Sand color - what is it, to whom it suits and what is it combined with?

Choosing stylish images, every girl wants to know what shade is in trend. Sand color has been very popular in recent seasons, so you need to figure out how it looks and what clothes are in fashion. In this tone, a variety of wardrobe items can be decorated.

Sand color — what is it?

  1. A soft and attractive shade between yellow and beige is sand color. It harmonizes perfectly with other tones of clothing, is very warm and calm, improves mood. You can designate such shades of sand color: Light sand — light sand under the rays of the sun. Very delicate shade, pastel and light.
  2. Classic sand is complex and soft, almost neutral. Popular in safari style.
  3. Yellow-sand — sunny, soft and pleasant. Belongs to the yellow spectrum.
  4. Grey-sand is a warm gray shade that differs from the main variations of this color.
  5. Beige-sand — soft medium-beige tone with hints of yellow. A very common shade of this range.
  6. Brown-sand — looks incredibly luxurious.

what is sand color

What goes with sand color?

The original combination of sand color with many other tones can be very different. It looks great with cold colors, it can also make pleasant warm compositions. This shade prefers medium contrast. The best companions to combine with this tone are as follows:

  • pink;
  • red;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • warm shades of green;
  • cold shades of green;
  • blue;
  • violet;
  • brown;
  • white, gray and black.

what goes with sand color

Who suits the sand color?

Both light and dark sand color is considered one of the best. Many fashionistas turn to this shade when choosing all kinds of wardrobe items. Many people dye their hair in such tones. The advantages of this shade are as follows:

  • its appearance is natural;
  • he is very persistent;
  • hair coloring methods are gentle, frequent correction is not necessary;
  • you can return the natural shade without problems;
  • color is suitable for women at any age;
  • hair color does not change with different hair care products.

Sand color is ideal in such cases:

  1. Girls of the Slavic type, because the shade gives softness and tenderness to the appearance.
  2. Young ladies with an aristocratic appearance — pale skin, large blue or gray eyes and a fragile physique.
  3. Swarthy girls with dark eyes.
  4. This shade is not suitable for Asian and Negroid girls. This applies not only to the color of the hair, but also to the color of the clothes.

who suits the sand color

Sand color in clothes

Sand color is reasonably considered almost universal. It cannot be called catchy and expressive, it is neutral. Many wardrobe items look much more natural and elegant with this shade, and not with white. This shade is recommended to be combined with the following options:

  1. With white. A sand-colored coat is an excellent choice for warm autumn and early spring. It will look great with white trousers or a white blouse.
  2. A sand-colored skirt or pants with pink, peach and sky blue tops look good. This helps create incredibly feminine looks. This combination is suitable even for girls with magnificent forms.
  3. Sand color looks great with bright shades. This will provide an opportunity for him to play with new colors. For example, you can wear turquoise shoes and a matching clutch with a sand-colored dress.

sand color in clothes

Sand coat

The coat, for the manufacture of which a dark or light sand color is used, looks very elegant and beautiful. This is the perfect choice for a basic wardrobe. This wardrobe item, so that the image is not tired, can be worn with such wardrobe items:

  1. Sand color suits all girls. The shade can be complemented with a variety of accessories — scarves, scarves, gloves and bags.
  2. It is believed that the sand shade is as unique as black. Therefore, a coat of this color can be worn with any set.

Sandy looks best with these tones:

  1. Black. These shades are included in the base range and do not conflict with each other.
  2. Grey. It is interesting when things of different saturation of this color are used in one image.
  3. Beige. Deep colors and golden hues look good. If the coat is plain, you can use accessories with prints.
  4. Red. The combination of these colors looks elegant and catchy.
  5. Bright colors: purple, yellow, green or blue. It must be remembered that in the image you can use only one bright thing.

sandy coatshades of sand

Sand color dress

The dress looks interesting and unusual, for the tailoring of which sand-beige color is used:

  1. This shade is not too catchy, but creates a feeling of comfort and peace. A dress in this shade makes the girl fragile and tender, feminine. Men especially appreciate this kind of images.
  2. The sandy delicate color is close to the color of the body, so it suits almost all girls. The wardrobe item looks most advantageous on a brown-haired woman or a dark-blond lady with dark skin. For a gentle and romantic look, it is best to take a dress made of light and flowing fabric — chiffon or silk. A sand dress is also suitable for office looks.
  3. Under the dress, you must choose shoes painted in shades of brown. Black shoes will do.

sand color dress

Sand color skirt

The skirt, which was created using a light sandy color, helps to create very effective images. The model is selected depending on the features of the figure and the occasion on which this wardrobe item is worn:

  1. The sand skirt is perfect for office style as this shade is neutral. For example, a pencil skirt with a white blouse looks good. For a party, this style can be combined with a black chiffon blouse.
  2. A long flowy skirt will look very advantageous. It would be appropriate to combine it with heavy platform shoes and leather jackets. For a lighter look, use a light top, blouse or shirt, and neutral shoes.

sand color skirt

Sand pants

In any season, sand-colored women’s trousers are good. They are ideal for office and informal style. The best options for images:

  1. White top, trousers and a white or navy blue jacket. Cropped trousers with cuffs look best.
  2. White blouse, trousers and short coat. It is optimal to take a classic model of trousers.
  3. Black blouse, trousers and a T-shirt or jumper.
  4. Pants and gray-blue top.
  5. Pants, striped top, T-shirt or jumper.
  6. Pants, denim shirt or denim jacket over top.
  7. Pants and soft pink top.
  8. Semi-sports trousers are combined with a black sweatshirt or black leather jacket.

sand-colored trousers

Sand suit

Every girl in the wardrobe should have a suit, which was created using a sandy spectacular color. Designers presented this thing with a large assortment in spring-summer shows:

  1. Fashion offers monochrome looks, double-turn classics, masculine cuts, contrasting details and asymmetric models.
  2. A lot of well-known brands presented a sand-colored suit: with contrasting white collars and loose trousers, in classic variations, interesting models that refer to the army uniform.
  3. The combination of sand color with others is striking in its diversity. The main thing is to choose a wardrobe item that fits your figure and in accordance with your preferences.

sand color suit

Sand-colored trench coat

The trench coat has long been an indispensable part of the wardrobe of any girl. Raincoats or elongated sand-colored jackets can be worn with such things:

  1. Trench coat, vest and jeans. Shoes can be different: sneakers, for example, will make the image relaxed, and shoes or sandals with heels will add sophistication. As an accent, you can use a bright scarf or handbag.
  2. Matches the trench coat with a skirt and a dress. It is important that the skirt is shorter than the cloak itself, so that the image looks symmetrical.
  3. An interesting combination is a trench coat and white jeans or trousers. This option is optimal for girls with narrow hips and long legs. The top should not be too dark and «heavy».

sand-colored trench coat

Sandy jeans

The original and beautiful sand color looks harmonious if it is used to make jeans. This is a versatile wardrobe item that is appropriate in almost any situation:

  1. Brown, white and red clothes go well with sand jeans. The sand shade harmonizes well with blue and green.
  2. It is worth remembering that jeans are informal clothing. Therefore, it is worth choosing shoes for them with great care — not every model is suitable. A shirt and tie won’t go well with jeans either.
  3. This element of the wardrobe goes well with loose items: sweaters, sweaters, turtlenecks and T-shirts, sports jackets. The whole image should look harmonious in colors.

sandy jeans

Sand jacket

Currently, there is such a wide range of jackets that it is sometimes difficult to decide what you like best. A sand jacket should be in the closet of any fashionista. Fitted styles to mid-thigh length are suitable for business looks, while straight versions allow you to create a street look with a hint of casualness. Short jackets look great with dresses, skirts, shorts, skinny pants and jeans.

To solve the question of what to wear with a sand-colored jacket, the following options are offered:

  1. With white shirts or blouses, you get a classic and elegant look.
  2. With blue trousers. You can complement the bow with a light-colored T-shirt and sports shoes or a flying blouse and high-heeled shoes.
  3. With white trousers. Due to this, the image will be fresh and unusual.
  4. With gray trousers. Great combination for work.
  5. with black things. Get an interesting elegant look.
  6. With green clothes. This color gives a feeling of freshness.
  7. With yellow clothes. The girl will look incredibly catchy and bright.
  8. With red and orange things. The combination is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

sand-colored jacket

Sand color shorts

Shorts, for which a beautiful sandy color is taken, are a great thing for the summer. They are suitable for everyday looks, for this a plain white t-shirt or shirt is used. A feminine blouse is ideally combined with shorts. For shoes, you can use heeled sandals or sneakers. The length of the product can be different — it is important to choose the right one for your figure.

sandy shorts

sand shoes

Sand shoes can be used to create casual or romantic bows. It is important to know a few nuances of wearing such shoes:

  1. If the shoes are with heels, then they must be worn with cropped trousers in order to visually maintain the necessary proportions of the body.
  2. When deciding what colors the sand color is combined with, it is worth considering that these shoes are perfectly combined with a dress of the same tone or a little lighter or darker.
  3. For the evening, a fitted black dress is suitable.
  4. You can also wear a light summer dress with shoes.
  5. A red dress looks great with this piece of clothing.
  6. Jeans with classic sand-colored pumps look great.
  7. To balance out colorful floral dresses, sand shoes are perfect.
  8. Denim shorts go well with these shoes too.

sand-colored shoes

Sand bag

A beautiful sand-colored women’s bag will suit any look. Depending on the situation, the product can be waist, it can be worn on the shoulder or just in the hand. Bags of various sizes are currently in fashion — from very tiny to exaggeratedly gigantic. The main thing is to choose what you like and fit the image.

sand bag

sandy hair color

The sandy blond color looks very interesting:

  1. It combines ashy notes and warm base tones. Girls with any color type can dye their hair in it.
  2. Dark tones of sand are suitable for girls with green, brown or black eyes. The more pimples and other defects on the face, the darker it is worth taking the tone.
  3. Sand blonde suits girls with fair skin and blue eyes. Sandy blonde is ideal for ladies with winter or summer beauty. Sandy golden suits tanned beauties with dark eyes.

sandy hair color

Sand color manicure

Nail art, in which sand-colored nails are made, is of high interest among fashionistas. It looks very impressive and natural. Popular nail design options:

  • French manicure;
  • monochrome design;
  • matte manicure;
  • sand design in combination with other shades;
  • sand nail art with drawings, rhinestones, appliqués;
  • sand manicure with graceful patterns.

sand color manicuresand color nails

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