Vitamins for nails - the best inexpensive and effective vitamin-mineral complexes

If the nail plates exfoliate, break and do not look the best, the question immediately arises: what vitamins for nails should I buy? How to take them correctly? The main thing is how to properly care to avoid such problems? Provoke manifestations can be poor nutrition, immune diseases, and it is not superfluous to first establish the cause.

What vitamins are lacking in nails?

what vitamins are missing

When the nail plates suddenly begin to break, crack, darken, grow poorly, this indicates that the nails lack vitamins. Doctors note: when there is not enough iron, vertical and horizontal grooves appear on the surface of the nails. Apples and pomegranates help to compensate for this shortage.

The lack of which vitamins is indicated by the bad appearance of the nails:

  • white spots — little vitamin B3;
  • the plates exfoliate, become covered with cracks — problems with vitamins B7, A and E, calcium and magnesium;
  • yellow tint — little ascorbic acid;
  • grow slowly — lack of vitamin B3;
  • the nails are fragile, twisted — you need retinol, tocopherol and pyridoxine.

What vitamins are needed for nails?

An important question for all women: if the nails exfoliate, what vitamins should I drink to quickly fix everything? In any case, the treatment takes time, and it is better if you do healing baths in parallel, the process will go more actively. For each problem with the nail plates there is a vitamin complex.

What effect do vitamins have on nails:

  1. Vitamin A. Updates plates and forms them.
  2. B group vitamins. Regulate metabolic processes, restore strength.
  3. Vitamin E for nails. Works as an antioxidant, blocks the harmful effects from the outside.
  4. Vitamin H. Does not allow the plates to deform.
  5. Vitamin RR. Responsible for growth, elasticity.
  6. Vitamin D Eliminates the lack of calcium.
  7. Minerals calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, fluorine, iodine, zinc. Supplement the action of vitamins.

Effective nail vitamins

effective vitamins for nails

These valuable substances can be obtained from foods, cosmetics, herbs. But it is much easier and more effective to choose a complex of vitamins for nails, where in one dragee there is a set of all the necessary components. It is not necessary to buy expensive drugs, the price is not always a guarantee of high quality.

What are inexpensive and effective vitamins for nails:

  1. Supradin. Contains vitamins A, group B, C, D, E, H, PP, calcium, magnesium. Stimulates collagen synthesis, eliminates white spots.
  2. Aevit. In the composition — retinol, alpha-tocopherol, acetate. Strengthens, blocks the change in the shade of nails. Cannot be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Vitamins for nail growth

Before buying a vitamin and mineral complex for nails, you should adjust your diet, include more cottage cheese, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits. To strengthen the plates, it is worth dipping your nails into the pulp of a lemon for 10 minutes every other day, after 2 weeks the situation will change for the better. If not, it is worth backing up with drugs.

In the pharmacy, you can also purchase a special vitamin complex for nail growth, the leaders in this list:

  1. Perfectil. Designed for the treatment of skin and nails, includes beta-carotene, vitamins B, D, E, C, folic acid, biotin, nicotinamide, minerals. Restores cells, works as an antioxidant.
  2. Lady’s formula. American drug, contains substances for nail growth: B6, biotin, silicon, amino acids, mucopolysaccharides. Restores structure.

Vitamins for strengthening nails

vitamins for strengthening nails

If outwardly the nail plates look good, do not exfoliate or become stained, but at the same time manage to break under pressure, it is not necessary to buy a multifaceted set. Enough, if you take special vitamins for brittle nails, the drug of directed action eliminates the problem faster.

Which vitamin complex for nails is preferable:

  1. Vitrum Beauty. Contains beta-carotene, B and C vitamins, folic acid, biotin, rutin, choline, bioflavonoids and methionine. Forms protein, improves metabolism.
  2. Complivit Radiance. The set contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, PP, E, group B. They help improve the functioning of the body, protect against ultraviolet radiation, and remove toxins.

What are the best vitamins for nails?

Many women find that the best nail vitamins are the ones that work fast. In any case, you need to wait at least a week for the result, and about a month for visible changes, when the nail plate is updated. After all, hair and nails are dead tissue, the effect appears only on the growing parts. More effective are the means that also restore the skin.

Recognized Leaders:

  1. Solgar Skin. In the composition — the compound MSM, in which there is sulfur, it enhances the production of keratin. Stops delamination of plates.
  2. Doppelherz Active. Includes B vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, wheat germ oil. The last component improves not only nails, but also tissues, saturates with amino acids. The effect appears after two weeks.

How to take vitamins for nails?

how to take vitamins for nails

You can restore health to the nail plates not only by taking vitamins for nails, there are several ways: proper nutrition, baths, folk remedies. Special compositions have been developed, they are applied under varnish, oils that are rubbed into the fingers, the latter are used both singly and in combination. But these procedures take time, but taking the capsule is easier.

How to drink vitamins for nails:

  1. Eat before meals, so it is better absorbed, but not on an empty stomach.
  2. Do not bite into the capsule or dragee, it can provoke an allergy.

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