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Ombre manicure 2019 will be the perfect solution for fashionistas who want to express their individuality. If you successfully choose the shades, then this variation of nail art will suit any chosen image and outfit. At will, the design can be made more gentle and restrained, or, on the contrary, bright and somewhat bold.

Ombre manicure 2019 — fashion trends

One of the most popular modern trends, stylists call ombre on nails summer 2019. When creating a stylish design, such current trends are used:

  1. The selection of coatings and their combination will depend on the individual characteristics of the fair sex and on the image she has chosen. So, nail art can be made gentle and romantic if you use a combination of nude or similar shades.
  2. You can also use the opposite trend and apply a bright palette of colors, while the number of coatings can be two or more. Different colors can be present on different fingers, the main thing is not to overdo it and not make the design unnecessarily overloaded.
  3. There are separate varieties of such nail art, for example, it can be a 2019 French ombre manicure, decorating with sparkles or rhinestones, applying all kinds of images.

ombre manicure 2019 fashion trendsombre nails summer 2019

Ombre manicure for short nails 2019

Owners of shortened neat nail plates will be able to make an ombre for short nails 2019:

  • since the nails are short, it is recommended to give preference to more restrained design options, including shades that are similar in tone;
  • on shortened nails, the color transition characteristic of the ombre technique prevails as the main design, which is not recommended to be overloaded with any additional decorative elements. It is better to refrain from an abundance of rhinestones and stones, if desired, they can be placed in a single copy on any of the fingers.

ombre manicure for short nails 2019

Ombre manicure for long nails 2019

The presence of elongated nail plates provides an opportunity to fully express your imagination and create an ombre for long nails 2019:

  • since the area of ​​\u200b\u200bnails is significant, but there are practically no restrictions in choosing a color palette and combinations of shades, the main thing is that the overall image looks harmonious;
  • the application of all kinds of decorative elements is allowed and even welcomed, examples of which are rhinestones, an abundance of sparkles and the use of various images.

ombre manicure for long nails 2019

Ombre nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

Stylists offer a variety of 2019 ombre manicure ideas, by applying which, each girl will be able to fully express her individuality:

  • a universal solution will be a pink design that will bring romantic notes to the image and easily complement any chosen bow;
  • french is another common idea that can be implemented in a new design using the gradient technique;
  • brown is one of the current colors of the season, it will become especially relevant in autumn in combination with other shades characteristic of this time of year — yellow and orange;
  • white nails look elegant and sophisticated, on which there is a barely noticeable or more pronounced color transition;
  • ombre manicure 2019 with sparkles — a stylish and bright design that is perfect for a party;
  • red nail art will help to attract attention as much as possible;
  • the gradient technique can be successfully combined with drawings;
  • you can combine two fashion trends at once and complement the ombre with a cobweb;
  • another gentle solution is a nude manicure;
  • if desired, nail plates can be decorated with rhinestones, making nail art bright and memorable.

ombre nails 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonmanicure ideas 2019 ombre

Pink ombre manicure 2019

In the summer season, the ombre 2019 nail design, made using white, is extremely relevant:

  • the combination with white or pastel colors looks very organic. At the same time, one or another shade can prevail in the design;
  • the gradient technique can be applied in the traditional way, when the coating looks smooth and flows smoothly from one tone to another;
  • another application option will be the use of geometry, when small rhombuses pass into each other.

pink ombre manicure 2019

Manicure ombre 2019 french

Lovers of the classics will be able to diversify the usual image and at the same time remain true to themselves in stylistic design if they make a french ombre on nails 2019:

  • a smooth color transition in this case is carried out at the tips of the nail plates, imitating a smile in such an original way;
  • the peculiarity that the French ombre manicure 2019 has is that the smile in this case appears blurry, with fuzzy boundaries;
  • the tip can be made in any color and placed on any background;
  • glitter can also be used to create a smile, in this case the shading technique is used, when the sparkles are concentrated at the tip of the nail plate and, stretching, decrease towards the base.

ombre manicure 2019 french

Brown ombre manicure 2019

The newest trend of this season will be to make ombre nails 2019 in brown:

  • to make the nail plates look more impressive, it is recommended to use iridescent mother-of-pearl varnishes or apply a rub over the coating;
  • brown color looks very harmonious in combination with a yellow or orange tint, resulting in an extremely warm ombre manicure 2019;
  • if you want to make nail art more catchy and suitable for a festive celebration, you can combine brown with gold;
  • such a color palette is ideal for autumn themes, so over the gradient overflows, you can apply an image of autumn foliage, made in rich yellow-orange-red tones.

brown ombre manicure 2019

White ombre nails 2019

You can make the image refined and sophisticated if you make an ombre manicure summer 2019 in white:

  • this color is basic and versatile, so it harmonizes perfectly with any other shades;
  • you can make an incredibly delicate design if you combine white with pale pink, light blue, mint or nude;
  • if you want to get catchy nail art, white color is also great. Ombre manicure 2019 in this case will play in contrast, when a pure snow-white tone will turn into bright red or some other saturated shade.

white ombre nails 2019

Glitter ombre manicure 2019

A bright and extraordinary solution will be a summer manicure 2019 ombre, made using sparkles:

  • the peculiarity of this design is that the gradient is created using this decorative element, which is located on the nails in the form of a stretch;
  • glitter can decrease from larger to smaller from the tip of the nail to the base or from one edge to the other;
  • sparkles can act in combination with any one specific color of the coating, or a combination of several shades is used at once, over which sparkles are applied.

ombre glitter manicure 2019

Ombre manicure 2019 with a pattern

Often girls prefer to use such a stylish solution as a fashionable ombre manicure 2019 with a pattern:

  • geometry fits very organically into the overall concept, while the technique of negative space is popular, when transparent geometric shapes are applied against the background of a coating designed using a gradient technique;
  • will perfectly decorate the 2019 ombre manicure and the image of foliage, for example, it can be drawn in black or white.
  • the drawing can also be applied to only one specific finger. In this case, the image can be absolutely anything: made on a floral, geometric, animalistic theme.

ombre manicure 2019 with a patternfashionable manicure ombre 2019 with a pattern

Red manicure ombre 2019

Lovers of bright memorable bows will be able to make ombre nails 2019, the fashion ideas of which are presented in red:

  • a combination of tones similar in color is popular, for example, scarlet can be combined with maroon;
  • the combination of red and raspberry also looks organic;
  • if you want to make the image more tender and feminine, then the use of white, pale pink, pastel shades is welcome;
  • if you want to give depth and mystery to nail art, an ombre 2019 manicure is suitable, where there is a transition from red to black.

red ombre manicure 2019fashionable ombre manicure 2019 with a pattern

Nail design 2019 ombre and gossamer

Such a current trend as a fashionable ombre 2019 on nails can also be combined with another popular trend — the image of a cobweb:

  • the process of creating a stylish nail art consists of two stages, the first of which is to apply an ombre, and the second is to cover the nails with a cobweb over an existing pattern;
  • the cobweb can evenly cover all the nail plates or affect any specific part, for example, be closer to the base or tip, be located in the middle;
  • the gossamer can match any color used to create the gradient, or be in contrast with all the applied tones.

nail design 2019 ombre and gossamer

Manicure 2019 ombre nude

For young girls and women who prefer femininity and restraint in their image, an indispensable solution will be a light ombre manicure 2019, made using nude colors:

  • this variation of nail art is absolutely suitable for going to the office, due to its conciseness and versatility. Harmoniously complement this design and everyday bows;
  • a feature of such nail art, compared with applying the usual nude coating, is that this manicure looks more elegant due to the smooth transition from one similar tone to another;
  • a combination with black is also allowed, in which case it will be possible to soften its aggressiveness and make the design more gentle.

manicure 2019 ombre nude

Ombre with rhinestones on nails 2019

The summer ombre manicure 2019 looks truly luxurious on almond-shaped nails or on nail plates of any other shape, decorated with rhinestones:

  • when choosing such a design, it should be borne in mind that the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plates must be significant, otherwise the combination of gradient and rhinestones may turn out to be overloaded;
  • rhinestones can have a very different arrangement, for example, laid out in the form of a longitudinal or transverse strip or as a pattern;
  • it is common to fill the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole with rhinestones, this design looks very organic.

ombre with rhinestones on nails 2019light manicure ombre 2019ombre nail design 2019

Wedding manicure ombre 2019

When preparing for a wedding celebration, an important point is the selection of a suitable nail art. Ombre is reasonably considered one of the best design variations and can be presented in the following variations:

  • ombre manicure in light colors 2019 is a win-win solution for a wedding look. The bride will look gentle and sophisticated;
  • decoration with rhinestones is welcome, which will give the image of luxury;
  • if the wedding is themed and a certain color prevails on it, but you can also apply it when creating a gradient nail art so that it resonates with other details of the celebration. For example, the design may contain red, blue, lavender.

wedding manicure ombre 2019ombre manicure in light colors 2019

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