On September 1, not only children will return to school, but many adults will return from vacation to work. It’s time to master the new nail design, appropriate in any circumstances and in any place — and in the office too.

The name «baby french» hints that some of the details of the most popular nail design will be reduced in size. So it is: compared to the usual French manicure, the “baby” one is distinguished by a small length of nails and a very thin white line (usually it is twice as thick).

Baby French - the best manicure for the office (photo 1)
Baby French - the best manicure for the office (photo 2)

A baby jacket is performed on oval or almond-shaped nails. Nude varnish is applied in one or two layers — beige, sand, caramel or completely colorless. The strip, by the way, does not have to be white, any pastel tones will come in handy. The location of the strip is variable: according to the classics, you can draw it on the edge of the nail or make the so-called reverse jacket with a colored line near the nail hole.

Baby French - the best manicure for the office (photo 3)
Baby French - the best manicure for the office (photo 4)

The first to show a manicure was baby French Tom Bachik — manicurist Jennifer Lopez. Actually, J. Lo was the first to try on a new nail design, which instantly became a trend. It happened at the end of spring (it was believed that with the help of a minimalist manicure, Jennifer emphasizes a massive engagement ring from Ben Affleck). But in the summer, everyone enjoyed bright varnishes and fancy nail designs, so they are returning to the politically correct jacket just now, in the first days of autumn.

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