Gossamer manicure — fashionable design for short and long nails

Gossamer manicure is gaining momentum among the new designs. The thinnest weightless lines created with its help look very airy, weightless. Monotonous nail art will sparkle with new colors and open on the other side if it is decorated with cobwebs. Spider web nail design A nude manicure with cobwebs will be an excellent choice […]

How to remove gel polish at home

In manicure, it is important not only to monitor the condition of the nail coating, but also to remove it correctly. We found out from the experts everything about the technique of safely removing gel polish at home. Although it is still better to do it in the cabin. How best to remove gel polish […]

Manicure with inscriptions on the nails — a stylish and fashionable design for all occasions

The fair sex will be able to fully express their individuality if they make a manicure with inscriptions on the nails. The reason for its success is the speed of execution, originality and accessibility. Bold and provocative inscriptions were replaced by motivational, thematic ones. Even a beginner can make beautiful nail art! Manicure design with […]

Manicure with gel polish for very short nails: color, shape, design

Beautiful manicure on short nails — there is nothing easier. We learned from the masters how to make it: is it possible to cover it with gel polish, what color and design to choose. What shape is suitable for very short nails The best option is an oval, as close as possible to the natural […]

Light manicure — decoration of the everyday female image

Light manicure is appropriate in different situations. For example, if you do not want to overload the image with details and spend a lot of time on nail design. It is very important to take into account modern fashion trends that will help create a truly unique image. Fashionable light manicure 2019 Any girl will […]

Light manicure — a selection of simple and fashionable solutions for all occasions

Light manicure is characterized by the simplest design. It is so simple to perform that it is easy to repeat it at home without resorting to the services of a master. The regular varnish used by most women is not as durable as shellac, but many argue that it does not lose its attractiveness for […]

I’m embarrassed to ask: questions that we are afraid to ask on a manicure

ELENA LIHOVA Trainer of the training center of the network of salons «Fingers» A CAVITY FORMED UNDER THE NAIL PLATE. WHAT IS IT AND HOW DANGEROUS? Most likely, this is onycholysis — a dystrophic lesion of the nail plate, which manifests itself in its separation from the nail bed with partial or complete preservation of […]

Leopard, ultramarine and rhinestones: winter manicure trends

A manicure can do everything: convey your mood, hint at a political position, indicate a love for sparkles and cats. Just choose the right nail design — for example, from this list of trends. COLOR FRENCH Emerald, sky blue, purple, red, with sparkles — nail bloggers show interesting options for a jacket. Do you want […]

Manicure aura — a new trend

An aura is an energy shell that, like a cocoon, surrounds the physical body of a person. The aura is also called the biofield, vibrations. The aura is imperceptible and invisible, but some computer programs can transmit its image — most often it is something rounded, including different colors of the spectrum. The color of […]

Everything about gel polish, bright trends, uncomfortable questions for a nail master — in our manicure digest

HOW TO DO A MANICURE GEL-VARNISH INDEPENDENTLY For those who are used to doing everything themselves, and manicure is no exception, there is a list of necessary tools and step-by-step instructions. WATCH TOO SHY TO ASK: QUESTIONS WE ARE AFRAID TO ASK AT MANICURE Is it embarrassing to go to the salon with cracked heels, […]