How to add magic and atmosphere of joy to the celebration of the New Year 2019? It’s time to get ready to meet the Yellow Earth Pig, think over the festive table, gifts and guest list!

Each new year is an opportunity to restart your life, allow yourself to finally fulfill all the ideas and desires of the outgoing 2018. Ready to fall in love, smile, meet friends and colleagues in an informal setting? Then catch 7 questions and answers on how to meet the year of the Yellow Earth Pig.

How to Celebrate the Year of the Pig

1. What to put on and put on?

What will suit the taste of the Chinese symbol of 2019? According to astrologers and fashion critics, give preference to warm sand colors and naturalness. You should have shades of beige and brown in your wardrobe, you can add natural stones and a little glitter. Sequins, rhinestones and sequins can be present in accessories and shoes.

What to put on and wear

Deviations from the rules are allowed! Abandoning the warm range, you can focus on cornflower blue and lavender tones — gently and stylishly, as the restrained Pig loves.

2. What dishes to put on the table?

Dishes made of ceramics and clay, coniferous compositions and candles — the symbol of the year loves natural materials and will appreciate your efforts.

3. What to feed the guests?

Well, first of all, no pork dishes. Let’s not offend the mistress of the year. A chic barbecue can be made from lamb, chicken, fish, etc. Otherwise, there are no restrictions, because the Pig is an omnivore! It is important that it was tasty, satisfying, plentiful and expensive. Nobody should go hungry!

Nobody has to go hungry

But what about natural products? There should be a place on the table not only for delicacies, but also for simple and hearty rustic dishes.

4. Whom to call for a visit?

The Yellow Earth Pig is a trusting and a little naive animal, so no experiments with guests and new rash acquaintances. The best option is a friendly company of close friends, colleagues and relatives. Only time-tested people you love and trust. Even if there are slight disagreements between you, the New Year is the best occasion to forget about quarrels and remember what unites you. The atmosphere of love, harmony and support should reign on this day among all those present!

An atmosphere of love, harmony and support

5. How to celebrate?

In the circle of friends and relatives, you can and should have fun, joke and let off steam! The pig will appreciate not only the efforts of the hostess and a generous feast, but also a well-thought-out celebration program. Flash mobs, lotteries, drawings, contests — now you can start choosing interesting games, prepare cards, stock up on the necessary stationery and inventory! And also drop by the supermarket for nice gifts for everyone. Do not put it off until the last days, the Pig does not like fuss and spontaneous decisions.

Picking the right clothes for the holidays

Or maybe wave to the sea to bask in the sun with your family? Great decision, but carefully plan and calculate the trip. Recall that the Pig does not like impulsive decisions and rash spending. But he will appreciate your attention to detail and the desire to be in the circle of loved ones!

6. What to give?

A small bank deposit in the name, a piggy bank or wallet with an initial start, a certificate for study or knowledge acquisition (master class, online course, etc.), a collection or investment coin — anything that can increase savings or knowledge will be ideal a gift in the year of the Pig.

What to give

The second option will be appreciated by women — gift certificates for spa visits, manicures and pedicures, cosmetics or clothes. This gift contains love and care for a person. Everything that gives positive emotions to relatives and makes their life better will definitely be appreciated by the household Pig.

7. Where to meet love?

The Yellow Earth Pig brings hope for personal happiness into the hearts of lonely people. No need to rush her and demand at the festive table to “give” you love. In such matters, she is very slow. Trust and enjoy the holiday. All relationships in 2019 are programmed for development and family happiness. It just takes a little patience!

Where to find love

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