Pedicure ideas 2019 — 44 photos for this summer


Pedicure ideas 2019 - 44 photos for this summer

In any season, fashionistas strive to create stylish completed bows. This is especially true for the summer period, when the ideas of pedicure 2019 should become incredibly relevant. If you pay increased attention to this detail, you can additionally emphasize beautiful shoes and focus on them.

Manicure and Pedicure Ideas for Summer 2019

Stylists offer a variety of ideas for summer manicure and pedicure 2019, among which each girl will be able to choose the option to her taste. Popular trends include the following:

  1. Manicure and pedicure, made in a completely identical style, when the same color scheme is used for their design, patterns, decoration elements and their location are repeated.
  2. The use of similar design, which at the same time is not completely identical and repeating each other. For example, fingernails and toenails can be painted over with varnishes that are similar in shade, but still differ by one or two tones.
  3. Manicures and pedicures can also be contrasting, modern fashion allows deviations from established norms, so it is not necessary to use the same or similar colors on the hands and feet. The only requirement is that the image should be designed in a harmonious style and not be overloaded with too bright details presented in excess.

manicure and pedicure ideas for summer 2019

Trendy pedicure ideas 2019

Any girl who follows current trends and novelties will be able to create a 2019 pedicure, the fashion ideas of the season of which are extremely diverse:

  • for decoration, you can take rhinestones that will give shine to the nails, this design is ideal for complementing evening bows;
  • red color is a constant favorite of the summer season, this varnish looks great on nails;
  • with the help of such an element as foil, you can lay out all kinds of complex compositions;
  • summer is the time of the year when brightness is especially appreciated, the corresponding varnishes are designed to diversify the ideas of pedicure 2019;
  • nude nails made in all sorts of ways will help to give the image a gentle and romantic touch;
  • relevant drawings made on summer and marine topics;
  • golden decor elements are designed to make the pedicure more expressive and eye-catching;
  • a fashion trend is the application of strips on the nails with a different arrangement;
  • for decoration, you can use not only rhinestones, but also multi-colored stones of different sizes;
  • shine lovers will appreciate the pedicure coating with a rub;
  • jacket is popular not only on the hands, but also on the legs, it gives its owner sophistication and sophistication.

trendy pedicure ideas 2019pedicure 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonsummer pedicure ideas 2019

Pedicure ideas 2019 with rhinestones

Fashionistas who prefer bright, memorable bows will appreciate the 2019 summer pedicure ideas, which include decoration with rhinestones:

  • it is convenient to apply pebbles on the thumb, this is facilitated by its significant surface. Inlay can be carried out with both large rhinestones and small rhinestones, with the help of which original drawings are laid out;
  • you can use small rhinestones, which are also located on other nails, in addition to the thumb;
  • Traditionally, transparent pebbles are taken, but they can also be multi-colored, echoing in shade with the color of the coating or making a spectacular contrast with it.

pedicure ideas 2019 with rhinestonespedicure ideas 2019 summer

Red Pedicure Ideas 2019

A win-win solution in order to decorate the nails on the legs will be the ideas of the summer pedicure 2019, made with red varnish:

  • the easiest option would be to use a rich color coating. At the same time, the tonality of the varnish can vary from light scarlet to a dark shade close to burgundy;
  • to make the pedicure even more spectacular, decorating with rhinestones is perfect;
  • with the help of red, all kinds of romantic ideas of pedicure 2019 are ideally embodied. For example, with a scarlet tint, you can draw several small hearts or one large heart on your thumb, choosing a white or pink background for this.

red pedicure ideas 2019

Foil Pedicure Ideas 2019

Foil is a great attribute to create a pedicure, whose 2019 design ideas are extremely diverse:

  • does not lose its relevance this season, geometric nail art, which can be embodied with the help of strips lined with foil;
  • a special foil application technique is popular, which involves its application, creating spectacular randomly arranged stains on the nail plates;
  • using foil, you can create complex elements, for example, make an imitation of a large shiny stone on your thumb.

foil pedicure ideas 2019

Bright pedicure ideas 2019

In the summer, you can fully realize your imagination and use all sorts of bright manicure and pedicure ideas 2019:

  • brightness is achieved using saturated rich shades, for example, these are yellow, crimson, orange, light green, red, aquamarine and other colors;
  • the coating can be monochromatic or a variety of color combinations can be used, both similar in tone and creating a spectacular contrast;
  • bright pedicure ideas 2019 can be implemented by using the ombre technique, which creates a truly unsurpassed iridescent play.

bright pedicure ideas 2019ideas and novelties of pedicure 2019

Gentle Pedicure Ideas 2019

A universal solution would be to apply the fashionable ideas of the pedicure season, which are made in delicate colors:

  • relevant colors such as cream, beige, mint, light pink, pale blue;
  • the ideas of gentle pedicure 2019 can embody a certain theme, for example, using a lavender color coating as a background provides an opportunity to draw delicate small flowers made in identical colors;
  • on a light pink or cream background, pink or tea roses can be traced.

gentle pedicure ideas 2019

2019 pedicure ideas with a pattern

Stylists will be able to fully realize their imagination using the ideas of fashionable pedicure 2019, which, when creating a nail design, include the use of all kinds of drawings:

  • in the summer season, a beach or sea theme becomes incredibly popular;
  • geometric prints of varying degrees of complexity do not lose their positions on the fashionable Olympus;
  • in summer, you can successfully apply pedicure ideas 2019, including drawings in the form of a dragonfly, butterfly, ladybug and other insects;
  • you can depict birds or animals on the nails, take floral or animal ornaments as a basis for decoration.

pedicure ideas 2019 with a patternfashionable pedicure ideas 2019

Pedicure ideas 2019 with gold

Fashionistas who prefer brightness and originality in everything will appreciate the unusual ideas for a 2019 pedicure containing gold decoration:

  1. On the nails, a golden coating can be created with the help of small sparkles. At the same time, they can completely cover the nail plate or be applied using a technique that creates a stretch.
  2. Certain elements can also be gold, such as rhinestones or foil. The last attribute provides the ability to lay out stripes, drawings, and make an imitation of a stone.
  3. A simple and at the same time effective way to decorate your nails is to cover them over the entire surface with golden varnish. It can be rubbed on it, creating indescribable overflows.

pedicure ideas 2019 with gold

Pedicure ideas 2019 with stripes

One of the most common and sought-after design solutions is the decoration of marigolds with stripes. Such 2019 pedicure ideas are good because they are extremely easy to implement:

  1. The easiest way to apply is to draw stripes with varnish. Absolutely any color scheme can be taken for this, both similar in tone to the background, and made using a contrasting coating. For example, you can embody ideas for a yellow pedicure 2019 by drawing orange or white stripes on it.
  2. Lacquer for applying stripes can be golden or metallic. Alternatively, the strips can be lined with foil.
  3. The arrangement of the strips can be very different, they can be clearly parallel to each other or arranged in a chaotic manner, intersecting with each other.
  4. You can also depict such an option as stripes, the lines of which will be blurry. This technique can be done by applying sparkles.

pedicure ideas 2019 with stripes

White Pedicure Ideas 2019

Summer is the perfect time to bring to life the ideas of a chic 2019 pedicure made with white:

  • snow-white varnish looks incredibly impressive on its own, so you can simply cover the surface of the nail plates with it;
  • the white coating is very organically combined with a shiny rubbing, which is applied on top of it;
  • white color can be taken as a background, and certain elements can be applied on top of it, for example, draw red hearts, make a stretch with sparkles, distribute kamifubuki that have different colors and shapes.

white pedicure ideas 2019

Stone Pedicure Ideas 2019

Many stylists believe that the best 2019 pedicure ideas are those that contain stone decorations:

  • the easiest option would be to decorate the thumb nail with large transparent rhinestones;
  • multi-colored stones also look spectacular, which are used in a single copy or laid out in the form of certain combinations;
  • Recently, the technique of creating stones using pieces of foil has gained great popularity. The result exceeds all expectations, the stone looks catchy, spectacular and attracts maximum attention.

stone pedicure ideas 2019

Hole Pedicure Ideas 2019

Lunar nail art is a very popular solution with which stylish pedicure ideas 2019 are embodied:

  • holes can be depicted in different ways: drawn with varnish, laid out with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • lunar design can be successfully combined with a jacket;
  • the shape of the hole can be traditional rounded or made in some other way, for example, in the form of a triangle.

pedicure ideas 2019 with holes

French Pedicure Ideas 2019

The classic is an undeniable trend, which includes the current ideas of pedicure 2019. French is justifiably associated with sophistication and sophistication:

  • French pedicure can be incredibly delicate, for this, colors such as white, pink, cream, beige, mint tones are selected;
  • Another option would be to make a bright design, with a bright color used for both the background and the tip.

french pedicure ideas 2019

Pedicure ideas 2019 with rubbing

Rubbing is a great solution to diversify the ideas and novelties of pedicure 2019:

  • it is common to apply a brilliant rub on the main background of any color, this technique will help make the design more vivid and memorable;
  • golden or metallic rubbing will look unsurpassed, such nail art is especially suitable for creating evening bows;
  • a stone laid out with foil on the thumb and rubbed on the others is a very organic combination;
  • rubbing can look very gentle if it is made in a pearl version.

pedicure ideas 2019 with rubbing

Pedicure ideas at sea 2019

Vacation is a great period to implement beach pedicure ideas 2019:

  1. For several seasons in a row, the marine theme has remained extremely relevant. It is expressed in the drawing of blue and white stripes, which serve as an original background for applying all kinds of decorative elements, such as anchors, shells, seagulls.
  2. A pedicure can also be done in yellow-orange colors, these colors are associated with the sun and sand on the beach.

pedicure ideas at sea 2019beach pedicure ideas 2019


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