a combination of both types of detail may consist in laying out certain patterns, for example, scrolls or geometric shapes.

black manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Manicure black jacket with sparkles

To create a design like a black glitter French manicure, it is recommended that you first do a French manicure with a dark varnish applied to the base. Then the tip is covered with a colorless coating, on which glitters are attached. Another option would be to use a transparent body and apply glitter to the dark tip.

manicure black jacket with sparklesblack french manicure with glitter

Black matte glitter manicure

Matte lacquer is at the height of fashion, so a manicure with sparkles on black nails looks truly unsurpassed. The design is especially suitable for the autumn-winter period. Choosing a muted matte varnish and a silvery placer, you can create a discreet and stylish nail art. Among the successful variations of its design are the following:

  • decorative elements can be attached in the form of a triangle located at the base of the nail plate;
  • it is best to decorate the ring fingers of both hands with sparkles, and cover the rest with dark varnish.

black matte glitter manicureglitter manicure on black nails

Black moon glitter manicure

Another trendy trendy option is the “black glitter nails” moon manicure. It can be created in the following ways:

  1. The nail is covered with a base dark color, it is better to use matte. After waiting for it to dry completely, a crescent should be drawn with a brush on the lower part of the nail plate (near the hole) with a colorless transparent coating.
  2. With the help of another dry brush, fill the space with sparkles. You need to blow off the excess, and then fix the design with a special coating and wait for it to dry.
  3. In addition to the traditional stripe on the hole, using shiny details, you can make a smooth gradient, or beveled nail art.
  4. Even green, blue, purple sparkles can be applied to the hole. They can be combined with other decorative elements.
  5. You can apply dark varnish to the hole, and on top make two wide stripes of sparkles of different colors.

black moon glitter manicure

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