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Such a variety of nail art as a monophonic manicure 2020 will help to look flawless and elegant. If you use original decorative details, you can give it an incredibly stylish look and make it truly unique. Applying different design variations, not only everyday, but also evening design is created.

Solid manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Stylists presented a trendy monophonic manicure 2020 in a variety of variations:

  1. Nail art looks great on almond-shaped, oval, square and sharp nails. Such a manicure demonstrates its beauty on long nails, but looks more practical on a short length in monochrome.
  2. A monophonic manicure in 2020 is often done with helium varnishes, because such a design holds securely and does not require special care.
  3. Each season will have its own palette. For spring and summer, pastel, nude shades are suitable, the pink palette and delicate tones such as white, blue, turquoise, lavender, yellow, peach, orange, mint and lilac remain in the favorites.
  4. In autumn and winter, it is worth choosing more calm and muted colors, such as blue, green, burgundy, purple, black and coffee.
  5. A monophonic manicure can be made glossy, it can also be done on a matte basis, giving it a noble and luxurious look.
  6. To create, you can use special powder, put a flock on the nail plate, use beads or glitter to decorate nails.
  7. Rhinestones are used in small quantities, mainly this is done on one nail. Such an addition will be relevant for creating an elegant, evening and festive manicure.
  8. Nail art is often combined with other techniques. For example, it can be a French, moon and floral design.

plain manicure 2020 fashion trendstrendy monochrome manicure 2020

Monochromatic manicure for short nails 2020

On neat nail plates, you can make a fashionable monochrome manicure for short nails 2020:

  1. You can combine several textures and decor techniques, thanks to which the manicure turns out to be truly original and unforgettable.
  2. On short nails, it is better to apply matte varnish, while focusing on several nails in the form of a geometric pattern, complemented by rhinestones or crystals.
  3. Decorating several nails with sand or acrylic powder will look chic on short nails. This design has been in trend for several seasons and 2020 will be no exception.
  4. A sand manicure looks elegant and feminine, such a festive look will add brightness to an everyday look.

plain manicure for short nails 2020

Monochromatic manicure for long nails 2020

A monophonic manicure on long nails 2020 will look unsurpassed:

  1. Matte finish looks very nice on long nails, which remains in trend this year. The matte surface can be supplemented with such a detail as kamifubuki. Their charm is that they can be round, presented in the form of snowflakes, hearts and other figures.
  2. On long nails, a manicure with a pattern of fine decorative sand looks great. With it, three-dimensional patterns with a knitting effect are created.
  3. The hit of 2020 will be the design, complemented by rubs. Pearl and silver rubs are often used, the first option gives mother-of-pearl overflows, and the second adds a metallic tint. Rubbing options can be used on multiple or all fingers.

plain manicure for long nails 2020

Manicure 2020 — plain novelties

In the case when a monochromatic gel polish manicure 2020 is created, a variety of current trends are applied that make nail art far from boring, but, on the contrary, incredibly stylish and interesting. Masters apply the following ideas:

  • tonality, the design can be made using light, dark, bright saturated shades;
  • for going to the office, a solid 2020 manicure containing geometric elements will be a great solution;
  • for the embodiment of the original design, both glossy and matte finishes are suitable;
  • nails can be decorated with all sorts of shiny elements, such as rhinestones, foil, sparkles;
  • nail plates can be additionally covered with a rub;
  • you can select a certain part of the nail, for example, the zone of the hole;
  • the use of any patterns, for example, stripes, is also acceptable.

manicure 2020 monochrome noveltiesdiscreet monochrome manicure 2020

Light monochromatic manicure 2020

A rich selection of light pastel shades provides an excellent opportunity to create an unsurpassed monophonic gentle manicure 2020:

  • this option will become universal, as it is perfect for both everyday wear and to complement an office outfit;
  • you can take colors such as white, beige, elegant light gray, delicate blue, pale pink, mint and other light shades;
  • plain light manicure 2020 can be complemented by decorative elements made in the same tone as the main coating, for example, with a scattering of sparkles.

light monochromatic manicure 2020

Solid manicure — dark colors 2020

If you want to give the image depth and mystery, you can make a plain dark manicure 2020:

  • the design created using black varnish will look very impressive. The coating can be taken matte or vice versa, use an additional shiny coating in the form of a rub;
  • a monophonic burgundy manicure 2020 will look elegant. It can be nail art made exclusively with varnish or supplemented with certain details, for example, small pebbles of the same color. They can be covering one of the nails or laid out on each finger in the form of a line or filling in the area of ​​​​the hole.

plain manicure dark colors 2020

Solid manicure with geometry 2020

Geometry is a great way to complement a monochromatic manicure design 2020:

  • lines can be applied to the nails, matched to the tone of the base coat. Their thickness can vary from very thin, barely noticeable, to strips of considerable size;
  • you can draw different shapes, such as a circle, a square, a triangle. They can be applied with a contrasting coating, for example, with a glossy varnish on a matte base or vice versa;
  • discreet monochromatic manicure 2020 can be made brighter and embellished by filling geometric shapes with sparkles.

monochrome manicure with geometry 2020

Bright monochromatic manicure 2020

Lovers of catchy memorable bows will be able to choose for themselves a plain manicure 2020, made in a bright version:

  • nail art will look advantageous already due to the saturation of the selected shade. This design looks especially harmonious in a design selected for the spring-summer season;
  • colors are selected at individual discretion, it can be lemon, orange, light green tone;
  • plain pink manicure 2020 will give the image a romantic touch. Small or large sequins will organically fit into such a design;
  • brightness can be given through the use of certain elements. For example, it can be rubbed, rhinestones decorating the entire surface of the nail plate or any part of it.

bright plain manicure 2020

Matte solid manicure 2020

A matte finish is perfect to make a beautiful plain manicure 2020:

  • matte varnish looks incredibly expensive and noble, so the design can be made exclusively using this base;
  • you can complement the matte monophonic manicure 2020 with various details, for example, stripes or figures painted with gloss, or laying out rhinestones.

matte plain manicure 2020

Solid manicure with foil 2020

You can successfully embody original design ideas by making a plain manicure in 2020 containing an addition in the form of foil:

  • shiny silver decor can be applied to metallic or gray varnish, making a monochrome variation of nail art in this way;
  • the foil can be colored, in which case it is selected similar in shade to the main coating;
  • using foil, you can lay out stripes or depict an abstract pattern by making original stains on the surface of the nail plate.

plain manicure with foil 2020

Solid manicure with rhinestones 2020

An incredibly beautiful manicure in solid colors 2020 can be presented not only in everyday, but also in the evening version. This idea can be realized if you decorate it with rhinestones:

  • pebbles can completely cover the surface of one of the nail plates;
  • rhinestones can lay out strips or fill the hole area;
  • monochromatic manicure 2020 may also contain ornate patterns lined with small rhinestones;
  • pebbles can be transparent, superimposed on the main coating, they do not violate the monochrome design and are in harmony with the base color;
  • you can also take colored rhinestones, presented in the same tone with the varnish covering the nails.

plain manicure with rhinestones 2020

Solid manicure with rubbing 2020

Using a rub is a great way to decorate a stylish plain manicure 2020:

  • monochrome can be achieved solely through the use of rubbing, which is presented in a metallic or golden tone;
  • the rub can be a delicate pearl, in which case it will fit perfectly on a pastel monochromatic manicure 2020, organically combined with it and giving the image femininity and sophistication.

plain manicure with rubbing 2020

Solid manicure with holes 2020

The lunar monophonic manicure without a pattern 2020 looks incredibly elegant. To implement it, stylists are guided by the following ideas:

  • you can leave the hole completely transparent, in which case the nail art will come out emphatically gentle and reflect the sophistication of the main coating;
  • the hole can be filled with small rhinestones or sparkles, which will make the design more elegant and festive.

plain manicure with holes 2020

Monochromatic manicure with stripes 2020

Nail art can not only be covered with a plain varnish, but also contain all kinds of drawings. One of the common options is the image of stripes:

  • these details can be extremely thin and mimic a cobweb;
  • the width of the strips can be the same or details of different sizes can be depicted on the surface of the nail;
  • you can arrange the strips clearly parallel to each other or in random order;
  • the design may not be completely monochrome, but complemented by some other shade. For example, this is a monophonic red and black manicure 2020, during the creation of which the stripes are depicted as very thin and almost invisible.

plain manicure with stripes 2020

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