Mother-of-pearl color - what is it, what is it combined with and to whom does it suit?

Mother-of-pearl color in clothes can sparkle in many shades, depending on the main tone that is combined with mother-of-pearl. Stunning dresses, skirts, jackets and even trousers have been loved by modern fashionistas for a long time, especially with holographic overflows.

Pearl color, what is it?

What does pearl color look like? It is an iridescent silvery pink, reminiscent of mother-of-pearl, but in fashion it is used to mix with various colors of the rainbow spectrum to get a beautiful incomparable sheen, similar to holographic colors. He feels great in tandem with golden hues, purple, brown, red and even yellow, not to mention the most pink and white tone.

what is pearlescent color

The mother-of-pearl beautiful color has a bluish or pinkish tint, which shines in the sun with all shades of the rainbow, and is widely used in elegant and festive clothes. From fabrics with the addition of mother-of-pearl, trendsetters sew beautiful evening dresses, designed to make mega stars shine in the full sense of the word on the red carpet. There is also a silvery and gray tint, which combines wonderfully with the cold shades of the rainbow spectrum.

what does pearl color look like

What goes with pearl color?

Mother-of-pearl color, combination with other shades is very interesting. So, for example, if mother-of-pearl is closer to white, then the perfect combination will be with cream and powdery tones, it looks especially beautiful when a magnificent mother-of-pearl blouse with additional designer decor is worn with light skirts of diverse styles, it can be pleated or flared, for someone as more Like. If the tone is closer to blue, then excellent connections will go tone on tone, only one thing will shimmer, and the second will play with color.

what goes with pearl color

Pearlescent gray and milky white feel great in tandem, both with cold and warm tones. A mysterious and slightly magical combination will turn out if it is diluted with blue, blue, black or white. For example, under a jacket with a touch of mother-of-pearl, you can safely pick up leggings or black jeans, coffee boots and a white blouse, and under a coat or short coat with a gray sheen — a blue dress, flesh-colored tights and shoes in brown tones with heels. Get very feminine bows of urban chic.

pearlescent color combination

Who suits pearl color?

Who suits pearl color?

  1. Stylists, answering this question, emphasize that these tones are more suitable for dark-skinned beauties, brown-haired women and brunettes, especially in steel shades, when silver notes are present, but a pink mother-of-pearl skirt with a blue blouse on dark-haired women of fashion will also look great.

who suits pearly color

  1. Also, the mother-of-pearl color is also suitable for those who have blond or ash-blond hair, or there is a chestnut tint, then the dominant color emphasizes and reveals the natural beauty of a woman, creating interesting ensembles saturated with complete harmony and romanticism, even in sport-chic styles and with Afghani pants or bloomers.

who suits pearlescent color

Pearlescent clothing color

What does pearl color mean? It has been known to mankind since ancient times, because it is the tone of the shell of mollusks, and from many languages ​​it is translated as “mother of pearls”, when a foreign body enters the pearl shell, mother-of-pearl is gradually superimposed on it in layers. The mineral is distinguished by its iridescent brilliance and high strength, many jewelry is made from it, including earrings, beads and bracelets. In ancient times, it was considered a symbol of wisdom, power and prosperity, not a single piece of jewelry was created without the participation of mother-of-pearl.

mother-of-pearl clothing

Over time, mother-of-pearl color began to be used in clothes to enhance shine and play, to shine and not only in the sun. There are many shades of it, from natural, white, gray and pink, to artificial blues, purples, reds, yellows and blues. Especially interesting will look down jackets of diverse tones using mother-of-pearl shine, which amaze with their beauty and originality.

what does pearly mean

Mother-of-pearl dress

Evening mother-of-pearl dress is presented in white, cream, powdery, gray and blue shades, holographic modulations are allowed, or just a glitter effect is used. Who decided that this color does not suit puffy beauties? If you skillfully choose the style, make a high waist and a pleated skirt, and wrap the neckline, you will get an amazing elegant dress for women with chic shapes, even in a snow-white version. Non-trivial models can have open shoulders and additional designer decor, differences in the length of the hem and original openwork inserts.

mother-of-pearl dress

Mother-of-pearl color is used not only in evening dresses, although in them it is revealed in all its glory. However, it is quite possible to buy a dress for every day with purple-lilac mother-of-pearl, with an adjacent top and a flared or pleated midi skirt, which will be very appropriate even in a smart business style, when companies do not have a strict dress code and uniform. In such a dress, you can go to a club party, and a romantic date, and just stroll through the streets of the metropolis, if you choose the right accessories and shoes for it.

mother-of-pearl evening dress

Mother-of-pearl skirt

Fashionable mother-of-pearl color can have a brown and cream sheen, then you get the beautiful trendy skirts that are so popular this season. Style trendsetters offer interesting combinations:

  • creamy beautiful blouse and brown pleated skirt with glitter effect — a wonderful retro bow for street style;
  • a white blouse with additional designer decor on thin spaghetti straps and ruffles and a gray shiny high-waisted flared skirt are a bold and feminine solution for urban chic.

mother-of-pearl skirt

The mother-of-pearl color shows itself well in holographic patterns, and the iridescent godet skirt is an excellent choice for creating smart casual stylish looks with diverse blouses and sweaters, as you like and who suits you best. A flared skirt with a pinkish-coffee tint and a contrasting edging of the hem will also be in high demand, a wonderful solution for an elegant blouse or a voluminous sweater, depending on what kind of experimental look is conceived.

trendy pearlescent color

Mother-of-pearl down jacket

Women’s mother-of-pearl down jacket is a unique and beautiful outerwear that will bring a touch of perfection and French chic to the chosen overall conceived image due to its modulations. It will look especially cute in blue, gray and blue-gray colors, when the tide comes with a hologram effect and enhances the silver sheen that is so fashionable in the new upcoming autumn season.

mother-of-pearl down jacket

Fashion gurus widely use mother-of-pearl color in their gray and purple products, when not only silver, but also golden tint appears, and unique things are obtained that fit perfectly into autumn everyday life and dilute it with bright colors. They are also perfectly combined with diverse clothing from jeans and dress pants to skirts and dresses, depending on the purpose of the created bows.

women's mother-of-pearl down jacket

Mother of pearl shoes

Mother-of-pearl shoes are unique classic models that are good for going to the theater or to a party, or to walk along the red carpet, especially on stilettos or glasses. There can be several shades, for example, silver, gold, gray, white and blue, both with additional designer decor and in a laconic design. However, there are also solutions for every day at a low speed, both with laces and with Velcro, perfect for trousers, jeans and skirts with street-style dresses.

mother-of-pearl shoesmother-of-pearl shoes

Mother-of-pearl bag

Of the accessories at the peak of popularity, there is a mother-of-pearl backpack, clutches, hobo-toes and interesting frame models with long handles that fit perfectly into many bows, both street style and urban chic. These bags are ideal not only for mother-of-pearl things, but also for ordinary and outfits, especially in gray, brown, blue, blue, red, white and black. Both under formal dresses and under clothes that are worn every day, adding a touch of elegance to the overall conceived image.

mother-of-pearl bagmother-of-pearl backpack

mother-of-pearl jewelry

In the new upcoming autumn season and this summer, mother-of-pearl earrings of large sizes and diverse geometric shapes will be in high demand, especially in addition to beads and bracelets made of the same material. These jewelry returned to the world podium since the late 70s and early 80s of the last century. Widely used in disco, boho and hippie chic, glamor and even glam rock styles, with a gray and black sheen, when they sparkled and shimmered with all shades of the rainbow spectrum and created bright contrasts with ripped and leather and denim bows.

pearl jewelrypearl earrings

Pearl hair color

Another seasonal hit is pearly blond hair color, when a small coating of yellowness is completely removed and the hair becomes an amazing white or grayish shade with an admixture of blond. This tone suits many women, regardless of age, perfectly paints over gray hair and looks great on both long and short hair. A wonderful choice of hairstyles with such a shade can be an elongated bob with or without bangs, a cascade and a short flight of stairs, gavroche and garcon, when you need to emphasize youthful enthusiasm and add a little elegance at the same time.

pearly hair colorpearl blonde hair color

Mother of pearl manicure

Pink mother-of-pearl manicure is a lot of beautiful and delicate options suitable for all occasions. A very interesting design will turn out if the pink color is diluted with white or blue and add rhinestones and glitter, sand or kamifubiki there. A pearly white jacket on pink nails of various shapes will also look non-trivial, as well as an ombre, turning from pinkish to white or blue, as you like and who suits you best. This nail art can easily be considered elegant and even wedding.

mother-of-pearl manicurepink pearl manicure

Pearl rub

A beautiful mother-of-pearl color in manicure and pedicure will turn out if you use mother-of-pearl rubbing on diverse varnishes, then the effect exceeds all expectations, and you get nail art with a holographic sheen, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. An unsurpassed design will look very nice on white, gray, blue, pink and coral, an interesting solution will turn out with red, then the tide will be pink-gray, which will also draw attention to your fingers sparkling in the sun.

mother-of-pearl rubbingbeautiful pearlescent color

Mother-of-pearl pedicure color

Beautiful mother-of-pearl colors are also used by leading nail art masters for pedicures to get non-trivial and amazing paints that will not only draw attention to your perfect legs, but will also shimmer in the sun. A wonderful holiday solution when beach bows are created, so harmonious with the tones of the pedicure, especially if the manicure is designed in the same style. You can additionally decorate with rhinestones and diverse delicate patterns, here the choice already depends on personal preferences.

mother-of-pearl color pedicurebeautiful pearly colors

Pearly color in makeup

The mother-of-pearl color of lipstick, depending on its shade, suits every woman, regardless of age and type, the main rule is to choose the right shade of lipstick. It is desirable, if a decision is made to use mother-of-pearl, then the shadow palette should also be selected with a sheen. Then you get a super stylish make-up, quite suitable for the vacation period and early autumn, adding bright and fresh colors to everyday life.

pearl color in makeuppearly lipstick color

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