French manicure 2019 - fashion trends for short and long nails

A beautiful and elegant jacket, considered a classic, has long been a favorite option for the nail design of many girls. Stylish and fashionable French manicure 2019 is a huge variety of ideas for every taste for both long nails and short ones.

French manicure 2019 — fashion trends

A beautiful, concise jacket is not afraid of any changes in fashion trends — this version of nail design always finds its admirers. French manicure 2019 is a stylish and vibrant trend in both simple conservative and catchy sophisticated designs. This year, ideas such as:

Fashionable French manicure 2019 for long nails

The impressive length of the nail plate looks beautiful and elegant, the hand looks more elegant, and the fingers are visually longer. Another plus of long nails is the ability to create a design for every taste, using a wide variety of techniques of varying complexity, including the beloved French jacket, both in simple and very interesting versions.

Fashionable French manicure 2019 for long nails

This year, the fashion for long nails is back. This solution is not the most convenient and practical for everyday life, but it opens up unlimited possibilities for nail art. The most popular ideas of what a 2019 French manicure can be for long nails are:

  • multi-colored stripes on the tips of the nails — they look especially impressive on the impressive length of any shape;
  • translucent French nails with stained glass effect;
  • a thin white or colored strip on a long nail will make the manicure more delicate;
  • french manicure 209 with an interesting pattern.
  • Fashionable French manicure 2019 for long nails ideasFashionable French manicure 2019 for long nails options

Fashionable French manicure 2019 for short nails

For several seasons in a row, short nails have been a real trend, and there is a reasonable explanation for this — this option is very practical and convenient in everyday life. In this regard, the nail industry has a lot of ideas for a stylish and interesting French manicure for a short length. And although in 2019, a longer length has become more trendy. Stylists could not help but take care of those who prefer miniature marigolds.

Fashionable French manicure 2019 for short nails

Stylish and fashionable French manicure for short nails 2019 is:

  • geometric design;
  • french manicure with laconic floral design;
  • classic french;
  • color design;
  • design ideas with rhinestones and sequins.
  • Fashionable French manicure 2019 for short nails ideasFashionable French manicure 2019 for short nails fashion

French manicure on square nails 2019

Many girls agree that the most beautiful and comfortable nail shape is square. It looks very stylish, fits beautifully into any image, its main advantage is the ability to create a nail design for every taste. Beautiful French manicure 2019 for square nails:

French manicure for sharp nails 2019

The sharp shape of the nails looks very catchy and outrageous, it is often preferred by bright personalities who like special attention to their appearance. As a rule, such girls prefer creative nail design. Interesting ideas of what a 2019 French manicure for sharp nails can be are:

  • bright colored french manicure 2019;
  • nail design with shiny varnishes;
  • stylish black jacket for sharp nails;
  • bright and catchy ideas with drawings;
  • french manicure with rhinestones for sharp nails 2019.
  • French manicure for sharp nails 2019French manicure for sharp nails 2019 fashion

But often a bright girl who prefers a catchy sharp nail shape needs to create a strict and conservative image, for example, for an office, business meeting or an important acquaintance. In this case, the nail nail design may not be appropriate at all. Or, many are faced with a problem when the nails break at the edges, and it turns out to create only a sharp shape, but the girl does not like the catchy design. The great news is that a simple jacket in a laconic design or with a neat decor looks good on such nails.

French manicure for sharp nails 2019 options

French Manicure Ideas 2019

In the understanding of many, French-style nail design is an exclusively neutral coating of the nail plate in nude tones and a white tip of the nail. Previously, this was the case, and today this option is also in demand. But nail design 2019 is the widest variety of bright and stylish ideas, and French manicure can be the most diverse, from strict classics to catchy and creative ideas.

French Manicure Ideas 2019

This year, the following ideas have become popular color schemes for French manicure:

French manicure with a pattern 2019

If earlier the classic laconic design was at the peak of popularity, now for many girls it may seem very boring and monotonous, but not everyone likes too catchy and creative ideas. An excellent solution can be such a solution as a beautiful laconic jacket, decorated with an interesting pattern. It can be either a miniature sticker or a catchy art painting.

French manicure with a pattern 2019

There are several options for what a French manicure 2019 with an interesting pattern can be:

  • painting or sticker on one of the nails, or on two;
  • interesting design on each nail against the background of a jacket;
  • the tip of the nail is decorated with a pattern, the idea is applicable for a long length.
  • French manicure with a pattern 2019 ideas

In 2019, such ideas for drawings on nails using the french technique are popular:

  • floral motifs — both delicate and neat, and catchy, massive;
  • French manicure with a pattern 2019 flowers

  • geometric design — stripes, shapes;
  • French manicure with a pattern 2019 geometry

  • abstract ornate drawings;
  • French manicure with a pattern 2019 pattern

  • interesting miniatures — for example, the Eiffel Tower.
  • French manicure with a pattern 2019 design

Red french manicure 2019

An interesting idea on how to decorate your nails in a stylish and bright way without resorting to complex techniques is the 2019 red French manicure. This option looks beautiful on any length of nails and will attract maximum attention to your beautiful nails. A red French manicure is suitable for both a classic square or round shape of nails, and for a bright sharp one.

Red french manicure 2019

French red is a wide variety of shades, from bright scarlet to deep burgundy. If the first will appeal to those who love defiant accents in the image, then the second will fit more into the elegant image. There are several options for what a red French manicure can be in 2019:

  • simple laconic design — a neutral nail plate with a red tip;
  • Red french manicure 2019 ideas

  • red french manicure 2019 with a pattern;
  • Red french manicure 2019 drawing

  • jacket in red, decorated with rhinestones and sparkles.
  • Red french manicure 2019 rhinestones

Red French manicure 2019 looks beautiful if you add one more color to the design. A neutral idea is a pink nail plate with a red tip. A more interesting option that creative people like is a nail plate decorated in red and a red or black “smile”. This idea is more suitable for long nails.

Red french manicure 2019 idea

French manicure 2019 with rubbing

Not everyone likes a nail design with shining rhinestones, sparkles, mother-of-pearl varnishes, but at the same time, a light shine would organically fit into a beautiful and concise jacket. Rubbing can be the best option — special glosses of a very fine fraction, which are carefully applied to the nail plate and rubbed with a sponge. Depending on the size of the sparkles and their color, the nail design can turn out to be completely different — from a glossy surface with a mirror shine to a transparent coating with a slight sheen.

French manicure 2019 with rubbing

New French manicure 2019 using rubbing is a great success. Young girls especially like the chameleon-colored coating. Its peculiarity is that at first glance it looks completely colorless, or a neutral shade, but in the light, sparkles beautifully play with a variety of shades. This idea is used in the technique of French manicure in different ways — both for the design of one nail, and for all. When creating a jacket, the rub can be combined with other nail art ideas — drawings, stickers, sparkles.

French manicure 2019 with rubbing ideas

White french manicure 2019

No matter how attractive new and creative multi-colored ideas may seem, but classic French manicure does not lose its popularity in 2019 — there are always admirers of conservative ideas. A white jacket looks very gentle and neat, ideal for any length and shape of nails, harmoniously fits into all kinds of female images — from strict business to festive evening.

White french manicure 2019White french manicure 2019 ideas

Bright French manicure 2019

With the onset of the warm season, many girls want to diversify their wardrobe with bright colors after a long and cold winter. But clothes are not the only way to create a spring mood for yourself. You can also add bright colors to your image with the help of a nail design; everyone’s favorite jacket is ideal for this.

Bright French manicure 2019

French manicure in bright colors will add a special zest to the image, it looks great on any nails. In 2019, the following colors became popular:

  • pink;
  • coral;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • bright green.
  • Bright French manicure 2019 ideas

This year, bright neon tones for French manicure have become especially popular. This design in itself looks very original and beautiful, with its help it is easy to create a creative spring look with bright colors. A bright neon jacket looks more interesting on short and medium nails, although it is also successfully used for long ones. The neon design of French manicure 2019 is often complemented by bright patterns — fruits, cartoon pictures, flowers.

Bright French manicure 2019 options

French manicure 2019 with sparkles

Even the simplest nail design can be easily transformed beyond recognition, made festive and elegant by adding decor such as sparkles. A stylish French manicure 2019 will look brighter if one of the nails is covered with a dense layer of sparkles — this idea will perfectly fit into the image for a party or celebration. When applying glitter in nail design, it is important not to overdo it, so as not to get too tacky effect of bad taste.

French manicure 2019 with sparkles

Another idea that is considered relevant for both festive and special occasions, as well as for everyday life, is a French manicure with sparkle tips. The color can be anything from neutral silver to catchy red or black. This variant of the nail design is successfully used for both long nails and short ones. On a short length, nail art with sparkles looks especially elegant and gentle.

French manicure 2019 with sequins fashion

French manicure 2019 with rhinestones

One of the favorite ways to decorate the nails of many nail artists is rhinestones. This is absolutely natural — miniature shining stones, both single and in large quantities, completely transform the appearance of the nail, adding a touch of brightness and elegance. Both white and colored French manicure 2019 looks amazing in combination with rhinestones.

French manicure 2019 with rhinestones

The main advantage of this decor method is its versatility. Rhinestones are perfect for any nail art option, and they also go very well with other nail design ideas. There are several basic ways to decorate a jacket with rhinestones:

  • miniature decor with rhinestones on each nail;
  • rich decor with rhinestones for one or two nails;
  • single nail design with pattern and rhinestones.
  • French manicure 2019 with rhinestones ideasFrench manicure 2019 with rhinestones options

French manicure with flowers 2019

The first association that comes to mind with the word «spring» is a variety of flowers, delicate and bright, exuding a pleasant aroma. And one of the ways to create a spring mood for yourself with the onset of the warm season is to add floral motifs to your look. A great way is to do a spring or summer 2019 French manicure featuring a variety of colors. At the same time, the main colors can be any, both bright neon and neutral.

French manicure with flowers 2019French manicure with flowers 2019 ideas

Black French Manicure 2019

Another version of the jacket, which, like white, claims to be classic, is the most fashionable French manicure of previous seasons, which is also popular in 2019 — black. Stylishly, I gently look at the idea of ​​​​painting the nail plate in a nude color, the tip is made in black. The peculiarity of the black jacket is that it looks beautiful and gentle on short or medium nails; as a rule, it is not used for long ones. Interesting decor options fit perfectly into such nail art — drawing, sticker, rhinestones.

Black French Manicure 2019

A black jacket organically fits into a casual look for work or business meetings, as well as a festive or evening one. An interesting idea, which is more outrageous and creative, is painting the nail plate black, while the tip is decorated with any other — red, white, pink, or a variety of glitter varnishes. But when choosing this variant of nail art, it is important to make sure that the shape of the nail is impeccable — the black color makes even minimal flaws obvious.

Black French manicure 2019 ideas

Wedding french manicure 2019

On her most solemn day, every girl wants to create her ideal image, harmoniously combining tenderness and elegance with brightness, elegance. Every detail is of great importance, and nail design cannot be neglected. The perfect idea for a wedding is an amazing 2019 French manicure in classic white. This year, the following wedding jacket ideas have become fashionable:

  • wedding french manicure with painting;
  • Wedding french manicure 2019

  • french with floral decor;
  • Wedding french manicure 2019 ideas

  • ideas for french manicure using pearl rubbing;
  • Wedding french manicure 2019 rubbing

  • french design with rhinestones.
  • Wedding french manicure 2019 rhinestones

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