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A classic manicure is a win-win way to complement an elegant and feminine look. Its distinguishing features are conciseness and sophistication, but it can be made in a variety of ways.

Classic manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a classic manicure 2019, made in a variety of design variations:

  • this year, both exclusively traditional elements associated with the classics are used, as well as new solutions that allow the use of fresh ideas and techniques to create an extraordinary, but at the same time restrained image;
  • French remains invariably relevant, which can be performed independently or in combination with a lunar design;
  • geometric patterns have recently often complemented classic manicure, the figures are concise and therefore fit perfectly into the intended image;
  • minimalism is a win-win solution, it is expressed in the application of a single-color coating, which can be either glossy or matte;
  • in some cases, the nails are decorated with single rhinestones, which will add shine, but do not overload the image
  • A marble pattern or an ombre effect will perfectly complement the classics, in which the shades are similar to each other and only slightly differ in tone.

classic manicure 2019 fashion trendsclassic manicure 2019

Classic manicure for short nails

This kind of nail art as a classic 2019 manicure for short nails will be a win-win option to complement all kinds of bows:

  • due to its restraint, a classic manicure will be an ideal solution for shortened nail plates;
  • classic can be expressed in the use of a single-color coating, which can be either glossy or matte;
  • if you want to decorate the design with rhinestones, it is recommended to use them in a single copy so as not to overload the image;
  • french or moon nail art is another common and harmonious solution for short nails.

classic manicure for short nails

Classic manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, a beautiful classic manicure 2019 can be embodied in a variety of ideas:

  • long nails can be covered with plain varnish or contain discreet drawings. In recent seasons, geometric shapes have become classic images;
  • classic manicure can be supplemented with rhinestones, laid out in the form of a laconic strip or serving as a fill in triangles, squares or other shapes;
  • french or moon design can be decorated in all sorts of ways, this variation of nail art will invariably be associated with the classics.

classic manicure for long nails

Classic Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer all sorts of ideas that can be implemented to create a beautiful classic manicure. The most popular of them include the following:

  • french is reasonably associated with classics¸ while it can be done using traditional white or pastel shades or using bright and rich colors, such as red;
  • a win-win option in which a classic manicure can be embodied is plain nail art;
  • the lunar design looks very advantageous, which, if desired, can be combined with a jacket;
  • You can add shine and showiness to nail art with the help of elements such as rubbing, rhinestones or sparkles.

classic manicure ideasbeautiful classic manicure

Classic french manicure

In any situation, a classic French manicure will be appropriate:

  • the traditional way is to make it with a transparent coating, and paint the tip of the nail white;
  • classics are also alternative options made using pastel colors;
  • if desired, a classic French manicure can be done with bright notes, if you take the appropriate colors to decorate the tip. For example, it can be red or aquamarine, but it is recommended to make the main part muted so as not to disturb the overall impression of conciseness.

classic french manicure

Classic red manicure

Fashionistas who love elegance, but at the same time want to remain bright and attract everyone’s attention, can make a classic red manicure with a design:

  • this variation of nail art is ideal for complementing evening bows or attending festive celebrations, for example, corporate parties, where a catchy outfit is allowed, but it is not recommended to go beyond a certain dress code;
  • the classic red manicure is good in a monochromatic design, the saturation of the scarlet color is enough to make an indelible impression without resorting to additional decorative elements. The color scheme in this case can vary from light scarlet to maroon;
  • if you want to decorate the nail art with any additional details, you can resort to a laconic strip of foil or a rhinestone applied to the nail in a single copy.

classic red manicure

Classic monochromatic manicure

If you want to create a monophonic nail art, you can apply the classic colors of manicure. Depending on which tone is chosen, the general mood will be set:

  • for everyday wear and office visits, white or pastel colors will be a win-win option. Dark colors are also allowed, they will add mystery and depth to the owner of the manicure;
  • if you plan to visit a solemn event, then you can stop at a bright monochromatic design, for example, red, rich blue, purple. Using a matte finish will soften the look and give it elegance.

classic monochromatic manicure

Classic nude manicure

Incredibly feminine, sophisticated and romantic looks like a classic female manicure, made in nude tones:

  • the monophonic nude coating applied to the nail plates looks unsurpassed, which can be either glossy or matte;
  • Nude colors range from beige to pale pink. If desired, they can be combined with pastel colors, such as mint or light blue;
  • nude can be used when creating a jacket or moon design, decorating the tip of the nail or the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole with such a color. In this case, it is recommended to make the main part transparent or light;
  • on a nude background, delicate flowers or openwork patterns look great.

classic nude manicure

Classic white manicure

White varnish is a great solution to create a gentle classic manicure:

  • you can simply cover your nails with a snow-white coating, this technique alone will give them incredible sophistication;
  • french — another common design variation when white varnish is used;
  • white manicure is an excellent idea to complement such bows as casual, office or wedding;
  • white color can depict an imitation of lace, it looks extremely sophisticated and feminine;
  • The white finish harmonizes very well with both gold and silver.

classic white manicure

Classic moon manicure

In recent seasons, the trendy classic manicure, known as the moon design, has been extremely common:

  • the classic involves giving the hole a traditional semicircular shape;
  • the hole can be made transparent or highlighted in any color, both light and bright or dark;
  • to give shine to nail art, the hole can be lined with sparkles or rhinestones, such a solution in recent seasons is allowed and even welcomed when creating a classic nail design.

classic moon manicure

Classic manicure rubbing

Fashionistas who want to create a bright classic manicure will appreciate the use of rubbing:

  • to adhere to the concept that classic nail art should look feminine and delicate, it is recommended to take a pearl rub. She will make the image more memorable, but at the same time, the owner of the manicure will not lose her fragility and sophistication;
  • Rubbing can be applied both as an independent element and on top of another coating, additionally emphasizing its color and focusing on it.

classic manicure rubbing

Classic matte manicure

A matte finish is one of the most sophisticated solutions that will help you create a classic manicure on square nails or on nail plates of any other shape:

  • the color of the varnish can be absolutely anything, due to the matte structure it will look muted and mysterious;
  • on a matte background, you can depict geometric shapes, contours of flowers, lay out a strip with rhinestones or sparkles. Any idea with a matte finish will be beneficial to highlight and emphasize.

classic matte manicure

Classic manicure with rhinestones

Lovers of shiny decorative elements can use rhinestones and make a stylish classic manicure with them:

  • for office design, it is recommended to place rhinestones on the nail plate in a single copy or in several pieces, so as not to overdo it with bright decor;
  • laying out the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole with rhinestones is common, in which case they will act as a real decoration of lunar nail art;
  • rhinestones can also be used to fill geometric shapes. The simplest pattern is a longitudinal or transverse strip lined with pebbles.

classic manicure with rhinestones

Classic glitter manicure

Glitter is an alternative to rhinestones that helps create a classic light manicure or nail art of any other color:

  • popular in recent seasons is such a technique as stretching, when the sparkles are concentrated in larger quantities in one edge of the nail and decrease towards the other;
  • sequins can be used to fill in the area of ​​​​the hole or a certain ornament.

classic glitter manicure

Classic wedding manicure

Wedding nail art is an integral attribute of this celebration, harmoniously complementing the outfit and image of the bride. The best solution would be to make it in the traditional classic version:

  • a classic French manicure with a pattern is able to act as a stylish highlight of the image. At the same time, colors for drawing the tip of the nail can be taken both light and bright;
  • you can limit yourself to a monochromatic design, which is done in the usual white or pastel color or done using a coating of a different shade. The latter option is often used in the case of a themed wedding;
  • the image on the nail plates of openwork lace is one of the most delicate and sophisticated solutions for a wedding;
  • on the occasion of a wedding celebration, you can and should decorate your nails with shiny decorative elements, such as rhinestones, beads or sparkles.

classic wedding manicure

Classic business manicure

To complement the office bow, a manicure in a classic style will be indispensable. It can be designed in the following variations:

  • monophonic design of restrained tones, made using a glossy or matte finish;
  • french or moon nail art, characterized by restraint and conciseness. To fill the area of ​​​​the tip of the nail and the hole, in this case, it is recommended to take plain varnishes, it is better to refrain from laying out rhinestones so as not to make the image too catchy and inappropriate for the office dress code
  • geometric shapes that, thanks to their clear forms, fit perfectly into the office style. It can be depicted as an ordinary strip in a single version, or the intersection of several. All kinds of shapes are also welcome, such as a triangle, a square, a combination of several patterns at once;
  • if desired, rhinestones, sparkles, floral ornaments can be applied to the nail plates, the main thing is not to overdo it with these decorative elements.

classic business manicure

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