Fashion summer 2019 - main trends - clothes, shoes, bags

In anticipation of warm days, many fashionistas either update their wardrobe or bring in actual summer models. Fashion summer 2019, the main trends of which are very diverse, offers all kinds of things that will decorate not only everyday work, but also leisure time.

Fashion summer 2019 — the main trends in women’s clothing

In the collections of many couturiers, summer 2019 fashion is presented, the main trends, dresses and other wardrobe items of which are extremely diverse:

  1. The most important feature of clothing for the summer of 2019 is maximum comfort, a combination of natural, «breathable» fabrics with simplicity of forms, brightness and naturalness of clothing colors.
  2. The trend will be two summer styles: boho-chic and safari. The features of these styles can be traced both in the cut of trouser elements, and in dresses, skirts and sundresses.
  3. Natural shades of fabrics are perfectly combined with natural fibers.
  4. If summer 2019 jeans fashion is considered, the main trends are represented by models made of thin fabrics, dyed in light colors.

fashion summer 2019 main trends of women's clothingfashion summer 2019 women's clothing

Summer 2019 fashion — dresses

The current summer dress fashion 2019 can be a great option not only for everyday wear, but also for going out or cocktail parties:

  1. In trend, skinny bandeau dresses or products with a dropped shoulder line are ideal for going out.
  2. For work in the office, you can choose a comfortable summer pencil dress, made of thick cotton or linen. These options can be combined with thin summer blazers.
  3. For everyday wear, you can choose a flowing or flared floor-length dress with a «wing» sleeve or a transparent three-quarter sleeve. Such models can be attributed both to the absolutely summer and beach boho style, and to the style of everyday streets.
  4. Fat girls often choose dresses with an asymmetric hem, which slightly softens the unfavorable geometry of the figure.

summer 2019 fashion dressessummer dress fashion 2019

Skirts — fashion 2019 summer

A summer skirt is as popular a wardrobe item as a flared sundress. Fashion 2019 summer for women offers the following variations of styles:

  1. What could be more appropriate in the summer heat than a flared skirt of any length or an A-line miniskirt. These two models will become the most popular in the coming season.
  2. For lovers of boho style, ethno-style skirts will be offered in a large assortment. It can be multi-colored, and colorful, and plain floor-length skirts or with an asymmetrical bottom, their main feature is the maximum flare.
  3. Fashion summer 2019, the main trends are also represented by such models as long pleated skirts made of thin translucent fabrics, pleating creates a wonderful effect of flowing fabric.
  4. Miniskirts and mid-length skirts will continue to be popular in this summer season. These can be products made of thick cotton, linen or denim, flared or straight.

skirts fashion 2019 summer

Jeans fashion summer 2019

The current fashion summer 2019, whose women’s clothing is also represented by jeans, represents the following trends:

  1. There are as many options for summer jeans as there are models for the cold season. In the summer season of 2019, the trend will be light shades of denim, such as blue with scuffs, white denim and white with blue “boiled” spots.
  2. The lineup of jeans that represent the summer 2019 fashion, the main trends, is incredibly large. It will also be cropped jeans in retro 80s style with a high waist, such a model can be modernized by adding frayed or slightly torn places.
  3. Classic models of thin jeans are also popular, as are skinny jeans that do not lose their popularity. The latter should be selected strictly according to the figure.
  4. Boyfriends are still considered the summer model of denim trousers. They are fashionable to wear with light sandals or flip-flops on a flat sole or platform.

jeans fashion summer 2019

Fashion pants summer 2019

Pants are one of the most popular wardrobe items that represent 2019 summer fashion for girls:

  1. Summer pants will be just as common as in past seasons. No wonder this model of clothing is recognized as one of the most comfortable. In addition to convenience, each girl will be able to choose pants to her liking, because the designers have prepared many interesting and original models.
  2. In the first place among the favorites of the season, which presents the fashion of summer 2019, the main trends are cropped skinny trousers. They are still loved and relevant. The focus is on monophonic models of the most trendy colors. In the wardrobe you can have several colors of thin cotton trousers at once.
  3. Wide-leg linen safari-style trousers in warm natural colors are popular.
  4. Elegant wraparound culottes with a high waist for a sophisticated summer look.

fashion pants summer 2019

Sundress fashion 2019 summer

Popular fashion summer 2019, whose clothes are represented by various wardrobe items, also offers sundresses, for the creation of which the following trends are used:

  1. The most trendy will be models in the style of ethno and safari. The difference between these two images is cardinal. The styles of sundresses in ethnic style are familiar and loved not only by fans of the boho-chic and ethnic style, but also by everyone who prefers to spend their holidays by the sea. These are floor- or midi-length flared sundresses that are wide and often have thin spaghetti straps and a well-defined bodice.
  2. Ethnic sundresses are sewn both from plain fabric and from materials with a floral print.
  3. Safari-style sundresses are straight cut, loose models made of thin cotton or linen, plain, natural shades with a minimum of large decorative details: bone or wooden buttons, embroidery in the form of small beads made of wood or sea shells.

sundress fashion 2019 summer

Shorts fashion summer 2019

As comfortable summer clothes, which are women’s fashion summer 2019, many women of fashion choose shorts for themselves:

  1. It is hard to imagine a beach holiday without shorts. Therefore, the leading design houses have left a big niche in their spring-summer collections for this garment as well.
  2. Lovers of comfortable summer shorts will like models made of thick cotton with a little elastane added to the fabric. Such products ideally «sit down» on a figure.
  3. Fashion summer 2019, the main trends of which are very diverse, also offers a safari style, hence all the appropriate shades: light khaki, beige, white, sand colors.
  4. In addition to the color from the safari style, the cut of shorts will also come into fashion: tucks on the belt, lapels, patch pockets. Depending on the type of figure and preferences, you can choose shorts of different lengths from mini to midi.

shorts fashion summer 2019

Fashion summer 2019 for obese women

The current fashion for the full summer of 2019 is developing at a very fast pace, so choosing plus size clothes will not be difficult. The main trends include the following:

  1. In the new summer season of 2019, sundresses of different cuts will be popular, well hiding the problem areas of the figure and emphasizing the dignity.
  2. Some models of long dresses and sundresses will require wearing summer shapewear.
  3. In addition to maxi dresses, full girls will be able to choose interesting models of flared trousers and hybrid models, such as a skirt-trousers. The main accent of such models of trousers will be a high waist, visually stretching the silhouette.
  4. Lots of T-shirts, light tops, thin summer blouses that can be combined with thin jeans, skirts and even shorts — all this will be present in the assortment of clothes for overweight women.

fashion summer 2019 for obese women

Fashion for women 40 years old — summer 2019

The wardrobe of women over 40 can be ambiguous and include different clothes. Summer fashion 2019 does not involve stunning outfits, they are rather harmonious and neat. Fashion dictates the following trends and criteria for choosing clothes for women aged 40 and older:

  1. It is necessary to emphasize the figure due to the features of the cut. At the same time, mini-skirts are absolutely undesirable; it is better to take a skirt a little below the knee length with a neat cut. The waist can be accentuated with belts.
  2. As for the color — it is better to give preference to calm tones. Bright colors may be just part of the print.
  3. Accessories should not be overly flashy. Enough of a pair of jewelry with beautiful weaving.

It is worth considering the recommendations of what it is better to refuse after 40 years:

  • fishnet tights;
  • excessively deep neckline;
  • pronounced lurex;
  • shiny inscriptions on clothes;
  • bows in gloomy colors;
  • short skirts or shorts;
  • shapeless clothing.

Fashion summer 2019, the main current trends for women aged 40 and older are represented by the following details:

  • sleeves with small waves;
  • satin ribbon belts;
  • cutouts on T-shirts in the shape of a boat;
  • shoes with a steady heel with a beautiful decor;
  • culottes;
  • floral print in vintage style.

fashion for women 40 years summer 2019summer fashion 2019

Fashion summer 2019 for pregnant women

Pregnancy is not a reason to be out of fashion. Clothes for girls in position are now not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Summer fashion 2019 for them is represented by such wardrobe items:

  • dresses of free tailoring (best of all — a model in the form of an elongated tunic) and leggings of different colors;
  • blouses, shirts and tops — feminine things of a free and light cut (especially true in white or with different lace or embroidery);
  • evening dresses — especially a black dress made of silk (or dresses in actual colors — blue, pink, lilac or pearl);
  • business clothes for pregnant women.

fashion summer 2019 for pregnant women

Fashion summer 2019 — shoes

Shoes are an important component of any look. Summer 2019 fashion for women is characterized by bright colors, unusual combinations of textures, and interesting decor. At the same time, shoes should be comfortable and practical. This summer’s trends are:

  • transparency and fringe;
  • small heels;
  • straps and bindings;
  • lacing;
  • open toe or heel;
  • shoes with stable heels;
  • platform or wedge;
  • sport shoes;
  • additional decor in the form of sparkles, rhinestones, sequins;
  • shoes with floral motifs;
  • products with decor in the form of tassels;
  • shoes with ribbons and bows;
  • products with high ties;
  • animal prints.

fashion summer 2019 shoes

Fashion sandals summer 2019

Actual fashion summer 2019, women’s shoes which are represented by all sorts of sandals:

  1. Summer sandals on the platform and wedges are in trend. The platform can give products not quite an elegant and sophisticated look, however, due to delicate shades and the right combination with clothes, you can create a beautiful image.
  2. The wedge looks more concise than the platform. These shoes help create a feminine bow, complementing a dress or shorts.
  3. Transparent inserts are very relevant this year, sandals with transparent heels also look interesting.
  4. Sandals with a metallic sheen and metallic leather are in trend.
  5. It would be advisable to purchase shoes with lacing, ties, bows.
  6. Designers consider both open and closed sandals to be fashionable, so you can choose any suitable model.
  7. Girls who do not like heels can also find something for themselves, since low-speed sandals are in trend. Thanks to the many design solutions, you can choose these shoes for any bow.

fashion sandals summer 2019

Sneakers — fashion 2019 summer

Sneakers are rightfully considered the most comfortable shoes that street fashion is represented in summer 2019. Fashion trends in their design are as follows:

  • bright colors, soft and airy, openwork fabrics are in trend;
  • the emphasis is on everyday and practical options;
  • plain white sneakers are in trend;
  • sneakers in bright and catchy shades look good;
  • black sneakers with light soles and round toes are relevant;
  • great choice — unisex sneakers;
  • As for sports sneakers, designers recommend choosing models that include a harmonious content of neon colors: yellow, raspberry and light green.

sneakers fashion 2019 summer

Bags — fashion summer 2019

The bag is one of the main elements of the women’s bow, which represents the summer fashion of 2019. The main trends are as follows:

  • with decorative embossing: in addition to the usual colors, dots and different patterns, bags embossed under the skin of a reptile have come into fashion;
  • small handbags — a fashion novelty that looks like a small wallet;
  • huge bags — shapeless and overly large;
  • wicker bags — from straw, vines, rattan and threads;
  • products in retro style;
  • bags made from the same material as the clothes, repeating the design of the bow;
  • fringed bags with logos;
  • belt options;
  • models of unusual design — in the form of bananas, balls, animals;
  • bags of acid flowers;
  • marble models;
  • feather bags.

bags fashion summer 2019

Fashion glasses summer 2019

A mandatory attribute that presents the summer fashion of 2019 for girls is glasses. The most trendy models include the following:

  • in the style of «Harry Potter» — round and with different decor;
  • «butterflies»;
  • «cat’s eye», with which you can give the image a zest;
  • sci-fi, reminiscent of glasses from the movie «The Matrix»;
  • with an interesting decor in the form of flowers;
  • with a frame in the form of letters, hearts, flowers;
  • with large rhinestones and stones;
  • oversized models;
  • with mirrored or colored glass.

fashion glasses summer 2019summer fashion 2019 for girls

Fashion manicure summer 2019

The original nail art is a unique detail that presents youth fashion summer 2019. When creating it, the following trends are used:

  • with drawings of fruits;
  • in gentle pastel colors;
  • ombre manicure;
  • with rubbing;
  • with floral motifs;
  • minimalist manicure with one small sophisticated pattern;
  • with drawings on the marine theme;
  • with kamifubuki;
  • with holes;
  • in bright colors.

fashion manicure summer 2019youth fashion summer 2019

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