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Steampunk is of interest to many people. This term can be interpreted very broadly, it is associated not only with creativity, but also with the direction of fashion. Applying the details of this style when creating an image, any girl can look truly unique and extraordinary.

What does steampunk mean?

Many are interested in what steampunk style means:

  1. This is a fantasy genre about worlds in which steam engines and other technologies of past years remain, but at the same time they have reached the crown of development. Typical steampunk worlds are stylized as America or Europe in the second half of the 19th century. Sharp social stratification is characteristic. The action itself can unfold in the distant future or on another planet. Steampunk originally appeared as a genre of literature, but it won the love of fans through comics, role-playing games, television and anime series.
  2. The word «punk» means that the characters are bright personalities who are struggling with the established system, who want to change their way of life. They place themselves above state or public institutions.
  3. Steampunk didn’t just happen. Jules Verne is considered the founder of the genre, whose works have greatly influenced the style of contemporary authors.
  4. Recently, the term has been interpreted very broadly: it can be any variant of the placement of modern and pseudo-modern technologies in the past, even in the Stone Age. Steampunk can be alternative history and fantasy. In the first case, the world is stylized under the XIX-XX centuries. It is opposed to the cybernetic present and future. Often the main characters are real historical figures or characters from the works of that time.
  5. Fantasy steampunk involves action in a fictional world. There, steam engines feel quite good next to magic and various creatures typical of fantasy.

what does steampunk meansteampunk stylefemale steampunk style

steampunk subculture

Steampunk has long been a separate subculture of many people around the world. In order to join the society of followers, you need to know some subtleties:

  1. Bright colors in clothing are not acceptable, but plenty of leather and steel or bronze accessories are encouraged. Clothing resembles typical 19th-century England. It is very important to pay attention to the mechanisms — for example, you can put on a suspension in the form of gears and metal clips.
  2. A very interesting aspect, invented by fans of the genre, is the customization of any familiar items — lighters, flash drives, watches and even laptops.
  3. If we talk about the philosophy of steampunk adherents, then these people do not pursue the goal of standing out from the crowd. They pursue the idea that man rules machines. Mechanisms organically fit into people’s lives. The union of man and machine sets the whole atmosphere of steampunk.

steampunk subculture  what is steampunk subculturesteampunk style for women

steampunk clothing

Steampunk women’s clothing looks truly incredible, which is characterized by the following features:

  1. A person in this style is considered as a mechanism. Vests, shoes and accessories, separate elements of the wardrobe are finished with gears, cogs, springs and laces. It is permissible to use metal and leather in clothes, thanks to which a person looks fantastic.
  2. There are no age or gender limits for this style. Any person, if he wants to, can start wearing steampunk clothes. For every day, such images are not suitable, but for themed parties — ideal. Separate accessories are suitable for any bows. Some young people even have a steampunk wedding ceremony.

Distinctive features of steampunk clothing:

  1. A combination of modernity and antiquity. This is the most striking characteristic of steampunk. For example, you can combine jeans and an iron corset.
  2. Skirts with bustles. This piece of clothing looks very harmonious.
  3. Leather corsets. According to the canons, the corset should be made of metal, but it is not easy to get such a wardrobe item. A blouse is usually worn under the corset.
  4. Dresses with puffed sleeves are another characteristic piece for this style.
  5. Shirts, blouses and ties. A woman can wear men’s shirts. Men are advised to complement the image with a tie and a vest.
  6. Colors: Steampunk loves black, brown and gray. Lace is made in white or pastel colors.
  7. Footwear: grinders, ankle boots or boots with lace-up heels.
  8. Headdress in the form of a cylinder or bowler, worn by both men and women.
  9. Accessories. There should be simple gears, screws that are used for any item: from hairpins to straps, phone cases, pendants and more.
  10. Glasses «goggles» help organically complete the image.
  11. Weapons — an element is not mandatory, but acceptable. Often it can be artificial, used only for decoration.

steampunk clotheswomen's clothing steampunksteampunk style

steampunk dress

Steampunk dresses look extremely interesting:

  1. They consist of a tight corset, puffy sleeves and a puffy layered skirt. Choose a calm, neutral color.
  2. You should not consider modern variations of dresses, they are out of place here.
  3. The skirt can be either long or short, and the wardrobe item itself is trimmed with lacing and ruffles.

steampunk dresssteampunk dresseswhat does steampunk mean

steampunk skirt

The skirt is another common wardrobe item that is represented by steampunk clothing:

  1. The length and material from which the skirt is sewn may vary. When choosing a product, a girl should be based on her own comfort.
  2. Often skirts come with bustles, which helps to create a stunning steampunk look.

skirt steampunksteampunk clothes

steampunk costume

The original steampunk style for women involves the creation of a variety of costumes:

  1. The costume is suitable for people of any gender and age. Both men and women look good in this piece of clothing. At the same time, the costume combines elements of modernity and antiquity, which is a hallmark of steampunk, which distinguishes it from others.
  2. Men’s steampunk costumes are made in military style and decorated with various elements typical of any era. These can be chronometers, beam weapons, wood products, watch mechanisms, various chains.
  3. If it is still difficult to imagine a typical steampunk costume, one can recall the heroes of Sherlock Holmes in the latest interpretation, Back to the Future, The Prestige, Sleepy Hollow.

steampunk costumesteampunk style for womensteampunk subculture

steampunk corset

A corset is an essential element of the wardrobe, which represents the female style of steampunk:

  1. You can combine the corset with both casual wear, for example, with a blouse, and with a fluffy skirt.
  2. A good alternative is a tight hard vest that perfectly holds its shape.
  3. As for colors, you need to give preference to natural restrained tones — white, beige, black, brown or gray.

steampunk corsetfemale steampunk stylesteampan clothes

steampunk shoes

If we consider typical steampunk shoes, it is best to choose grinders, ankle boots or boots with stable heels:

  1. Lace is a must. Shoes can be decorated with gears, cogs, springs or chains.
  2. Shoes should look rough to match the overall picture of the image.
  3. When choosing shoes in the steampunk style, traditional colors are used, such as black, gray, brown.

steampunk shoessteampunk colorssteampunk style

steampunk bag

The bags that represent the trendy steampunk style look very original:

  1. As a way of making bags, handmade is highly valued. The best material is leather (preferably natural, but you can also take artificial).
  2. Variations of bags can be different: they can be attached to a belt or leg, worn on the shoulder.
  3. There are even briefcases in the style of steampunk. The product can be decorated with various patterns, gears, screws. Bags complemented by chains look great.

steampunk bagtrendy steampunk stylesteampunk accessories

steampunk glasses

Accessories are designed to be a stylish addition to the image. So, glasses made in this style have the following characteristic details:

  1. Goggle glasses are the brightest model of this trend. The iconic round steampunk aviator goggles are the perfect complement to your steampunk look.
  2. The frame is trimmed with fantasy animals and screws. Lenses in this case can have absolutely any color.

steampunk gogglesround steampunk glassesfemale steampunk style

steampunk jewelry

Many people like this direction because it combines incompatible objects. Naturally, lovers of jewelry, especially homemade ones, became interested in this style, because it gives a lot of room for creativity. Steampunk accessories are offered in the following variations:

  1. Gears, watch mechanisms, springs, chains and wire go well with glass, rhinestones, beads, vintage. Jewelry is stylish, unusual and spectacular.
  2. There are interesting gears and screws in the decorations. They are complemented by a variety of items, such as hairpins, belts, phone cases, pendants and much more. It is difficult to find a suitable steampunk accessory in a store, so they are often ordered from a master or made on their own. It looks so fantastic that you can display the decoration in a museum.

steampunk jewelrysteampunk accessoriessteampunk style for women

steampunk bracelets

Bracelets are steampunk jewelry that boggles the imagination:

  1. They can be leather, with chains. There are watch bracelets made in the old style.
  2. As a decoration, in addition to the usual screws and gears, feathers, wings, elements of clockwork, stars and skulls are used. Rivets or spikes are often used as decoration.

steampunk jewelrysteampunk bracelets

Steampunk watch

Many people want to add practical accessories to their look. This is what a steampunk watch is for. They are made in the manner of the Victorian era, complemented by various elements characteristic of the style: screws, spikes, rivets, and so on. The dial also evokes nostalgia for the old days.

steampunk watchsteampunk watchwhat does steampunk mean

Steampunk makeup

Steampunk makeup is also extremely original:

  1. It involves the use of certain tones. You need to look at products with a metallic sheen or pastel colors.
  2. It is advisable to learn techniques that allow you to visually enlarge the eyes and lips, to give them expressiveness. You can draw wide arrows, use false eyelashes and cover your lips with wine lipstick. To prevent the face from looking flat, it is advisable to do contouring.
  3. Steampunk style does not accept bright colors. Makeup should be noticeable, but discreet. Colors such as silver, gold, reddish and the like look good. The main goal is to give expressiveness to the eyes and lips.

steampunk makeupsteampunk subculturesteampunk makeup

steampunk manicure

Steampunk manicure can be called a real work of art:

  1. Nail art involves the use of an unusual design. Elements such as cogs and gears are added to the nails, and it looks very impressive.
  2. You can make a volumetric 3D manicure that looks incredible. Moving decorative elements are attached to the nails: wheels or gears.
  3. Acrylic nails with a flat design are also made. This option is more convenient than the first one. This is a great choice not only for themed parties, but also for girls who want to bring something new to their image. Enthusiastic views are guaranteed.
  4. Some fashionistas choose a steampunk jacket. Decor typical of the style is added to the smile line.
  5. It is also possible to make nude nails with steampunk decor. It looks both feminine and spectacular.
  6. There is an option and just draw gears or other suitable elements on the nails. In this case, you can combine drawings with voluminous nail accessories.

steampunk manicuretrendy steampunk stylesteampunk colors

steampunk hairstyles

A very interesting nuance that serves as an organic complement to the image is a steampunk hairstyle. Permissible wigs, strands of various colors, color highlights. It is advisable to give preference to braids and curls. No need to spare varnish on high hairstyles, complementing them with large hairpins, feathers and hats.

steampunk hairstylessteampunk hairstyletrendy steampunk style

Steampunk wedding

Some young people decide on such an original celebration as a steampunk wedding. When organizing an event, the following criteria should be considered:

  1. Location. Such a wedding is best held in the summer to organize a celebration in nature, creating scenery from scratch. The banquet hall should be made with wood and metal.
  2. Invitation cards should be styled appropriately.
  3. It is very important to think over the dress code. It will be nice if not only the bride and groom dress in steampunk style, but also the guests.
  4. The menu should also be considered. Dishes should be exquisite: for example, English or French cuisine.
  5. You need to take care of the wedding cortege.
  6. The most important thing is to choose the best photographer who can take atmospheric pictures.

steampunk weddingsteampunk weddingsteampunk clothes

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