Almond nail shape - 25 photos of a beautiful feminine manicure

The femininity of the image largely depends on the manicure. Fashion trends in nail art are constantly changing, but the almond shape has remained in trend for several seasons in a row, becoming a classic. This is the most versatile and neat nail option. It is comfortable to wear and goes with any style of clothing and make-up.

Who is almond shaped nails suitable for?

The appearance of the manicure in question follows the contours of the nut of the same name. At the base, the nail is wider, gradually tapering into an oval, ending with a rounding of a sharper free edge. If you liked this design, you should not worry who suits the almond-shaped nails. The described manicure is recommended for all women. It helps to lengthen the fingers, make them thinner, gives the hands elegance and femininity, fragility.

almond nail shape on short nails

To get the desired design, you will have to slightly grow the plates, the length of the free edge must be at least 5 mm. Almond-shaped nails suggest a gradual narrowing towards the ends. On very short plates, cut «at the root», it will not work to repeat the contours of the nut. The shape of the almond nails looks very neat and stylish with a free edge of about 5 mm. It will suit women with thin fingers and thin hands. This design is convenient even with frequent manual work and housekeeping. The plates do not break, remain clean and well-groomed for a long time.

Almond nail shape on short nailsAlmond nail shape on short nails two

almond nail shape on long nails

If the hands are not subjected to frequent stress, you can stop at the classic design. Almond on short nails looks beautiful, but on long nails it looks more feminine and elegant. Even «children’s» plump fingers are transformed with the presented manicure. They become longer and thinner if the almond nail shape is used, the photo below clearly demonstrates this. With the right nail art, the hands look graceful and aristocratically thin.

Almond nail shape on long nailsAlmond nail shape on long nails two

How to make almond shaped nails?

The visual simplicity of the described design is deceptive, it is difficult to give the plates the desired shape, especially for the first time. First, it is advisable to have almond nails done by a manicurist, so that later you can simply maintain their shape. To give a beautiful contour, it is important to grow the plates a little and monitor their condition, if necessary, strengthen with special oil or therapeutic varnishes.

What do you need to decorate your nails?

Before completing the design, you should find the necessary manicure accessories. Before you make an almond nail shape, you need to prepare:

  • warm bath for hands;
  • clean soft towels;
  • cuticle softener;
  • pusher or orange sticks;
  • tongs or scissors;
  • files of different grain sizes;
  • buff for polishing.

The almond nail shape is done mainly after acrylic or gel extensions. Natural plates, especially long ones, often break, so this design is best worn with a moderate free edge. Files are selected depending on the quality of the nails. For extended ones — coarse-grained and hard, metal devices can be used. It is desirable to process natural plates with more gentle files with a fine coating.

Almond nail art

Giving the contour in question is carried out in four simple sequential steps.

How to make nails in the form of almonds:

  1. Perform a hygienic manicure. It is important to push back and remove the cuticle, pterygium (a thin film at the base and periungual ridges) and burrs in advance.
  2. Exactly cut off the free edge of the nail parallel to its base to make a rectangle.
  3. On both sides, file down the plate, narrowing it towards the end, but not to the point. As a result, the nail should have the shape of a symmetrical trapezoid.
  4. Fully round the corners of the free edge and polish the surface with a buff.

Almond shaped nails

If the quality of your own plates does not allow you to get the described manicure, you will have to contact the master. The almond shape is sawn out after the procedure. First, a standard extension is made with gel or acrylic, the plates acquire a rectangular shape with rounding on the sides. The resulting “blanks” are shaped like almond nails in the same way as the instructions above. After manicure and sawdust, you can start applying nail art.

Almond shaped nail design

Almond shaped nail design

The choice of pattern and coating shades depends on the length of the plates and personal preferences. Almond shaped nails are a suitable «canvas» for any nail art. Restrained designs in pastel colors, gentle romantic, feminine manicure, and bright, saturated colors with elaborate and complex patterns look beautiful. It is necessary to select nail art in accordance with the individual characteristics of the style of clothing, lifestyle, and makeup habits.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nails

The simplest coating option is a plain surface. Both glossy and matte finishes emphasize the elegant manicure on almond-shaped nails, their neat contours and sophistication. For work, study and everyday activities, you can choose discreet shades of varnishes:

  • peach;
  • beige;
  • light pink;
  • lactic;
  • pale blue;
  • cream;
  • light lilac;
  • mint;
  • grey.

In pastel colors, a more complex almond nail design also looks beautiful. Looks very impressive:

  • gradient transition of colors;
  • french;
  • moon manicure;
  • nail art with negative space;
  • color accents on 1-2 fingers.

The long almond nail shape is conducive to unusual and bright designs. Such shades of gel polishes look especially impressive:

  • black;
  • burgundy;
  • scarlet;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • light green;
  • violet;
  • hot pink and similar rich colors.

Nail art can be done any of the ones you like. Trendy options for elegant and fashionable manicure:

  • broken glass;
  • mirror or pearl rub;
  • Polynesian or other ethnic patterns;
  • floral ornaments;
  • design with rhinestones and broths;
  • graphic arts;
  • animalism;
  • geometry;
  • lace.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nailsManicure for long nails almond-shaped twoManicure for long nails almond-shaped threeManicure for long nails almond-shaped fourManicure for long nails almond-shaped fiveManicure for long nails almond-shaped sixManicure for long nails almond-shaped sevenManicure for long nails almond-shaped eightManicure for long nails almond-shaped nineManicure for long nails almond-shaped ten

Manicure for short nails almond shape

With moderate plate sizes and restrained preferences in nail art, the same options are suitable as for a large length of the free edge. The jacket looks especially elegant and neat on almond-shaped nails with a short end. It can be designed in a classic beige and white version, and with a colored smile line. The moon manicure also looks good.

Festive and evening design of almond-shaped nails with a short length should not be too pretentious. The abundance of jewelry will overload the nail art, and the plates will seem sloppy. It is better to focus on 1-2 nails, decorating them with rhinestones, sequins or foil, rubbing, or apply a pattern:

  • flowers;
  • minimalist drawings;
  • animal prints;
  • broken glass;
  • graphic design;
  • negative areas;
  • ethnic ornaments;
  • mandalas;
  • velvet cover;
  • acrylic modeling;
  • large sequins or foil.

Manicure for short almond-shaped nailsManicure for short nails almond-shaped twoManicure for short nails almond-shaped threeManicure for short nails almond-shaped fourManicure for short nails almond-shaped fiveManicure for short nails almond-shaped sixManicure for short nails almond-shaped sevenManicure for short nails almond-shaped eightManicure for short nails almond-shaped nineManicure for short nails almond-shaped ten

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