Neon color - what is it, what is it combined with and to whom does it suit?

To date, there are many different fashionable shades, both in clothes and in manicure and pedicure. Neon is one of them, so it’s worth figuring out how best to wear it, what it is combined with, and what kind of shade it is.

Neon color — what is it?

Many fashionistas are interested in knowing what a neon color looks like:

  1. These shades are very bright and saturated, even flashy, and therefore not every fashionista will dare to wear such clothes. Although many people are used to referring to neon colors such as bright yellow, green and orange, there is also neon pink and blue.
  2. Neon color provides an opportunity to diversify already boring images. At the same time, it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for everyone, but they also strongly distinguish the girl from the crowd, so you need to think through the smallest details of the bow. With the right combination of all the details, the fashionista will look simply incredible.

what color is neon

Who suits neon?

When choosing such shades, it is important to understand who bright neon colors suit:

  1. This shade is not suitable for all women. There is a stereotype that such tones look good on teenagers, but adult women can also wear neon clothes, the main thing is to choose them correctly.
  2. It is worth remembering that neon colors must be used with caution. They are allowed only for ladies who naturally have a bright contrasting color. When the appearance is not so bright, then the neon color can give an extra pallor.
  3. Tones should be chosen so that they match the color of the hair and skin. For example, if a girl goes dark blue, then you can try clothes in neon blue tones. Neon shades must be combined with neutral ones — beige or white. A very interesting combination is obtained from a bright pink skirt with a white T-shirt.
  4. If it’s scary to use neon clothes in the image, then you can take accessories. For example, neon shoes are a real trend at the moment.

Important nuances regarding the choice of this color are as follows:

  1. A small handbag or clutch will dilute the image and attract the attention of others.
  2. The electric palette should be combined with soothing colors. Neon tones go well with pastels.
  3. You can collect two saturated shades in one image, but their choice must be taken wisely. For example, green will look bad with purple, but yellow and raspberry provide an excellent opportunity to create an eighties look.
  4. You can’t go overboard with electric color. For example, a blouse or sweater in such tones looks out of place.
  5. It is best to try this palette in the summer. Swimwear looks especially impressive.
  6. «Electric» palette looks best in a casual or cocktail wardrobe. It is not suitable for daily wear.

who suits neon

What goes with neon?

To make the image look harmonious, it is necessary to correctly combine the neon color with other tones:

  1. It is important to remember that clothes in such colors are not suitable for office bows, but for a casual look, it is. Best of all, acid tones are mixed with basic garments. For example, you can wear a hot pink sweater and classic jeans. A yellow turtleneck looks great with a checkered jacket.
  2. Neon red is an excellent choice for evening outings. An evening dress should be simple cut, do not use a lot of decorative elements and prints.
  3. If we talk about accessories, then there is a very wide choice. For example, a neon clutch can look good with a business suit, a headdress will bring bright notes to the image, and shoes will complete it well.
  4. The best background for acid shades is gray — both matte and shiny. You can combine fabrics of different textures.
  5. Neon yellow looks good in combination with black and white. Strict and well-thought-out silhouettes in clothes are welcomed.
  6. For parties, the bow is completely in bright colors. For example, a lemon dress with matching sneakers is a great combination. Poisonous orange color is also a great solution.
  7. In the image, you can combine several self-sufficient colors, but at the same time you should not combine more than three shades. One of them must be the base.

what goes with neon

Neon colors in clothes

Neon clothing is a very bold decision that not every girl dares to make. However, with the right selection of shades, the image can look incredibly beautiful and bright. The guidelines for creating an image are as follows:

  1. A bow composed exclusively of acidic things looks very defiant. Neon is best combined with pastel colors so as not to look weird.
  2. Clothes in acid colors should have a simple style, complex lines are not allowed.
  3. If we talk about a combination of several colors, you need to proceed with caution. If you want to stand out, it is better to wear a neon dress.
  4. If you are afraid to try too bright an image, it is better to look at accessories in these colors.
  5. It looks interesting clothes in black and white with splashes of neon. For example, it could be a neon white dress with a black jacket.
  6. You can complement any calm look with bright shoes.

neon colors in clothes

neon dress

Dresses of neon colors look very original and interesting. They will attract a lot of attention from those around them. They can be worn by both young girls and mature women. You need to know some rules for wearing this wardrobe item:

  1. It is best to combine such a dress with neutral tones. The best companions are black, white and brown. For example, you can wear a dress with a black coat.
  2. If you are afraid to use neon, you can start with bright accessories that help you get used to these tones. It also provides an opportunity to understand which shades you like best.
  3. Acid tones can visually increase the volume of the body, so the dress is best suited for slender girls. The rest need to be careful with this item of clothing.
  4. You can mix two neon colors. The most important thing is to see that the shades are in harmony with each other.
  5. It is best to buy a dress in those colors that seem comfortable to the girl. The shade should be combined with the color of the skin and hair.
  6. Dress in acid colors is not suitable for daily wear. Better save it for special occasions.

neon dress

Neon pants

Acid pants will do well if they are wide. This is a great choice for fall or winter. It is best to wear this piece of clothing in a total look, choosing a jacket, sweater or coat in color. Bright trousers, which are made in neon green or some other tone, look good with tops in neutral shades.

neon pants

Neon T-shirt

Acid T-shirt is an excellent choice for the warm season:

  1. We must not forget that you should not combine neon tones with each other. A bright T-shirt is best combined with a neutral bottom: gray, beige or black.
  2. You can assemble an image exclusively in acid tones, only courageous girls allow themselves to do this. For example, neon yellow can be used to make a T-shirt, and you can complement it with bright green trousers. You need to choose shades with care so that they fit the appearance of a fashionista.
  3. Such combinations look attractive and bright: bright blue and green, blue and orange, pink and yellow.

neon color t-shirt

Neon sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is a very comfortable wardrobe item that many girls like. If neon pink or some other acidic shade is used for her tailoring, she puts a significant emphasis on the image, highlighting the girl from the crowd. It is worth wearing it with calm wardrobe items so as not to overload the image. Best Sweatshirt Companions:

  • jeans and denim jackets;
  • cloak;
  • Leather Jacket;
  • tapered trousers;
  • voluminous pants;
  • coat.

neon sweatshirt

neon swimsuit

If you want to stand out on the beach, then you should choose swimwear in neon colors:

  1. This piece of clothing looks especially interesting in a bright color with high cutouts to visually lengthen the legs.
  2. A swimsuit, for which neon red or some other shade is taken, gives a good mood and helps to brighten even the most gloomy day.
  3. It is worth saying that this shade can highlight figure flaws, so girls in the body need to be careful about such swimsuits.

neon swimsuit

Neon raincoat

Even the most gray and rainy day can be made brighter. To do this, you can purchase a raincoat, for the manufacture of which a neon orange color or some other tone is used, which looks very original. It is worth remembering that the size of the raincoat is selected taking into account wearing over clothing. It is best to take a thing made of dense fabric and having a water-repellent coating. The seams must be carefully taped.

neon raincoat

neon top

Tops in various variations are very common:

  1. The top, for tailoring of which a blue neon color was taken, can be worn under a business suit, for a walk or for special occasions.
  2. This wardrobe item is combined with any bottom in soothing colors: a miniskirt, trousers of a strictly style, jeans, leggings, long wide skirts and flared trousers.
  3. Shoes are selected based on the whole image: it can be classic shoes or simple ballet flats.

neon top

neon suit

Designers presented bright and unusual acid skirt and trouser suits in their fashion collections. At the same time, neon is very often used in a variety of prints: geometric, animalistic or floral. The suit is recommended to be combined with calm tones. For example, a neon light green color can be taken for its tailoring, but at the same time accessories should be restrained, shoes should be simple. Do not overload the bow with details.

neon suit

neon shoes

Acid shoes are a bright part of the image. They can be worn with a plain suit with a classic cut and a light blouse, such a bow looks very harmonious. For the evening, you can take open-toed shoes, only the pedicure should be restrained. A sporty look will be decorated with neon-colored sneakers. It is recommended to wear such shoes:

  • with clothes in black and white;
  • with jeans;
  • with neon accessories.

neon shoes

Pedicure — neon colors

A very bold and bright solution is a pedicure with neon colors. Popular colors include green, orange and yellow. If you want, they can be combined with each other or cover the nails in one color. Additional decor is mostly not used, because this design already stands out so much.

pedicure neon colors

Manicure — neon colors

The manicure, for which the neon color of the nails was used, looks incredibly bright. Often this design is popular for holidays, because not every girl will choose it for herself every day. The design options are:

  • rainbow jacket;
  • acid gradient;
  • bright geometry;
  • moon manicure, for the creation of which a bright neon color was taken;
  • neon splashes;
  • the best shades can be pink, yellow, orange, blue.

neon color manicure

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