Who is a blogger - the pros and cons, the main types, what does he do, what can he not do without?

With the ubiquity of the Internet, every student knows who a blogger is, and more than 30% of children indicate this type of activity as their future profession. At the same time, it is important to understand all the subtleties and nuances of such work, what it consists of and what earnings are based on.

Blogger — who is it?

Some two decades ago, almost no one knew who a blogger was. But now every Internet user understands that this is the name of a person who keeps his personal Internet diary on one of the web platforms, which is called a blog. At the same time, it is imperative that a person shares unique information: photos, videos or texts. For many, blogging began as a hobby: a person shared his thoughts and ideas with like-minded people on the Internet.

However, this is not all. Cool bloggers have turned their passion into a profitable business, earning a decent amount of money on their page. Newcomers to the blogosphere are also striving to catch up with them, actively developing. Some people get it, and some don’t. According to statistics, only 0.1% of all blogs are commercially successful and are actively gaining subscribers, thereby increasing the cost of advertising content.

Pros and cons of being a blogger

There are two main types of blogs in their structure:

  1. Personal. Which start as a hobby, are actively developed by the author himself and can bring good ones in the future.
  2. Corporate. Such pages describe the activities of companies and firms, are an instrument of the organization’s marketing and advertising policy.

In order for the work of a blogger to really suit a person, at the very beginning of his activity, he must understand all the pros and cons of this profession. The benefits include:

  1. Ability to work remotely.
  2. This is one of the freelance jobs. That is, the blogger sets his own work schedule; he does not have a boss.
  3. Such a startup is suitable for both adults and teenagers, because at the initial stage it does not require significant investments.
  4. The profession is creative.
  5. There is an opportunity to become a popular person.

The downsides of being a blogger include:

  1. The need for constant and regular work on your blog for its development. On average, it takes 2-3 years just to promote the profile and recruit subscribers.
  2. Unstable income, the amount of which depends on many factors.
  3. Rapid promotion requires not only efforts, but also financial investments.
  4. Not only fans are often found on the network, but also envious people and haters. Such people strive in every possible way to hurt the author, which is unacceptable for many sensitive natures.

Types of bloggers

Bloggers can be classified in different ways. For example, according to the site of reference there are:

  1. Instagram bloggersposting their photos and videos with short texts on the social network Instagram.
  2. Youtube bloggerswho shoot, edit and upload videos to a popular video hosting on various topics.
  3. Text bloggerswho share mostly their thoughts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal and others.

In addition, all bloggers can be divided according to the degree of popularity of the individual into:

  1. Celebrities in show business who actively maintain their pages on popular services.
  2. Athletes, politicians and other figures. They blog not so much for the sake of making money, but rather to maintain their fame and broadcast thoughts and ideas to a wide audience of subscribers.
  3. Professionals of a certain field of activity. For example, photographers who blog about the art of photography, and others.
  4. Ordinary people who have certain hobbies or show their way of life. Over time, they can become no less famous than the stars of show business.

types of bloggers

What does a blogger do?

A key element of this activity is understanding what bloggers post online. All the information that such people publish on their blogs is called content (translated from English as content). Content may include:

  1. Photos. As a rule, such people specialize in creating high-quality photographs and their professional processing.
  2. Texts of various sizes. In them, the author either expresses his thoughts on a certain occasion, the topic of the event, being the leader of the opinions of a certain group, or shares useful information.
  3. Video clips. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the script, the semantic load, and the quality of the mini-film editing.

In addition, all content can be divided not only by the form of submission, but also by topic into:

  • food direction;
  • beauty and fashion pages;
  • travel information;
  • financial blogs;
  • hi-tech reviews;
  • narrower topics, for example, the automotive sector;
  • life style, or demonstration of your lifestyle and others.

Beauty blogger

A lot of girl bloggers begin to keep their Internet diaries with the so-called beauty (from the English “beauty”) topics. It includes everything that the fair sex loves so much in personal care:

  1. Makeup techniques, secrets and life hacks.
  2. Reviews on the experience of using a variety of face and body care products: creams, scrubs, wraps, massagers and much more.
  3. Professional beauty treatments such as manicures or eyelash extensions at a designated salon.
  4. Self-care rituals: morning exercises and abdominal vacuum, proper breakfast or jogging and much more.

Food blogger

Food (from the English “food”), or culinary bloggers who shoot videos or describe the technology for preparing certain dishes, are also very popular on the network. Many girls and women, some men are not averse to «peek»:

  1. A good recipe with step-by-step explanations for preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner instead of the usual and boring diet.
  2. Unusual products in the cabinets of professional chefs and learn the rules for their selection, points of sale.
  3. Technologies for preparing complex confectionery products or entire festive tables.
  4. Options for serving and serving familiar dishes.
  5. Features of utensils and appliances for everyday cooking and much more.

food blogger

Travel blogger

Many enjoy watching people travel in real time. Such travel blogs gain millions of audiences because:

  1. Subscribers are interested in watching life in other countries and those travels that are not available to them.
  2. People are interested in learning facts about a particular country.
  3. Many begin to plan their own vacation along the routes recommended by a familiar blogger.
  4. Tourists consider it not superfluous to understand the various subtleties and tricks of travel. For example, how it is more profitable to buy an air ticket, which hotel to book or where to stay with a tent, and so on.

Fitness bloggers

In recent years, with the popularization of a healthy lifestyle, almost everyone understands who a fitness blogger is. Such a person shares his knowledge in the fitness industry:

  1. Reveals the secrets and methods of different types of training: strength, cardio, home and others.
  2. Explains how to eat properly to achieve the desired result.
  3. Interesting bloggers share the latest research and scientific discoveries in the field of sports with their subscribers.
  4. Often, such professionals show simulators and attributes necessary for training, talk about their features and rules of use.

fitness bloggers

fashion bloggers

There are always fashion bloggers on the rating pedestals. Their «duties» include:

  1. Survey of novelties in the field of fashion. What bags, shoes, dresses, suits, etc. are worn this season, which is an anti-trend.
  2. Drawing up images for different occasions and teaching this craft to subscribers.
  3. Shopping trips with an overview of available collections, discounts and promotions.
  4. The content of who a fashion blogger is can also include articles about the history of fashion, its development and formation.

What can’t a blogger do without?

Every person who keeps his Internet diary comes to understand the need to own the simplest equipment:

  1. Smartphone, laptop or desktop computer with Internet access.
  2. To take photos and videos, you need a smartphone camera or more professional options — cameras and camcorders.
  3. For good pictures, a special LED lamp for bloggers is important, which creates high-quality lighting.
  4. To record sound on video, microphones of different price categories are used.
  5. All received materials are necessarily processed in graphic editors, both paid and freely available.

Popular bloggers

The stars of the blogosphere with the highest earnings and the most views are:

  1. Ksenia Sobchakknown for its other areas of activity.
  2. popular bloggers ksenia sobchak

  3. Anastasia Ivleevawho started as the host of one of the travel programs on the Friday channel.
  4. popular bloggers anastasia ivleeva

  5. Yuri Dud is a journalist who shoots videos on topical issues and interviews.
  6. popular bloggers yuri dud

  7. wylsacom (Valentin Petukhov) or the most popular blogger in the hi-tech industry.
  8. popular bloggers wylsacom

  9. Sasha Spielberg (Alexandra Balkovskaya) with a huge number of subscribers in several social networks at once.
  10. popular bloggers sasha spielberg

Popular Instagram bloggers

In the popular social network with photo content Instagram, the most popular Russian-speaking bloggers are:

  1. UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.
  2. popular Instagram bloggers khabib nurmagomedov

  3. One of the most outrageous women in show business — Olga Buzova.
  4. popular instagram bloggers olga buzova

  5. The list of famous Instagram bloggers is not complete without a rap artist and founder of the Black Star label Timati.
  6. popular instagram bloggers timati

  7. Participant and host of various talk shows Ksenia Borodina.
  8. popular Instagram bloggers ksenia borodina

  9. Huseyn Hasanovwhich conveys true values ​​in a luxurious lifestyle environment.
  10. popular instagram bloggers huseyn hasanov

Popular YouTube bloggers

Among those who create high-quality video content, the most popular YouTube bloggers are:

  1. Maxim Golopolosov or entertainment show host +100500.
  2. popular youtube bloggers makim holobands

  3. Amiran Sardarov and his popular blog «Khach’s Diary».
  4. popular YouTube bloggers amiran sardarov

  5. Opposition politician’s blog Alexei Navalny.
  6. popular YouTube bloggers Alexey Navalny

  7. Nikolai Sobolevwho is considered the main brawler and intriguer of the social network.
  8. popular YouTube bloggers nikolay sobolev

  9. Ekaterina Trofimovaor Katya Klep, who since 2010 has been sharing information about life, travel, food and other “feminine” things with subscribers.
  10. popular YouTube bloggers katya klep

How do bloggers make money?

Not all Internet users fully understand who pays bloggers and why many of them have such high incomes. Blogger earnings can consist of:

  1. Income from placement of advertising materials. Shops, companies and firms pay them to praise their products or services. Collaboration with bloggers is considered beneficial because such advertising «gets» to ordinary people much better than the usual videos on TV or banners on the street.
  2. Selling your own goods or information products.
  3. Participation in affiliate programs. By posting links to buy airline tickets, cosmetics and other things, a blogger can earn a percentage of these sales.
  4. Donations, or donations from subscribers for the development of a channel or blog.

How to become a popular blogger?

For beginners, there are very specific tips on how to become a blogger on Instagram or on any other platform:

  1. First of all, it is important to register and start your own thematic page.
  2. Regularly create and improve content that is interesting to a particular target audience.
  3. Constantly update your arsenal of what you need for a blogger: filming equipment, editors for work, your knowledge of promotion, and more.
  4. Engage in the development of the blog: buy advertising, participate in promotions, sweepstakes and other stimulating events.
  5. Communicate with subscribers and create a circle of like-minded people.
  6. Negotiate with advertisers, partners and colleagues on the placement of materials in various formats.

Tips for bloggers

So that aspiring bloggers can navigate their way to popularity while avoiding common mistakes, many of their more experienced bloggers share their success secrets:

  1. A blog should initially be started for the soul, and not for making money. That is, successful people always write about what they like or what they are very good at. Otherwise, you can burn out very quickly and abandon the blog.
  2. Before starting work, it is important to carefully study all the nuances and rules of the platform on which you plan to keep your online diary.
  3. You can always «peep» ideas from more experienced colleagues. We are not talking about plagiarism or stealing other people’s developments, you can only learn and apply existing ideas in your own way.
  4. It is always important to plan your work in detail: to plan the topics of posts, plan visual design and much more.
  5. Equally important is the analysis of the work done.

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