In our modern world, being a strong woman is not considered something bad or unacceptable. Gone are the days when girls could not do without strong men. Now the young ladies can fix the socket, carry heavy bags to the apartment and do not think that flowers are good.

Psychologists are sure that it is not always necessary for a girl to take on men’s duties, because because of this she loses her femininity and begins to turn into a man. Here are the 5 most common signs of this phenomenon.

1. The main rule in life is “If you want it to be good, do it yourself”

1. The main rule in life

Unfortunately, this rule is now very relevant. Many women believe that their men are not capable of doing something good. As a result, a woman makes efforts in everything: from living together to raising children. Who said a girl can’t fix an outlet? Easy, because you can’t interrogate her man. The topic of finance is not bypassed either. Such women are trying to earn more, because they are sure that their man is not able to support a family. Over time, you can notice that the woman leaves her marks everywhere, and the man is next to her, as her complement. Psychologists are sure that this is fundamentally wrong.

2. Men’s duties have become pride

2. Men's duties have become pride

Instead of being a weak and defenseless girl, a woman takes a hammer or drill and begins to actively work with them. Many will ask, but what about the man? But the young lady is not interested in the answer to the question. She gets satisfaction from the fact that in a matter of hours she can assemble a coffee table, hang a shelf and fix a meat grinder. In addition, a woman shares her successes with relatives and friends. She is sure that such a life can be proud of. Interestingly, in such a family, a man simply does not keep up with his wife, because the hammer can be in her hands at any moment.

3. Talking about men’s topics is normal.

3. Talking about men's topics is normal.

What are the women talking about? Most likely about children, husband, fashion, hobbies and, possibly, about novels on the side. But not everyone is like that. There are girls who are not interested in all these female conversations. For them, it is much more interesting to discuss a football match, fishing, exclusive beers and the latest motorcycle models. This is of course surprising and unusual, but not all men are delighted with such conversations. Especially disappointment occurs when a woman understands men’s topics better than her interlocutor. It is at this moment that the question arises in the man’s head: how to relate to her? As your boyfriend or as a know-it-all? It is worth noting that there are no thoughts about a woman at all!

4. Bouquet-candy period is needed only by the weak

4. Bouquet-candy period is needed only by the weak

When a woman begins to turn into a man, she is not up to romance. The young lady is no longer interested in courtship and the candy-bouquet period. All this seems to her ridiculous and stupid, because only weak girls can like this. By the way, this is how men talk. They are sure that all these chocolates and poems under the moon are a waste of time. Much more interesting to quickly put your girlfriend to bed and spend one or two nights with her.

5. Compliments are embarrassing.

5. Compliments are embarrassing.

Girls have always liked compliments, but not for those who have begun to turn into a man. They consider all these phrases “How good you are in this dress”, “You look great today”, “You have a very stylish manicure” — stupid and inappropriate. Instead of embarrassingly saying “Thank you. I am pleased,” the girl begins to make excuses. You can hear something like this from her: “I just got enough sleep today”, “The dress is old, it just suits me”, etc. You should not react to compliments like that, because next time you may simply not receive them.

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