Pedicure, fashion trends - summer 2020, the best and most beautiful nail decoration ideas

Pedicure, summer 2020 fashion trends are aimed at qualitatively improving the appearance of your legs so that you can look amazing, be well-groomed and feel great at the same time. There will be different solutions in fashion, from a strict monochromatic classic design to a complete avant-garde, with negative space and original decor.

Summer pedicure — fashion trends 2020

What pedicure, design, summer 2020 novelties will be in high demand in the coming season?

  1. The classic version, when the master achieves “infant heels” by steaming the feet and cleaning with a special file, is replaced by the hardware one, it processes the legs better and better. If you also want to add beauty at the same time, then you can safely choose from the proposed variety of solutions the one that you like best. It can be an eternal French and moon jacket, nude variations, rich and catchy avant-garde ideas.

summer pedicure fashion trends 2020

  1. Still in trend are pedicures, fashion trends for the summer of 2020, which come with both additional designer decor and are kept in strict conciseness. The leading masters of nail art include rhinestone blotches, stickers, stamping, negative space, drawings and ornaments, the use of cobwebs, glitter, kamifubikov, modeling, powder and rubbing, gradient transitions, mother of pearl and various color palettes, rainbow and pastel. Not only neutral tones are in fashion, but also gloomy shades of varnish — dark blue, dark green, dark brown, black.

pedicure design new items summer 2020

Solid color pedicure — summer 2020

The trendsetters of style have prepared for women and girls a summer plain pedicure in diverse colors, which will look great on a variety of nail plate shapes. If you want modernity, then it is better to use almonds, but soft squares are not forgotten, where in any of the presented options a rich or delicate color will bring notes of nobility and aesthetics to the chosen design. For several seasons, monotony has been holding the lead on the world podium as a tribute to minimalism and eternal canons, so you will not be mistaken if you choose this design for yourself.

plain pedicure summer 2020

Solid color pedicure fashion trends summer 2020 is a riot of colors and submission to the strict laws of the classics, hit retro traditions. What will never go out of fashion, but will only change slightly, according to the latest trends, are solutions in red. The eternal classic, which is not subject to any global changes, is presented in unique variations, blue, blue, pink, green, cream, powder, purple and even black nails will also be in demand.

summer plain pedicure

Bright summer pedicure 2020

Another seasonal trend is a multi-colored summer pedicure, which impresses with its diversity, many great solutions and innovations in modern nail art. Leading masters offer to paint each finger with its own color, use patterns, stickers and inscriptions, negative space, moon and French jacket, both white and colored. Advanced ideas keep up with the times and bring to life all the newfangled variations, incorporating trendy and advanced technologies.

bright summer pedicure 2020

Multi-colored pedicure fashion trends summer 2020 are unique and magnificent solutions, sustained in full brightness and saturation, embodying the most daring ideas of the masters. The hits of the summer included plot drawings, delicate patterns in the style of Japanese and Slavic paintings, rhinestone decorations in oriental splendor and foil, stylish and concise graphics and geometry. Orange and black, blue and red, green and yellow, neon polishes, black and white choices, all these trendy ideas come to the fore.

colorful summer pedicure

Bright summer pedicure with rhinestones

To make the evening, day, everyday life and holiday unforgettable, stylists offer a stunning summer pedicure with rhinestones, which will successfully complement smart casual, vacation and holiday looks, perfectly fit into chic ensembles consisting of evening and cocktail dresses and suits. Not only saturated and dark shades of varnishes will be relevant, but also light, pastel options, exquisite French manicure with a pattern and inscriptions, shiny jewelry, cobwebs and thin stripes, foil and confetti, successfully complemented by rhinestones.

bright summer pedicure with rhinestones

A beautiful pedicure for the summer can be obtained on any shape of the nail plate, if it is additionally decorated with small and large rhinestones, it can be done in a laconic single version, one small pebble in the moon, or combine rhinestones and large colored stones to get an excellent and beautiful accent on one or two nails. Another welcome asymmetrical decoration of the nail along the oval, on one side, either on its outer side or on the inside.

summer pedicure with rhinestones

Summer pedicure french

Do you want to be always in trend? Then bring to life a pedicure, stylish novelties, a summer 2020 jacket design made of gloss, glossy and matte varnishes, you can even combine not only a variety of colors, but also a moon and Hollywood smile in one design. For an eye-catching accent, look for glitter, glitter and rhinestone ornaments, graphics and full coverage of one or two fingers. French manicure of the new season is sophistication and gloss on any shape of the nail plate you like.

summer pedicure french

A chic classic is the French pedicure of 2020, sustained in the best traditions of the genre, a gorgeous white smile without any accent will never go out of fashion, however, in the upcoming seasons, stylists assure that brown, blue, red, pink and shiny jackets have hit the hits, especially on a multicolor basis. Asymmetric selection of the oval, displacement of the smile, its diverse shape, for example, an envelope and a triangle. It is allowed to use additional decorations, such as inscriptions, rhinestones, openwork ornaments and monograms.

pedicure stylish new design summer 2020

French and moon pedicure trends can be represented on the diverse shape of the nail plate, because this design is equally perfect for an oval and a soft square. It looks especially attractive when your fingers are presented as a real work of art, which is complemented by laconic and delicate patterns. The hits can be safely attributed to both a plain jacket and a pedicure with an accent pattern or full coverage of one nail.

pedicure stylish new design summer 2020

Nude summer pedicure

If you want to make a beautiful summer pedicure, especially in a delicate version, then it is better to turn to nude varnishes, do not forget that at the peak of popularity, not only hit laconic monotony, but also exquisite and elegant additions, when low-key patterns and all kinds of their combinations come into fashion. light base. Graphics and geometry will be in high demand, stripes of various lengths and widths, dots, triangles, rhombuses and rectangles, both vertical and horizontal, or asymmetric, located at different angles.

nude summer pedicure

You can combine rhinestones and metal figures, stickers, inscriptions, foil and drawings in one set, for example, twigs, feathers and dotted and checkered patterns, droplets, airbrushing, knitting and openwork ornaments. After all, nude is in fashion again, and the ideas of a pedicure for the summer with a concise coating are full of variety and amaze with their freshness and novelty. The design with a velvet surface in pastel colors looks incorruptibly beautiful, while the pink and beige color is great for a summer romantic mood.

nice summer pedicure

A neutral pedicure for the summer can be a jacket lined with small confetti on the thumb. The rest of the drawing goes with a snow-white or cream smile with a hint of complete sophistication and charm, sustained in the canonical traditions of the genre. However, the leading masters of nail art suggest using Japanese painting in nude variations to diversify ideas and bring freshness and novelty to the design.

beautiful summer pedicure 2020

Summer pedicure with glitter

A brilliant pedicure for the summer buys with its sophistication and non-triviality. There are wonderful ideas in fashion, which are characterized by novelty and brightness, creativity and catchiness, red, yellow, crimson and neon shades, as well as calmness and nobility. Brown, coffee and emerald color. All this splendor is united by one thing — the presence of a brilliant decor, kamifubi, sand, glitter, powder and golden or silver varnishes, both in the accent version and in a plain coating.

summer glitter pedicureshiny pedicure for summer

Matte summer pedicure

Again, dullness is in trend, and a fashionable summer pedicure with a matte finish is replete with variety and amazes with its freshness and novelty. The velvet-surfaced design in rich burgundy, purple, blue and black is incorruptibly beautiful, while red, pink and yellow are great for a sultry mood. Nude ideas with a jacket and laconic ornaments, foil, glitter, negative space and floral motifs remain popular.

matte summer pedicuretrendy summer pedicure

Dark pedicure for summer

Who decided that a black pedicure for the summer is not suitable, like other gloomy tones? Gorgeous solutions in dark shades are stylish, bright, catchy, creative and chic for all occasions. This design has absorbed a rich color and all its halftones, such as graphite, wet asphalt, bottle undertones. However, you should not make a solid dark color, such options are a thing of the past, it is better to use a small decor, add a little «silver» or «gold», a laconic cobweb pattern, small rhinestones, graphic drawings in the style of Japanese painting and a gradient decorated with foil.

dark pedicure for summerblack pedicure for summer

Summer ombre pedicure design

The ideas of this season’s summer pedicure are full of variety, so the leading masters confidently suggest making both soft and smooth, and sharp, catchy gradient transitions in a diverse color tone. This design itself is very self-sufficient, therefore it does not need additional decor, however, for sharpness of perception, you can add rhinestones, airbrushing, droplets and dotted patterns, as well as smooth lines.

summer ombre pedicure designsummer pedicure ideas

Summer pedicure at the sea

What could be brighter than a pedicure, a summer design for a vacation period? The most diverse and daring ideas can be brought to life, for example, draw palm trees, the sea, the azure coast, clouds, hit tropics and savannah. Combine two or even three colors of varnish, make a stunning rhinestone and voluminous decor that imitates shells and sea pebbles with stars and other aquatic inhabitants. Anchor, chain, sailboat, sea stripes — all this adorns the toes of bold and creative fashionistas.

summer pedicure at the seapedicure summer design

Summer pedicure with watermelon

What pedicure options for the summer can be attributed to the novelties of the season? Smoothly migrated from past seasons, watermelon ornaments, improved by the advanced and innovative ideas of this summer. Striped crusts, juicy slices of watermelon can be not only traced, but also voluminously laid out along the big toes. Bright and iridescent colors of varnishes, a combination of red and green, watermelon and citrus fruits fill life with catchiness and saturation.

summer pedicure with watermelonsummer pedicure options

Summer pedicure with flowers

Stylish, beautiful, bright and gentle summer pedicure is made with floral patterns. In fashion:

  • interesting flowers, field daisies, lavender, sakura, orchid and chrysanthemum, thin and graceful twigs with petals, insects, especially in a stylish multi-colored frame;

summer pedicure with flowers

  • dot and graphic images of diverse flowers, as well as abstract flowers with an abundance of curls, monograms, interlacing, traced with the help of a thin cobweb and light silvery and golden lines, also lilies and water lilies, both with leaves and in a single version;

summer pedicure with flowers 2020

  • fragments of petals, flowers on the jacket, both on the French and moon smiles, a flower mix on a bright base with rhinestone splashes;

gentle summer pedicure

  • original combinations of diverse flowers on the thumb and two or three catchy tones of the base, dilution of ornaments with golden or silver lacquer and glitter, drawing flowers with a veil.

gentle summer pedicure 2020

Summer pedicure with strawberries

What juicy pedicure for the summer will be at the peak of popularity this season?

  1. Leading nail artists have come up with unique and original ideas with berries such as strawberries. The abundance of red and green colors, especially on a white base and paired with a manicure, uplifts the mood and brings notes of mischief, fun and enthusiasm into the monotonous sultry everyday life.

summer pedicure with strawberries

  1. An interesting option with one or more berries painted on the thumb, while the rest of the fingers are covered with monochromatic rich varnishes in a catchy palette. This complements any conceived vacation and democratic bows of street style and urban chic with variegation and summer colors.

juicy pedicure for the summer

Summer pedicure butterfly

Pedicure with butterflies and rhinestones also got into the trends of the season, the design of the summer of 2020 promises to be boring. After all, this theme is fully consistent with the sultry mood, enriches our nails with notes of cheerfulness and playfulness, brings a share of coquetry and youthful spontaneity. Beautiful insects will easily decorate the fingers of true fashionistas, lifting them and those around them into a great positive mood.

summer pedicure butterflypedicure with butterflies and rhinestones summer design

Summer pedicure with stickers

Do you want to make a universal pedicure for the summer? Use stickers, both figures and inscriptions. Patterns, words, letters and phrases can be placed on one nail, or they can be scattered all over, where an element of one inscription or word is applied on each finger. Leading masters suggest using bright contrasting combinations, but if you prefer pastel or delicate shades, then no one has canceled successful experiments.

summer pedicure with stickersuniversal pedicure for the summer

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