Almond manicure for summer 2022

Feminine nail art does not lose its relevance among fashionistas. The confirmation is the almond manicure for the summer of 2022. Designers develop design variations depending on the length and shape of the plates, select neutral or bright colors, play with nails with the help of decor. New almond manicure for summer 2022 Stylists conduct […]

Summer manicure 2022 — designs with stickers, glitter, foil

In the hot season, spectacular outfits are complemented by well-chosen nail art. Summer manicure 2022 is offered in original interpretations that help express individuality. The design is played up with the help of rich shades, extraordinary decor. Summer manicure 2022 with design Stylists resort to interesting solutions when creating nail art. Summer manicure with design […]