Trendy pedicure 2020 - the best ideas for a beautiful, stylish look

A beautiful trendy pedicure 2020 will be as important as a neat manicure. Well-groomed nails are welcome not only in the warm season with open shoes, nail art will be relevant regardless of the season. Therefore, to be irresistible, you need to turn to top design ideas, which should be appropriate for different details of the image.

Pedicure — fashion trends 2020

Stylists bring to the attention of girls a fashionable pedicure, presented by a variety of ideas for execution:

  1. For the summer, preference falls on nail art with neon shades and many decorating options in the form of rhinestones, pebbles, sparkles and foil. In other seasons, you can stop at a trendy pedicure with a pattern or monochrome, because this option also does not go out of fashion for a long time.
  2. Fashionable pedicure 2020 demonstrates a variety of the most popular techniques, which, due to their beauty, do not cease to be relevant. In recent seasons, it is allowed that it is possible not to make fingernails and toenails in the same colors with a similar design. Nails on the hands and feet can contrast sharply with each other.
  3. Amazing nail art is obtained by applying individual elements made in a transparent version. In this performance, whole combinations of figures can be laid out.
  4. For summer, you can turn to juicy shades, where there are many rhinestones and glitter. Such nail art will turn out to be as intense, rich and attracting everyone’s attention as possible.
  5. For the winter holidays, you can choose beautiful and rich shades in red, blue, emerald, purple and beige. For a brilliant addition, you can choose pebbles, confetti, rubbing, foil, use all kinds of holiday paraphernalia.
  6. In pedicure, a matte effect is welcome, it can be created on individual fingers or on all nails, it can be complemented by shiny details that give expressive contrast.

pedicure fashion trends 2020trendy pedicuretrendy plain pedicure

Fashionable plain pedicure

One-color pedicure continues to be popular and has taken one of the leading positions on the fashionable Olympus:

  1. In 2020, coral has become the most desired color. This shade is incredibly juicy.
  2. You should not refuse such classic options as black, white, red.
  3. In 2020, a deep blue color has become relevant. This is the option that looks decent in a minimalist style.
  4. A hot trend in solid colors is neon boom.
  5. When choosing an option that presents a fashionable monochrome pedicure 2020, you need to rely on skin color, darker and deeper shades will look better on light ones. For heavily tanned skin, colors that are an imitation of precious metals or snow-white options are suitable.
  6. If you wish, you can turn to acid options, such options are considered for holidays or for summer holidays.

plain pedicuretrendy pedicure colors

Fashionable pedicure with rhinestones

Stylists offer a pedicure with rhinestones, which can be done in unexpected palettes:

  1. When creating, a delicate pastel range is often used, it looks reverent and will be appropriate in any image.
  2. With rhinestones, you can create the brightest, most fashionable 2020 pedicure, made in acid color.
  3. For autumn time, a pedicure in a dark color will be suitable, on such a coating the pebbles will stand out favorably.
  4. Often nail art with rhinestones is created in a monochromatic manner, which remains the current trend.
  5. Among the novelties, the floral, leafy and vegetal version with rhinestones can be used as a design.
  6. Intricate patterns, a predatory print can be used in a pedicure.
  7. There is a luxurious jacket with rhinestones that complement classic or asymmetric holes and stripes.

fashionable pedicure with rhinestonespedicure with rhinestonespedicure fashion trends

Fashionable french pedicure

A win-win option for any age will be a French design pedicure:

  1. In 2020, the trend is such a variety as a reverse jacket, when a contrasting varnish is used at the base of the nail.
  2. A jacket with the name «Hollywood» is allocated in a separate category. In it, a semicircular zone at the base is clearly distinguished. rich color
  3. To create a creative jacket, a white background is created, which is covered with a variety of abstract motifs, while creating the original and most fashionable pedicure.
  4. In 2020, there is a trend to make a pedicure with a pattern or with rhinestones.
  5. Another stylish direction is an ombre jacket with a transition to another tone, which is located at the opposite edge of the nail.

fashionable french pedicurepedicure design frenchthe most fashionable pedicure

nude pedicure

Beige color will invariably be appropriate, with its help it will be possible to embody a nude gentle pedicure:

  1. This color helps to emphasize the well-groomed nails. If you combine nude with any other shades, then the effectiveness increases several times.
  2. You can apply skin color in a color block, when different specific shades are folded not into a familiar print, but into original blocks. For example, a suitable combination would be pink with a nude tint, they harmoniously complement each other. Such nail art does not require complex combinations.
  3. No less memorable will be nail art, deliberately made in the style of minimalism. As a drawing, you can refer to simple graphics, shapes, emoticons, inscriptions. This option can be presented in both matte and glossy versions.
  4. Nude pedicure can be decorated with splashes of paint, this option strongly resembles a quail egg.
  5. A nude color will look great in a gradient technique, a modest and initially discreet design can be embellished with sparkles.

nude pedicuregentle pedicurethe most fashionable pedicure 2020

Matte pedicure

Laconic matte pedicure design is beautiful at any time of the year:

  1. Nude color in a matte finish looks much more advantageous than in a glossy version.
  2. The matte base can be embellished with rhinestones or geometric shapes.
  3. One of the fingers covered with glitter will look extremely original on a matte background.
  4. An animal print or ombre technique is welcome on a matte basis.

matte pedicurematte pedicure design

Lunar pedicure

Stylists use new ideas for improvement, creating a pedicure, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. A popular technique is when not only the holes stand out, but also the fingertips. To highlight these parts, there is a huge selection of elements, for example, this is glitter, the hole can be filled with rhinestones, and the tip of the nail can be laid out with sparkles.
  2. Lunar pedicure can be presented in a matte version. Suitable colors will be blue and red, while the hole is filled with rhinestones.
  3. A gradient can be used in moon nail art, it looks spectacular and irresistible. Basically, the ombre is used on the thumb, and the rest are painted in a plain version.
  4. A novelty will be the «negative space» technique, for this the hole is left in a transparent version, and only its outline is highlighted.
  5. Delicate flowers on the thumb can add romance to the lunar design. These details can be either traced or created using modeling.

moon pedicurepedicure fashion trendstrendy pedicure shades

Glitter pedicure

In the top fashion solutions is a pedicure design with sparkles:

  1. All sorts of prints can be created from sequins, this is geometry, funny hare ears.
  2. A shiny element may look like multi-colored circles of confetti. This design can be applied in both cold and warm seasons.
  3. The most popular option would be to lay out a wide strip of kamifubuki on the thumb.
  4. A variant of gloss can be created using the “broken glass” technique.
  5. Wanting to see the amazing shine in different shades, the girls turn to the variant of holographic powder. This design stays on the nails for a long time and can completely please with its beauty.

glitter pedicurepedicure design with sequinsthe most fashionable pedicure

Pedicure design with foil

More and more girls want to see glitter on their nails, and the most suitable option may be a pedicure fashion design 2020 made using foil:

  1. Nail art can be supplemented with transfer foil, which looks like a thin ribbon with decor applied to it.
  2. The broken glass technique draws attention with its holographic effect. To create such a pedicure, the foil is finely cut, which resembles an imitation of glass, and glued onto the base.
  3. There is a variant of colored compressed foil, it looks beautiful, especially in combination with drawings, a gradient.
  4. You can find foil stickers, they can be applied independently, while choosing the appropriate pattern.
  5. A popular type of foil is the liquid version, known as liquid metal drops or unicorn tears.

pedicure design with foilpedicure fashion design 2020the most fashionable pedicure 2020

Pedicure design with stripes

A fashionable bright pedicure containing stripes will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. One of the elegant variations would be to create a minimalist nail design. For everyday pedicure, single strips applied on a pale pink, beige or milky base are suitable.
  2. In a pedicure, you can implement intricate solutions with the help of strips. It will be a kind of geometry of perpendicular, diagonal lines that can intersect with each other, these can be different shapes and zigzags.
  3. Stripe designs can play out differently if they are made with sequins, beads, stones, foil or powder.

pedicure design with stripesfashionable bright pedicuretrendy pedicure

Pedicure design rubbing

Rubbing attracts attention, with its help you can embody a unique bright pedicure:

  1. Lunar design with rubbing will look fashionable.
  2. If you are tired of flowers and complex patterns, then you can turn to origami, which is perfectly combined with rubbing.
  3. A nude pedicure will be wonderfully complemented by a rub, it will be a great look for every day.
  4. For a wedding look, white nail art with a pearl rub will be suitable. It is both discreet and attractive, brilliant and concise.

pedicure design rubbingbright pedicurepedicure fashion design 2020

Patterned pedicure — design

The main trend in 2020 will be the creation of colorful images, so you should choose a pedicure design on your feet with drawings and patterns that are in harmony with the overall style:

  1. Patterns can be applied using the stamping technique, using stencils and stickers, which will help to make a neat drawing for a long time.
  2. For the summer, the design should be more expressive, for example, the marine theme, animal and floral prints, stylish geometry and abstract patterns look original.

patterned pedicure designfoot pedicure designpedicure fashion trends 2020

Fashionable pedicure color 2020

To embody a pedicure, trendy colors are used in a wide variety:

  1. For summer, the palette ranges from soft pastel colors to bright neon options.
  2. In 2020, from the calm options, the trend will be soft shades of lavender and mint, pale pink and pistachio, beige and pale blue.
  3. If we consider bright fashionable shades of pedicure, then there are practically no restrictions. In 2020, coral color will be incredibly relevant.

trendy pedicure color 2020pedicure trendy colorsfashionable bright pedicure

Trendy scarlet pedicure

To create eye-catching nail art, a trendy red pedicure is perfect:

  • bright scarlet shade will not leave anyone indifferent. It can simply be done in monochrome;
  • if you want to get a less catchy design, you should turn to dark red, almost close to burgundy;
  • you can muffle a certain aggressiveness of the red color if you apply a matte finish.

trendy scarlet pedicuretrendy red pedicurebright pedicure

Fashionable white pedicure

A white pedicure with a design will help to emphasize femininity and sophistication to the maximum:

  • white color can look bright if used in a brilliant way;
  • on a snow-white glossy or matte background, all kinds of drawings depicted in black or red will stand out favorably.

trendy white pedicurewhite pedicure with designlight pedicure

Fashionable yellow pedicure

One of the trendy solutions of this season is a yellow pedicure:

  • against a sunny background, ornaments associated with a beach theme will organically look, for example, these are shells or an image of a footprint in the sand;
  • fruit drawings also look advantageous on a yellow background, it can be kiwi, strawberries, raspberries;
  • on a white base, you can draw a lemon or pineapple.

trendy yellow pedicureyellow pedicuretrendy pedicure color 2020

pink pedicure

A pink pedicure with a design will look incredibly gentle and romantic:

  • in such a range, floral motifs look harmonious, for example, these are large roses or a scattering of small flowers;
  • with the help of pink sequins on the thumb, you can lay out a heart;
  • you can simply cover the nails with pink varnish and cover them with a shiny pearl rub.

pink pedicurepink pedicure with design

blue pedicure

Another elegant variation will be a light pedicure, made in blue:

  • nails can be covered with pale blue varnish or bright heavenly;
  • snow-white clouds can be depicted on a blue background;
  • you can apply the image of blue cornflowers covering the entire nail plate.

blue pedicurelight pedicuregentle pedicure

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