Summer pedicure 2019 - fashion trends, new items, ideas

Summer pedicure 2019 is represented by a variety of fashion trends designed to organically complement one or another image. Depending on the chosen direction of nail design, you can create nail art that will fit into a business, casual, evening, beach bow.

Summer pedicure 2019 — fashion trends

Stylists offer the attention of girls summer manicure and pedicure 2019, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse. Among them the following can be mentioned:

  1. Emphasis on tenderness, which is achieved through the use of nude and pastel colors.
  2. Brightness is the undoubted trend of summer. In this case, when creating nail art, all kinds of saturated colors are used.
  3. Summer pedicure 2019 may include several techniques at once. For example, an ombre looks very impressive, on top of which a brilliant rub is applied.
  4. When creating a stylish nail art this season, designers provide an opportunity to fully express their imagination and pay attention to bright or, on the contrary, restrained and concise trends. Therefore, any fashionista will be able to choose the option to her taste and not limit her abilities when creating a spectacular image.

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Summer manicure and pedicure 2019

To make the image as harmonious as possible, stylists offer the attention of fashionistas a beautiful summer manicure and pedicure 2019, the set of which is presented in various variations:

  1. Identical design of nails on the fingers and toes, when completely the same varnish is taken, the same drawings are applied and the same decorative elements are used.
  2. Summer manicure, pedicure 2019, made in the same style. In this case, they may not be completely similar, but the colors in them will be similar, and decorative elements or images will overlap with each other.
  3. Contrasting solutions, when different colors are taken to decorate the nails of the hands and feet, but at the same time they look organic and do not violate the integrity of the image.

summer manicure and pedicure 2019

Summer Pedicure Ideas 2019

Stylists have developed numerous ideas while creating a trendy summer pedicure 2019:

  • gentle tones are a win-win way to make universal nail art that will be appropriate for any occasion;
  • blue color is the trend of this season. It is reasonably associated with the shade of the sea and sky, therefore it is extremely in demand in the summer season;
  • summer pedicure 2019 can be monophonic, although it is created incredibly simply, but due to the selection of a rich color coating, it can look very advantageous;
  • gold jewelry is a fashionable technique to emphasize femininity and make the image unforgettable;
  • mint color is another hit of the season, the varnish of this color looks unsurpassed on the nails;
  • fashionistas will be able to fully express their individuality if they decorate the nail plates with all sorts of patterns;
  • the summer season is intended for the use of bright colors, this fully applies to pedicure;
  • lunar design will look especially elegant and sophisticated.

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Delicate summer pedicure 2019

A win-win way to look fashionable and stylish is to create a nude summer pedicure 2019:

  • the simplest variation of nail art is to apply a monochromatic coating;
  • French or lunar design looks great in nude performance;
  • to refresh the summer nude pedicure 2019 and make it brighter, small sparkles or large kamifubuki of various shapes, applied to the surface of the nail in random order, will help;
  • Nude can be combined with delicate pastel colors. In this case, beige varnish can act as a background or be used to apply drawings and patterns.

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Blue summer pedicure 2019

The pedicure looks incredibly elegant, the summer design of 2019 is created using blue colors:

  1. You can simply cover the nail plates with heavenly varnish, due to its tenderness and at the same time richly, it will look truly unsurpassed.
  2. Blue decorative elements can be applied to the nails, for example, they can be sparkles used in abundant quantities, pebbles, three-dimensional images that are glued to the nail plate. In this case, pastel colors will organically look as a background, but the use of bright varnishes is also allowed. For example, blue will go great with a red or light green background.

blue summer pedicure 2019pedicure summer design 2019

Plain summer pedicure 2019

The easiest and most affordable way to create a beautiful summer pedicure 2019 is to make it in a single color version:

  • the advantage of such nail art is that it can be easily done not only in the salon, but also independently, at home;
  • another plus is that the plain summer pedicure 2019, not overloaded with an abundance of decorative elements, is universal, it is suitable both for going out every day and for going to the office;
  • colors can be chosen very different, both delicate pastel and bright saturated, both light and dark.

plain summer pedicure 2019

Summer pedicure 2019 with gold

To complete evening bows and create original everyday looks, a modern summer pedicure 2019, decorated with gold, is perfect:

  • the drawing of golden ornaments resembling openwork lace is common;
  • the inside of geometric shapes can be filled with gold sparkles;
  • you can apply a golden rub on your nails, making them incredibly spectacular and iridescent.

summer pedicure 2019 with gold

Mint summer pedicure 2019

The fashion trend of this season is the 2019 summer pedicure for short nails, made in mint colors:

  • this type of nail art is versatile, since the mint color belongs to the category of delicate pastels that fit perfectly into everyday or office bows;
  • mint summer pedicure 2019 may contain a fruit theme, such images look very organic against this background. For example, it can be a yellow lemon or a green lime, made in a section and supplemented with voluminous drops;
  • Plant elements also look great on a mint background, for example, drawn curved branches with leaves.

mint summer pedicure 2019

Summer pedicure 2019 with a pattern

Stylists this season strongly recommend applying a variety of ideas for summer manicure and pedicure 2019, containing all kinds of patterns. They will help to fully express individuality and can be selected in different variations, as accurately as possible reflecting the taste of a fashionista:

  • in the summer season, many prefer to use such themes as vegetable, flower, fruit;
  • during the beach season, the marine theme is very popular, expressed in the drawing of images of boats, shells and other attributes associated with the sea;
  • images of butterflies are especially in demand, the wings of which are distinguished by increased brilliance.

summer pedicure 2019 with a pattern

Summer pedicure 2019 with stripes

The stylish summer pedicure 2019 containing stripes is in high demand this season. The popularity of this pattern is due to the fact that it is easy to apply, but at the same time it looks incredibly stylish. Stripes can be made using different means:

  • drawn with varnish, similar in color to the background or contrasting;
  • stripes can be made blurry if they are depicted as a scattering of small sparkles;
  • stripes lined with shiny foil look bright and original.

summer pedicure 2019 with stripes

Summer pedicure 2019 with holes

The image can be made incredibly stylish and sophisticated if you use a beautiful summer pedicure 2019 for this, complemented by holes:

  • the simplest and most common method of application will be to depict the holes with varnish. At the same time, you can make them transparent, light, dark or bright;
  • the hole area can be filled with sparkles or lined with rhinestones. Pebbles are often present only on the thumb, as it has a large surface compared to the rest. On other fingers, it is more advisable to draw holes with varnish.

summer pedicure 2019 with holes

Bright summer pedicure 2019

In the warm season, a bright summer pedicure 2019 will become indispensable:

  • catchy rich varnish can be used in a single copy or use a combination of several bright shades;
  • brightness in nail art can be achieved not only with the help of a coating, but also with the use of catchy decorative elements, such as colored rhinestones and pebbles;
  • rubbing is another win-win way to get a bright, rich design.

bright summer pedicure 2019bright summer pedicure 2019fashionable summer pedicure 2019

Wedding summer pedicure 2019

Girls who are preparing for a wedding celebration will be able to use all kinds of options for summer pedicure 2019:

  1. Snow-white nail art is a classic that is not influenced by fashion. It can be made in the form of a french or moon design, when the tip of the nail or hole is drawn in white, and the rest of the surface is made in a transparent version.
  2. Nude and pastel colors are another great option to complete your wedding look. Any one color can be chosen or a combination of several can be used.
  3. Recently, themed weddings have become popular, in which a color is chosen as a decoration. A wedding pedicure in this case should fit into the general theme and organically echo other elements of the holiday, such as manicure, certain details of the bride’s dress, and a bouquet.

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Unusual summer pedicure 2019

A bright summer manicure and pedicure 2019, made with the help of any original solutions, will help to fully express your individuality:

  1. Nails can be decorated with some voluminous decorative elements, for example, this is an imitation of a large stone laid out from pieces of foil. Such a detail looks very catchy and attracts attention.
  2. Images of any animals or cartoon characters look original.
  3. You can diversify nail art with the help of original inscriptions applied to the surface of the nail. This technique is recognized as a stylish trend of this season.

unusual summer pedicure 2019bright summer manicure and pedicure 2019

Summer pedicure 2019 at sea

A marine theme is one of the common ways to create a summer 2019 manicure and pedicure design:

  1. For stylish nail art, mainly such colors as blue, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow are used. They are associated with such details as the sea, the sun and the beach.
  2. The selected background is decorated with appropriate attributes, among which you can list boats, palm trees, shells, footprints in the sand, anchors.
  3. When creating a marine pedicure, the main trend that is recommended to be guided by is to pay attention to rich, saturated colors that will help create the right mood for a girl when going to the beach.

summer pedicure 2019 at the sea

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