It’s no secret that they are greeted by clothes. But, if you want to win the man of your dreams, look at your hands. Are they up to the task?

Going on a first date, each of the women thinks through her image to the smallest detail. Trying to look perfect, attention is paid to hair, makeup, the dignity of the figure is emphasized by clothes. Stop, have you forgotten about your hands? Yes, in addition to eyes and other «charms», men also appreciate women’s hands. Their condition and appearance can very eloquently tell about their mistress.

5 features of women's hands

So, what do men notice when they look at your hands? What can be hidden, and what can be corrected — we take note.

1. The power of the handshake

It will tell about your strength, not only about physical, but also moral. A handshake will show what role you are used to occupying, dominant or submissive. How are you set up for a date, romantic or «businesslike»?

The power of the handshake

2. Age

No matter how hard women try, there are two traitors who will give away your age. This is the neck and arms. Therefore, when caring for your face and body, do not forget about your hands. They deserve no less attention.


3. Jewelry

The appearance, quantity and material of the decoration will tell about your taste, financial situation and cleanliness. Naturally, men immediately pay attention to the presence or absence of a wedding ring. Although for some it is a pure formality, but still.


4. Femininity and reliability

Not everyone has delicate hands with long, graceful fingers. If you are the owner of a «massive» hand with plump fingers, this is not a reason to despair. Palmists characterize a woman with such hands as a stable and reliable partner with a good disposition. Agree, these qualities are indispensable in a relationship, unlike just beautiful fingers with a manicure.

Femininity and reliability

5. Manicure or lack thereof

Do not underestimate male attention. He will appreciate not only the cutout on the neckline, but also your manicure.

Manicure and the condition of the nails will tell a lot about how a woman takes care of herself, whether everything is fine with her health. Naturally, dirty, bitten nails and uncircumcised burrs will repel and cause rejection from their mistress. A bright manicure will tell about the «cool» disposition of the owner. A calm, gentle shade of nail polish, on the contrary, will emphasize femininity and gravity.

Manicure or lack thereof

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