Cold colors — what are they, how to distinguish from warm and their combination with others

All shades are divided into warm and cold colors. Based on the type of appearance, a tone is selected that relates to a particular palette. It is recommended to choose a color scheme taking into account the peculiarities of appearance, the compatibility of some shades with others. Which colors are warm and which are cool? […]

Nails 2019 — new items — an overview of the latest trends of the season

The nails of the novelty 2019 have gone through several stages of evolution in order to please with a unique exclusive design in the new season. Girls need to be perfect from head to toe, only then can you feel like a perfect lady. Impeccable manicure will add confidence, grooming and beauty to the handles. […]

Orange manicure 2019 — fashion design for girls and women

Many people associate bright orange shades with warmth and sun, so many girls prefer them in the summer. Orange manicure 2019 is a variety of juicy and rich ideas for every taste, which are suitable for any length of nails. Orange manicure 2019 — fashion trends A lot can be said about a girl by […]

Red manicure for short nails — a selection of fashion ideas for all occasions

Red manicure for short nails is the epitome of elegance, impeccable taste and sense of style. The red color is passionate and deep, it is not simple, it must be worn with dignity and pride. A girl who uses red in manicure will always look impeccable, luxurious and trendy. Fashionable red manicure for short nails […]

25 «carbon» photos of Queen Elizabeth II, which can easily become memes

All people and even models have unsuccessful photos, despite all their photogenicity and the work of photographers. Why, even the queen herself has unsuccessful photos, but because she is always in sight and it is simply impossible to control emotions 24/7. But this is a big plus — we can turn them into memes! Elizabeth […]

Color of 2020 — Pantone, trend, in clothes, coats, dresses, down jackets, models, shoes, bags

The color of 2020 is a lot of original shades, both the rainbow spectrum and the pastel palette, the eternal classics, black and white tones have remained in fashion, red, blue, yellow and gray have burst into the top leaders. Purple, lavender, marsh, green and burgundy migrated from last season. Pantone Color of the Year […]

10 more beauty salons where manicures are good

We decided to add to our last list of salons that the BURO editors love, and collected 10 more places where we go for beautiful nails ourselves. True Mel Address: st. Anatoly Zhivova, 10 The salon is visited by young rappers, micro-influencers, girls who DJ in the Lisitsa bar and just fashionable people. Have you […]

Fashion autumn-winter 2019-2020, main trends — new items, trends, images

Whatever the fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion, the main trends, when choosing clothes and shoes, it is important to focus, first of all, on your own taste preferences and a sense of comfort. But to be within the framework of trends is no less important for a modern woman. Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020 Colds come very quickly […]

Ideas for boring manicure. Igor Andreev advises

In December last year, I became interested in art manicure. It all started with matte nails with black designs, and ended with rhinestones. I highly recommend the salon, which is called «Mel», I implemented all my experiments with them. The most thrill is when you have one idea in your head, but then you come […]

Cream color — what is it, to whom does it suit and what is it combined with?

The nude palette remains one of the hottest color schemes in women’s fashion due to its versatility, restraint and tenderness. In addition, this range includes many beautiful and very attractive shades. And a creamy color is considered a stylish choice today. Cream color — what is it? This shade can be safely attributed to the […]