Raspberry color ─ who suits and what is combined with?

Choosing a crimson bright color, the girl predicts herself for increased general attention. It is juicy, expressive, colorful, suitable for extraordinary personalities who love to attract interested glances. A slight crimson detail will highlight the appearance, even if the rest of the look consists of dark shades.

Raspberry color in clothes

What is combined with crimson color in clothes? This question is asked by every beauty who decides to use this shade in her wardrobe. Obtained by mixing fiery scarlet with a drop of cold blue, crimson is considered a royal color, revered by the most noble families and used in the Baroque and Renaissance styles. This is the most girly color in which little beauties are dressed from birth.


The pink palette includes many shades, from very pale to rich dark wine tones, any of which will find its connoisseurs:

  1. Pink (light crimson) ─ accent color, closer to scarlet.
  2. Raspberry ─ moderately juicy, expressive, deep, not too dark.
  3. Ruby — it also belongs to the raspberry palette, although it is a bright representative of red.
  4. Bright crimson ─ the most flashy shade in the range, spectacular and intense.
  5. Crimson red ─ restrained, cold with a slight hint of red.
  6. Dark crimson (Marsala) ─ deep, sensual, close to burgundy, with a bit of purple.


Raspberry-colored clothing is a bright accent in itself, and you need to add other colors to it carefully and deliberately so that they harmonize with each other. Now the trend is a mono-color wardrobe, consisting of only one color, all its components and accessories should be of the same color. The crimson color in this use looks very interesting and highlights the girl who decided on such a bold one-color combination.


Clothes of a different contrasting color in combination with raspberry details will sparkle in a new way, acquire freshness and catchy zest. Even raspberry lipstick can transform the look beyond recognition. Raspberry manicure and matching lip gloss are the best combination. Choosing a bag to match shoes is an outdated rule, now it is fashionable to combine other accessories with shoes. Belts, bracelets, massive earrings, a necklace are ideal for creating a harmonious combination, the main thing is to observe the measure, a couple of monochrome details are enough so that the image does not look ridiculous and cumbersome.


Crimson dress

What to wear with crimson color is a very interesting task, and dresses will cope with it in one go. A dress is the most feminine item in a woman’s wardrobe, able to emphasize the figure, highlight the advantages and hide the flaws. Any girl in a crimson dress can be equated with a royal person who fell in love with this color. The style, length, shade of the dress depends on the event and relevance. Ladies of the «Balzac» age are supposed to opt for more muted, conservative shades, and younger ones — for light and bright playful airy dresses.


Raspberry skirt

Light crimson color is beautiful in skirts. Pink skirts accentuate graceful curves. A strict straight pencil skirt with a white graduation blouse is a great option for an office where the dress code is not too strict. A tulle fluffy skirt with a T-shirt will create a light, laid-back, flirty look. For a romantic mood, a crimson pleated or floor-length skirt will do — an excellent solution for a date or a walk around the city. It is better to refuse too short skirts, they look vulgar and tasteless, preferably a length just below the knee or mid-calf.


Crimson coat

Gently raspberry color or deeper is widely used in the creation of outerwear. With the onset of cold weather, the mood worsens, the raspberry soft color will perfectly cope with the elimination of the autumn blues. The length of the coat is preferable to the knee, it is universal for dresses, trousers, skirts. The classic English style with a stand-up collar is in demand for any type of figure. Slender ladies benefit from a fitted version. In the trend, oversized free-cut size, A-shaped silhouette, bat.


Crimson cloak

The raspberry-colored windbreaker is an authentic piece of women’s wardrobe. A multifunctional outerwear item designed for cold and rainy weather, providing protection from frost and precipitation. The materials from which raincoats are mainly made are dense and impermeable ─ for spring and autumn, fur ─ for winter, light linen ─ for summer onions. The most common styles of this product: trench coat, raglan, pea jacket, duffle coat, raincoat. The length varies according to the style of clothing, purpose, type of figure.


Crimson shoes

Crimson women’s shoes are a catchy detail of a discreet look, designed to emphasize attractive legs. When buying shoes in juicy shades, you need to thoroughly prepare for drawing up a suitable tandem. Crimson shoes are worn with skirts, dresses, trousers in nude or gray colors. A bow looks very defiant and sexy with a leather pencil skirt, raspberry pumps and a light or contrasting yellow blouse, combined with pink. It is preferable to choose clothes in warm or chrome shades for raspberry shoes.


Raspberry bag

Trendy raspberry color is attractive in accessories. The industry of women’s handbags has dozens of models, different sizes, accessories, embellishments. For a casual look, they prefer small handbags with elongated straps that are worn over the shoulder. For an evening out, a small elegant raspberry clutch will fit perfectly. The most practical type of pink bag is a shopper, it is roomy, although it is intended for shopping trips, it is in no way inferior in beauty to more sophisticated models. Knitted or fringed bags are a hit of recent seasons.


Crimson hair color

Dark raspberry hair color is a solution for stylish and courageous girls. Saturated wine shades are good at any length and visually add volume to the hair, emphasizing the temperament and originality of its owner. For girls with a natural light brown tint, more muted shades are recommended. Brunettes at the right time will have a gamut that is more related to the red gamut. Blondes can take a chance and try out the brightest shade of raspberry. Masters of hairdressing masterfully master the technique of ombre dyeing ─ this is the most beautiful way to transform hair color.


Crimson manicure

Raspberry nail design will appeal to extraordinary personalities. Variations of nail art using raspberry color are countless. Solid pink coating, self-sufficient and does not require additional embellishment. If you want to diversify the monotony, rhinestones, sparkles, watercolor painting, stickers will come to the rescue. Raspberry color replaces the traditional white polish in French manicure, changing the classic design. The gradient transition can be performed in crimson tones, using lighter and more saturated shades.


Crimson pedicure

Crimson toenails are a catchy accent that attracts interest. Such a bright pedicure is chosen by girls with the same type of coating on their hands. Both mono color and its combination with other contrasting colors will be appropriate in such a pedicure. The design of a pedicure is in no way inferior in terms of possibilities than manicure options. The use of techniques, textures, diverse techniques will bring a special zest and uniqueness. Drawings, geometric elements, decor are placed mainly on the thumbs.


What goes with crimson

You need to know what color the crimson color is combined with in order to carefully introduce it into your everyday life and not be considered a girl devoid of a sense of style:

  • with bright mustard and green, the raspberry color is even more highlighted and stands out, so this combination should be used in moderation;
  • unsaturated yellow delicately complements raspberry, if it is half as much in appearance;
  • pink and crimson are in the same range, their combination is perfect; warm lilac, in contrast with cold shades of pink, an interesting combination;
  • crimson and blue, as opposite as possible in contrast, ideal in combination with each other;
  • raspberry dominates in combination with neutral shades of black, beige, gray, therefore every color inferior to it in this is suitable for combination;
  • purple and pink are related tones, so their combination is successful;
  • dark brown highlight a bright crimson hue.


Dark crimson color

Crimson shades vary in saturation from light pink to dark crimson. The darkest shade in the color scheme is close to burgundy. Dark crimson is a very noble, seasoned color. It has a barely noticeable fraction of red, so it is on a par with ruby-raspberry. This shade is suitable for all girls with different types of figure, hides imperfections and visually slims. The perfect combination with dark emerald, mustard, light gold, jet black, eggplant, dark brown.


Bright crimson color

A successful combination of crimson color depends on its shade. The brightest shade from the raspberry palette, designed to emphasize the appearance, femininity, originality. This shade is not very universal, it will not suit fiery red girls with freckles. Bright crimson skirts are not acceptable for ladies with figure imperfections, they will only emphasize them. But platinum blondes and burning brunettes will look great in it. It goes well with all shades of pink, orange, peach, purple, lilac, ultramarine, light blue.


Who suits raspberry

In a variety of shades, the color raspberry ─ what is it? Any fashionista who decides to add it to her wardrobe faces this question. For a successful choice, it is important to decide which shade will suit a certain appearance:

  • for girls with pinkish skin, light blond hair, all bright, pale and delicate shades of raspberry will do;
  • for brunettes with fair skin and blue eyes, all shades of ruby-raspberry, burgundy colors will be incomparable;
  • restrainedly bright, medium colors of crimson will suit beauties with white hair and peach skin;
  • chestnut or dark blond hair color will favorably highlight dark crimson shades.


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