Manicure fall 2019 - a selection of fashion ideas, new products, trends

The new autumn season is approaching, which means it’s time to add warm and cozy motifs to your look. The nail industry offers a lot of stylish ideas for what a fall 2019 manicure can be, and among the variety of designs, you can easily choose the option to your taste.

Manicure 2019, fashion trends — autumn

The nail industry is developing very rapidly, offering many new fresh and stylish ideas for each season. The nails in the fall 2019 season were no exception, the main idea of ​​which was simplicity and conciseness with a twist. The basis of the manicure of the upcoming season of the lady is elegance and naturalness, calm delicate colors, close to natural, with an interesting decor.

Manicure 2019, fashion trends - autumnManicure 2019, fashion trends - fall ideas

Manicure autumn 2019 is such a color scheme:

Manicure fall 2019 for short nails

For a very long time, short nails have been a trend, and this is absolutely natural — a small length does not create discomfort in everyday life, you can easily do everyday activities or work at a computer without experiencing inconvenience. If earlier all interesting ideas were used for long nails, now stylists have done a good job of making girls look stylish and fashionable with short ones.

Manicure fall 2019 for short nailsManicure autumn 2019 for short nails moa

Manicure for autumn 2019 for short nails is such an assortment of ideas:

Manicure for long nails autumn 2019

Long nails are back in fashion this season. Although in many cases they are impractical and sometimes cause significant discomfort, this is fully compensated by the elegant and sophisticated appearance and the ability to realize the most diverse, even very complex, exquisite ideas of nail design. Well-groomed and beautifully designed long nails visually make the fingers longer, the hand more elegant, and the whole image more stylish and elegant.

Manicure for long nails autumn 2019Manicure for long nails autumn 2019 ideas

Fashionable manicure for the autumn 2019 season is the following ideas:

Fall 2019 Manicure Ideas

For many, the autumn season is associated with warmth, comfort, soft brown colors — fashion trends are constantly changing, but these trends, as a rule, remain unchanged. At the same time, manicure for autumn 2019 is a wide variety of strong ideas, among which there are both conservative options and bright novelties, and for a modern girl it is extremely important to stay within the fashion trends.

Manicure for long nails autumn 2019 drawingManicure for long nails autumn 2019

An important advantage of autumn manicure for the fall season is versatility — unlike bright summer colors that look better on long or medium nails, calm shades in a variety of design options look equally beautiful at any length. As for the shape of the nails, stylists strongly recommend abandoning the square — natural roundness is in trend this season.

Fall 2019 Manicure IdeasManicure ideas fall 2019 ideas

Delicate manicure 2019 — autumn

For those who love a neat and delicate nail design, the upcoming season has prepared many pleasant surprises, autumn 2019 manicure is a wide range of calm and restrained shades and a variety of fashionable design options. The advantages of gentle nail art are obvious — in addition to the beauty and elegance of hands and nails, another plus is versatility, shades easily harmonize with any image.

Delicate manicure 2019Delicate manicure 2019 ideas

Fashion trends offer a beautiful autumn 2019 manicure in a delicate design in the following options:

  • plain nail design in pastel colors with or without light decor;
  • multi-colored nails in pastel delicate shades;
  • elegant and practical nude manicure;
  • laconic geometric design;
  • elegant french and moon manicure.
  • Delicate manicure 2019 fashionDelicate manicure 2019 style

Bright manicure — autumn 2019

Many may get the impression that the fall 2019 trendy manicure is an exceptionally delicate pastel design. This is not entirely true — stylists offer a wide variety of nail art ideas, including even very bright and catchy ones. But it is important to remember that such a design attracts maximum attention, so it is important that the nail plate and shape are perfect. It is better that the length of the nails is not less than the average.

Bright manicure - autumn 2019Bright manicure - autumn 2019 fashion

Bright autumn colors are very different from the juicy cheerful summer. Catchy manicure ideas for the upcoming season are deeper shades that emphasize elegance and a sense of style. These include colors such as:

  • Marsala;
  • red;
  • ultramarine;
  • muted orange;
  • fuchsia.
  • Bright manicure - autumn 2019 styleManicure fall 2019 with rhinestones

Manicure fall 2019 with rhinestones

For many years, such a decorative element as miniature shining pebbles has been very popular, and the fall 2019 nail design was no exception. Lightness, naturalness and conciseness have become the trend of this year, and if earlier catchy decor with rhinestones with dazzling brilliance was in fashion, now stylists recommend using them in small quantities.

Manicure fall 2019 with rhinestonesManicure fall 2019 with rhinestones fashion

Miniature shining rhinestones in a small amount will emphasize your sophistication and sense of style, transform a beautiful and delicate nail design, giving it a more elegant look. There are a lot of options on how to decorate a manicure for autumn 2019 with rhinestones — it can be a few pebbles on one or all nails in the hole, or a neat pattern, complemented by pebbles.

Manicure fall 2019 with rhinestones fashionManicure fall 2019 with rhinestones design

Manicure fall 2019 with a pattern

The autumn theme is very gentle, warm and deep, and it could not but be reflected in the nail design. The main distinguishing feature of the drawings on the nails for the autumn season are warm and soft shades — the compositions look beautiful and colorful, but there are no very catchy flashy tones here. The most successful colors for autumn nail designs are warm orange and soft brown.

Manicure fall 2019 with a patternManicure fall 2019 with fashion pattern

Stylish ideas of what a manicure for autumn 2019 can be are:

  • manicure autumn 2019 with leaves;
  • design with beautiful birds;
  • animal theme, foxes look especially stylish;
  • abstract patterns in autumn colors.
  • Manicure fall 2019 patterned styleManicure fall 2019 with a pattern of ideas

Autumn manicure 2019 with holes

A neat sophisticated moon nail design has also entered the fall 2019 manicure trends. It is a kind of popular and beloved jacket with the only difference — not the tip of the nail, but its base, the hole, stands out in a different color. This design option looks very interesting and stylish, it is ideal for any length and shape of nails, in harmony with a variety of nail art ideas.

Autumn manicure 2019 with holesAutumn manicure 2019 with holes fashion

Autumn moon nail design has its own characteristics, and above all, the color scheme. This season, stylists offer warm pastel shades that are in perfect harmony with neat holes. This version of manicure looks beautiful in nude, brown, gray, beige, pink, soft orange, cream tones.

Autumn manicure 2019 with hole ideasAutumn manicure 2019 with holes design

Manicure geometry — autumn 2019

If you can’t decide which summer-autumn 2019 manicure trends you like, you should pay attention to the geometric design, which is a universal and win-win idea. It is a thin and neat drawings made using straight lines and figures, their intersection. The resulting areas can be painted over in other colors, or remain transparent.

Manicure geometry - autumn 2019Manicure geometry - fall 2019 fashion

The geometric nail design for the autumn season looks very neat and concise. This is usually a neutral and calm background in a pastel, preferably warm color scheme, and thin black lines that form a pattern. The drawing can be painted, but it is important that the chosen colors are also not flashy, calm and restrained, in the autumn range.

Manicure geometry - fall 2019 styleManicure geometry - fall 2019 fashion

Black manicure — autumn 2019

If earlier black nails were preferred exclusively by representatives of youth subcultures, now this idea is one of the most popular. A stylish autumn 2019 manicure in black can be monochromatic, but is more common in combinations with brown tones in a matte or glossy version. An important advantage of black is that it is an excellent background for disassembled patterns and drawings.

Black manicure - autumn 2019Black manicure - fall 2019 fashion

The black color of the nails does not apply to bright colors, but at the same time it looks very catchy and attracts a lot of attention. The disadvantages of such an idea include the fact that any flaw in the nail plate is very noticeable, so the manicure should be perfect, especially if you prefer a matte finish. If you combine black with another, it looks less outrageous, but just as very beautiful.

Black manicure - fall 2019 designBlack manicure - fall 2019 style

Red manicure — autumn 2019

Trendy manicure colors fall 2019 are mostly warm colors, which include red. Stylists recommend giving preference to its deeper shades — bright colors, such as scarlet or coral, are absolutely not suitable for autumn design. Any ideas in a laconic design will be relevant, both a plain manicure and a combined one, with decor or a pattern.

Red manicure - autumn 2019Red manicure - fall 2019 fashion

Red manicure ideas for the fall 2019 season are:

  • plain nail design with or without decor;
  • matte red manicure fall 2019;
  • red nail design in the style of geometry;
  • concise patterns and drawings;
  • combining red with other colors.
  • Red manicure - fall 2019 styleRed manicure - fall 2019 ideas

Pastel manicure — autumn 2019

If you can’t decide which nail design option to give preference to, you should pay attention to pastel colors. According to fashionistas, this is the best manicure for the fall 2019 season if you prefer softness and neutrality. This season, warm and delicate colors have become more relevant — pink, nude, cream, brown shades.

Pastel manicure - autumn 2019Pastel manicure - fall 2019 fashion

Pastel manicure for the fall 2019 season can be in a variety of design options:

  • plain pastel autumn manicure;
  • combined design — a combination of several pastel shades;
  • elegant French manicure; — stylish and neat autumn moon nail design;
  • ombre nail design;
  • geometric design;
  • concise drawings and patterns.
  • Pastel manicure - fall 2019 stylePastel manicure - fall 2019 design

Golden manicure — autumn 2019

All of us have heard the phrase “golden autumn” more than once, and it is natural that many people associate this color with the season. Another popular manicure for 2019, autumn is a golden nail design in a variety of designs, giving your look an elegant and festive look. In a monochromatic design, such an idea is not always beautiful and appropriate, but in various combinations, this is one of the most successful autumn manicure options.

Golden manicure - autumn 2019Golden manicure - fall 2019 fashion

There are several ways to get a mono golden nail design:

  • glitter and shimmer varnishes;
  • sequins;
  • decorating with foil;
  • elegant decorative rubbing with a mirror gold effect.
  • Golden manicure - fall 2019 styleGolden manicure - fall 2019 ideas

Manicure fall 2019 with silver

Any color of autumn 2019 manicure is in perfect harmony with delicate shining silver, which gives the nails an elegant and festive look. At the same time, the silver color of the nails looks light and neutral, not as flashy and luxurious as gold, so it is ideal for both a festive event and an everyday occasion. A neat silver decor can decorate any nail design, including drawings, patterns and geometry.

Manicure fall 2019 with silverManicure fall 2019 with silver ideas

Options for autumn manicure with silver are:

  • combined nail design — main color with silver;
  • glitter nail design
  • silvery rub on the nails;
  • patterns and drawings with silver.
  • Manicure fall 2019 with silver styleManicure fall 2019 with silver design

French manicure — autumn 2019

In the autumn fashion trends, a popular idea that has long become a classic has not lost its relevance — a jacket. Unlike summer colors, a beautiful French manicure in autumn 2019 is not distinguished by an abundance of bright and juicy ideas, the shades are more neutral and calm. Actual french ideas for the upcoming season are:

  • classic french — a nail plate of a natural shade with a white tip;
  • elegant and concise black French manicure;
  • strong red jacket, it is better to use muted and deep tones;
  • original French manicure with silver.
  • French manicure - autumn 2019French manicure - fall 2019 ideas

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