If a woman does a manicure all year round, then most of the beautiful half of humanity plans to put their toenails in order only in those three months when it is warm. Well, so that they can be shown on the beach, in sandals and sandals. And during this period, some of them really want to attract attention …

Actually, we found 20 «beauties» for whom a pedicure is a continuation of the image, and if you grow and paint your toenails, then you need to do it to the maximum and do not be embarrassed. True, not everyone around is ready to meet with such a portion of «beauty»!

1. It seems that someone is not planning to wear sneakers or shoes this summer …

wear running shoes

2. We are afraid to imagine what the whole image will be like!

We are afraid to imagine

3. The case when a jacket is not always a universal solution!


4. We urgently need to unsee this!


5. What can I say — ready to hunt!

ready to hunt

6. Apparently, such a set is worn without clothes and shoes!

worn without clothes

7. We would not like to meet her on the street!

meet on the street

8. When a pedicure can be someone’s nightmare!


9. If only no one stepped on!

no one came

10. Summer is so short, and you have to make an impression!

make an impression

11. We hope this is not harmful to health?

does not harm health

12. To meet with such a pedicure, you also need to prepare the nervous system!

with this pedicure

13. We have only one question — why???

one question - why

14. And we thought that nothing would surprise us anymore …

nothing will surprise you

15. Now you understand that being a glamorous young lady is not easy!

it's hard to be glamorous

16. We hope this is not a new trend?

new trend

17. Strazikov is just not enough!

Strass is missing

18. Well, we croaked!

we croaked

19. Give us some wire cutters!

Give us the cutters

20. We didn’t think what to say, but it’s good that summer lasts only three months!

only three months

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