Summer gentle manicure 2020 - fashionable and stylish ideas of discreet nail art

A complex and intricate design will not be appropriate in all cases. Many fashionistas have a desire to bring variety with subtle notes, the summer gentle manicure of 2020 will be a great solution. Although it seems to some that there cannot be many ideas for its design, this is not so, stylists delight with all sorts of design variations.

Delicate manicure — fashion trends 2020

Stylists offer young ladies all kinds of summer manicure options:

  1. Among the colors, the most popular will be pale blue and pink tones, lilac, warm peach shades. Such colors are made in numerous techniques, among which the most popular will be options for a jacket, design with flowers and other cute patterns.
  2. In 2020, gentle transitions from a dark shade to a lighter one will be relevant. You can combine pink with blue, pink with purple and any other shades. In this case, you can make transitions in different directions, if you wish, you can place the colors diagonally.
  3. Summer gentle manicure in 2020 is often complemented by such types of decor as lace, tiny beads, marble pattern. These ideas are incredibly relevant in the summer season and become an integral part of women’s design.

gentle manicure fashion trends 2020summer manicure optionssummer gentle manicure with a pattern

Delicate manicure 2020 for short nails

In case a manicure is created for short nails, delicate shades will look incredibly harmonious:

  1. Delicate manicure can be decorated with prints such as dots, fine lines and other minimalist designs.
  2. Summer gentle short manicure 2020 is a harmonious combination of calm and pastel colors that can be complemented by a variety of decorative elements. In this embodiment, it is not allowed to use flashy and bright shades. Among the design variations, matte finish, mirror powder, beads, rhinestones and sand will be relevant.

gentle manicure 2020 for short nailsmanicure for short nails gentle shadeslight summer manicure

Summer manicure for long nails

Fashionistas who want to attract attention, but at the same time look sophisticated, can use a beautiful summer manicure for long nails:

  1. Designs made in pastel shades are considered the fashion trend of 2020. The peculiarity of this color is that it is universal and fits almost any outfit.
  2. Pastel colors can be the basis for creating different manicure options. This nail art is easily complemented by a neat pattern on one nail. It can be flowers, an extremely interesting newspaper ornament that can be made using stickers, boho-style nail art containing all sorts of ethnic motifs.
  3. Long nails are better to create almond-shaped. By itself, it looks restrained and elegant, and various ideas of gentle manicure can be applied for decoration. Nail art can be supplemented with abstraction, silver glitter design, sliders, stamping and hand painting are popular.

summer manicure for long nailsbeautiful summer manicure for long nailsgentle manicure ideas

Delicate manicure for almond-shaped nails

Such a kind of design as a gentle almond manicure looks harmoniously in any image:

  1. On this form, pink pastel will look great, to which you can add shine and a touch of romance with the help of rhinestones and floral ornaments.
  2. Pastel colors are perfectly complemented by a mirror rub, glitter.
  3. A jacket will look great on this form, but it is worth making some changes that will help move away from the classics. For example, these are triangular «smiles».

delicate manicure for almond-shaped nailsgentle manicure almondsgentle manicure for the summer

Gentle manicure on oval nails

On the oval shape of the nail plates, you can create a truly unique beautiful gentle manicure:

  1. Those who prefer the classics should turn to the minimalist design. In this case, you can use one or two colors, nude colors will be relevant for this option.
  2. A classic jacket will look elegant on an oval base. If you want to highlight the “smile”, then you can turn to the decision to decorate the edge with broken glass.
  3. Often 1-2 accent nails are created, which are decorated with rhinestones or painted in a contrasting shade.
  4. The ombre style looks amazing on an oval shape. When implementing a gradient, you can refer to a different arrangement of transitions.

gentle manicure on oval nailsbeautiful gentle manicuregentle manicure in pastel colors

Delicate manicure for sharp nails

New fashion trends provide an opportunity to offer women a beautiful manicure in delicate colors of sharp nails, which will be much more practical and interesting compared to bright options:

  1. Not too sharp nails in bright colors are relevant, but a calm manicure with slightly pointed nails is welcome.
  2. In summer, you can please yourself with such colors as lilac, soft pink, white, light turquoise and muted coral.
  3. The trend will be a light summer manicure with a matte finish, with rhinestones.

delicate manicure for sharp nailssoft manicurelight summer manicure

Gentle monochromatic manicure

A monophonic gentle manicure without a design is reasonably considered universal, because it can be created for any occasion:

  1. Monochrome nail art can be made traditional glossy or done on a muted matte base, removing excessive shine and giving the image an accentuated elegance.
  2. A monophonic design can be created using special powder, this is a flock, which is used to decorate nails with beads or glitter.
  3. Sequins can be used in very small quantities, while they are located mainly on one nail, this will be a kind of zest brought to a monophonic manicure.

delicate monochromatic manicuregentle manicure without designgentle manicure ideas

Manicure delicate design with sparkles

A muted palette is also used to embody a delicate manicure with sparkles:

  1. These decorative elements look great with other elements that embody glitter, such as foil applied in a clear or random way, a small scattering of rhinestones.
  2. Glitter can decorate all nails or highlight accent fingers.
  3. On several nails, you can make a brilliant accent or make a combination of several techniques at the same time.
  4. Another trending novelty is known as «unicorn tear» or «liquid metal». The nails are decorated with a shiny element, this is a golden foil that looks like a droplet and looks like molten metal. A couple of other nail plates can be highlighted with sparkles.

manicure delicate design with sparklesgentle glitter manicuregentle manicure fashion trends 2020

Delicate manicure in pastel colors

Pastel gentle manicure for the summer will be invariably relevant, and you can choose the color, relying on shades that suit the color type of a certain woman:

  1. In 2020, the trend will be a pastel summer gentle manicure with a pattern and patterns of a contrasting shade in the form of lace, nail art in pastel colors with a geometric and abstract motif.
  2. Pastel manicure with a floral pattern on one nail remains among the leaders.
  3. An unobtrusive gold or silver stripe, drops, blots, dots and floral motifs will help make the design more playful.

gentle manicure in pastel colorsgentle manicure for the summersummer nude manicure

Summer matte manicure

A matte manicure will give nobility and elegance to the image, the delicate design of which is made in a matte version:

  1. When creating a gentle, white, yellow, muted coral, pink and blue colors are used. Such colors can be complemented by laconic patterns, contrasting ornaments and floral prints.
  2. With matte varnishes, you can create a multi-colored ombre.
  3. A beautiful matte manicure will turn out with pebbles, glitter, confetti, foil, which are laid out in different versions.

summer matte manicurematte manicure gentle designsummer manicure options

Summer nude manicure

The leading position on the fashionable Olympus continues to be occupied by a gentle nude manicure:

  1. Length plays a big role in nude style, long nails will look much more spectacular. Marble and quartz manicure with “veins”, nail art with translucent watercolor stains, with graphic details and large drawings are perfectly combined with nude color.
  2. A beautiful nude manicure is obtained with drawings. Instead of a dense coating, it is better to choose a translucent varnish. As a pattern, preference is given to thin lines, neat strokes and small details. The drawing should be created in such a way that there is free space. In this design, preference falls on French manicure, “reverse” jacket, marble and moon design options.

summer nude manicuresummer gentle manicure with a patterngentle nude manicure

Delicate ombre manicure

A delicate light manicure made using the ombre technique will look extremely elegant:

  1. The classic option would be a combination of white and beige. such nail art will be an excellent solution for natures who want to emphasize their sophistication. A barely noticeable transition gives the nails sophistication and is perfect for the summer period.
  2. To diversify the neutrality a little, you can turn to the mother-of-pearl rub, which will create an indescribable effect of depth.
  3. To make the manicure slightly bright, you can turn to the coating in the form of acrylic powder.
  4. For brightness, glitter can be applied in a dense layer to the tips of the nails, while it is necessary to reduce the density towards the middle of the nail plate.
  5. On pastel nails, you can make a small bright strip, thereby bringing zest to nail art. However, the boundaries must be made very blurry in order to neutralize the catchiness and dissolve it in a restrained basis.

delicate ombre manicuregentle light manicuresoft manicure

Gentle wedding manicure

Any bride will appreciate the gentle manicure for the wedding:

  1. The main trend in 2020 remains the mixing of styles and techniques, because a monochromatic design with rhinestones will no longer surprise anyone.
  2. Unusual beauty is created with the help of pearl rubs.
  3. On a nude background, one finger can be distinguished with the help of rhinestones, from which interesting drawings or geometric figures are laid out.
  4. In a wedding manicure, a 3d effect is welcome, which looks spectacular and original.
  5. The most popular pattern remains the flower, which can be complemented with a small amount of rhinestones.

gentle wedding manicuredelicate wedding manicurebeautiful gentle manicure

Summer french manicure

A gentle French manicure is considered a classic, not influenced by fashion. In recent seasons, when creating it, the masters show imagination and present it in interesting unusual variations:

  • the smile line can be made double or triple, choosing for this several shades to decorate the tip of the nail, and making the base transparent or nude;
  • the “smile” line can be refracted at an angle, complemented by delicate floral elements;
  • a stylish trend is the “inverted” jacket, in which the “smile” is depicted in the opposite direction.

summer french manicuregentle french manicuregentle nude manicure

Pale yellow manicure

In the summer season, a delicate multi-colored manicure created using a yellow tint will look unique:

  1. With this color, a pink-yellow gradient can be created, when blended beautifully, it makes a great design where no additions are needed.
  2. The yellow color looks great with rubbing, it looks juicy and modern.
  3. Yellow nail art with lemon slices painted on it looks great.
  4. A yellow jacket with desserts painted on the ring fingers will look gentle.
  5. On a yellow background, you can apply triangular kamifubuki in the form of unusual abstractions.

pale yellow manicuregentle multi-colored manicuredelicate manicure for almond-shaped nails

Pale lilac manicure

Another incredibly stylish solution will be a pale purple manicure:

  1. Lunar manicure will look great in lilac design, rhinestones are used to create more sophistication.
  2. On a lilac base, you can apply flowers using hand painting or 3d modeling.
  3. Manicure can be monochrome or complemented by drawings and different patterns in a contrasting color.
  4. Gradient or geometric patterns are welcome.

soft lilac manicuregentle manicure almondssoft purple manicure

Pale pink manicure with design

Pale pink pastel polish will help create incredibly sophisticated nail art:

  • on a muted light base, rose petals can be depicted, drawn using a brighter pink color;
  • pale pink manicure with sparkles can be used for an evening out. At the same time, shiny elements can be taken in the same tone, golden or silver;
  • indescribable romantic notes will give the image on several nails of pink hearts, traced or lined with sparkles;
  • young women of fashion will appreciate the application of romantic inscriptions on the nails. At the same time, for their implementation, it is recommended to take a neutral gray color, which will look muted and will not violate the tenderness of an exquisite summer design.

pale pink manicure with designgentle nude manicuregentle manicure in pastel colors

Summer marine gentle manicure

On the eve of the beach season, a manicure in soft blue tones, made on a marine theme, becomes extremely relevant:

  • the easiest way would be to create a white and blue ombre or make a design depicting a blue sea with white waves in its background;
  • if desired, you can use marine paraphernalia, such as an anchor, shell, boat. However, it is better to apply the drawing in a single copy.

summer marine gentle manicureblue manicurebeautiful gentle manicure

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