Pedicure, design - summer 2020, the most unusual and original ideas for nails

If you are interested in a beautiful pedicure for the summer of 2020, you need to familiarize yourself with cutting-edge ideas. Dictators of current trends and trendsetters recommend paying attention to bright, colorful, delicate and neutral interpretations. Do not forget about exclusive performance techniques and original coating variations.

Summer pedicure 2020 — fashion trends

Sunny weather provides for the replenishment of the wardrobe with stylish clothes, shoes and accessories. To make seasonal outfits look even better, it is important to take care of the presence of colorful accents. Masters broadcast impressive samples for any life occasion. Pedicure design for summer 2020 — new items instantly won ladies’ hearts. The most popular options are:

  • bright;
  • plain;
  • with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • classic, improved jacket;
  • with pictures and stickers.

The color palette involves many saturated shades, yellow, red, pink, emerald, blue colors are considered especially in demand. Do not forget about floral, animalistic motifs, delicate tonal range and current techniques. Glossy, matte, mother-of-pearl coatings, rubbing effect are in demand.

summer pedicure 2020summer pedicure trends 2020

Bright pedicure for the summer

Every year, a bright summer pedicure sympathizes with young ladies more and more. Leading experts in the nail art industry have recreated stunning fashion ideas. First of all, it is worth considering monochromatic color performances in coral, cherry, green, purple and yellow. The most daring young ladies can afford neon coloring with decorative elements.

You can give preference to minimalist geometric patterns, dot patterns, neat patterns. Don’t miss the opportunity to embody a floral, animalistic design over a plain bright base. The ultra-modern pedicure design for the summer of 2020 will look even more beautiful if it is carried out in the newfangled rubbing, gradient or cat’s eye techniques.

bright summer pedicurebright summer pedicure

Summer plain pedicure

Leading trends and leading trends are broadcasting neat designs for nails on the legs. A diverse outline and length of the nail plate is acceptable. The most popular are oval or square shape of medium length. Stylists and the best craftsmen recommend that you familiarize yourself with the interpretations in one color scheme. Saturated coloristic or delicate shades are welcome.

To wear open shoes to work, it is better to consider a plain pedicure for the summer in black, white, beige, gray colors. For everyday walks or romantic dates, you can choose light colors of pastel, lemon, light green, purple or sky blue. Solemn events, tear-off parties include raspberry, yellow, emerald and purple mother-of-pearl varnishes.

plain pedicureplain pedicure summer 2020

Summer pedicure with glitter

With the onset of the hot season, designers presented chic collections of seasonal shoes: sandals, open-toed shoes, flip flops, sandals. To make your legs look beautiful and well-groomed, you should choose the right nail design. Glitter pedicure for the summer is sure to please modern glamorous young ladies. Often, nail industry experts add sparkles to all or several fingers.

The newfangled color palette presented chic multifaceted shades of cherry, emerald, orange, blue. Shiny polishes in lemon, beige, lilac, peach tones are considered feminine. Additional decorative elements can be all kinds of ornaments, techniques for volumetric modeling on nails.

glitter pedicureshiny pedicure for summer

Summer pedicure with rhinestones

To emphasize your nail art on your toes, the masters offer an original shiny pedicure for the summer with rhinestones. The ultra-modern range includes interesting iridescent products of different shapes and sizes: triangular, square, rounded, multi-faceted rectangular. Whichever option you choose, in any case, your nails will look impressive.

As a base coat, you can use plain colorful, neutral or light varnishes. Particularly noteworthy are shades of pink, green, yellow, orange, blue. From additional elements, consider floral, animal patterns, 3D cobweb techniques, interesting drawings. Summer pedicure ideas include rhinestones all over the nail plate, on one or more fingers.

pedicure with rhinestones fashion trendspedicure with rhinestones trends

Summer red pedicure

Current trends and trends provide young ladies with a wide selection of original shapes. Oval and square outlines are considered more in demand, which are ideally combined with medium length. Whatever your seasonal look, it is better to complement it with color accents in the form of colored nail art on the toes. Diverse rich colors are welcome.

Most girls prefer a red pedicure for the summer, as this is an amazing solution for lovers of spectacular performances. Do not miss the opportunity to apply newfangled techniques over exclusive scarlet interpretations, for example: rubbing, ombre, matte, glossy, pearlescent coatings. Collections of decorations were replenished with beads, drawings, stickers.

red pedicurered pericure for summer 2020

Nude summer pedicure

Supporters of the classic style want to wear open shoes in the hot season, so it’s better to look at light applications on the nails. This is a universal approach for any occasion, regardless of age category, lifestyle and taste preferences. A gentle summer pedicure will perfectly emphasize a strict office bow, casual outfit, a romantic look for a date or a festive event.

Nude polishes offer a lot of neat samples, but beige has earned the title of indispensable shade. It is easy to pair with all sorts of tones and neutrals in black or white. Original French-style outlines available. Decorative elements can decorate ladies’ nails with rhinestones, floral ornaments.

nude pedicuresummer nude pedicure

Summer matte pedicure

With the onset of a hot period, every lady wants to transform her toes, pick up a neutral pedicure for the summer. Cutting-edge trends broadcast neat oval outlines of the nail plate, soft square shape. Any length is acceptable, medium and short are in special demand. The most stunning decorations are velvet coverings combined with other common techniques.

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the current color palette. Dictators of trends and legislators of stylistic trends presented a chic tonal range, including red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple, emerald hues. If you want to embody a beautiful pedicure for the summer, it is better to use additional decorations.

summer matte manicurepedicure matte finish

Summer pedicure french

Any young lady knows that French-style nails with nail art will never go out of style. Such performances will amazingly complement any bow, make it more holistic and elegant. Classic interpretations include beige or pastel coloring with snow-white crescents along the edge of the entire nail plate.

The latest trends involve non-traditional options using color varnishes. Exquisite glossy, matte, pearlescent coatings are welcome. The summer jacket pedicure design will look more feminine if you decorate it with rhinestones, beads, original geometric or floral patterns.

french pedicurefashionable french pedicure

Black pedicure for summer

Although the solar period broadcasts rich warm colors, do not forget about the universal dark colors. Often, girls prefer black colors on all nails or on some in combination with bright shades. Since platinum can be made in a variety of shapes, the craftsman can make a neat oval or square shape for you.

Leading nail art techniques presented the effect of a cat’s eye, the effect of rubbing, thanks to which a beautiful summer pedicure will acquire incredible shimmer, stunning reflections, overflows. Glossy finishes are the most popular, but don’t lose sight of the pretty matte finishes. The range of additional elements was supplemented by exclusive ornaments, inscriptions, foil, sparkles, rhinestones.

black pedicureblack pedicure

Summer pedicure with flowers

Although plain designs have won ladies’ hearts, do not forget about the patterns that can brighten up the interpretation. Thousands of flowers bloom around us every day, so experts in the nail art industry suggested decorating nails with floral images. A beautiful summer pedicure will look as natural as possible with a base beige or pastel color.

The most daring young ladies can choose colorful coatings as a base. The most favorite colors of the modern fashionable public are red, pink, yellow, purple, blue tones. Flowers on the nails can be displayed on all or several fingers. Often overhead drawings are decorated with diverse decorations. Floral drawings are emphasized by diverse rhinestones, volumetric modeling techniques.

flower pedicuresummer pedicure with floral pattern

Summer pedicure with stickers

With the onset of a hot season, every fashion-conscious girl is interested in pedicure options for the summer. Leading masters presented many original ideas for any life occasion. First of all, pay attention to colorful applications with stickers. The base coat can be matte, glossy and even pearly. Do not forget about the exclusive techniques of rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre.

The color palette broadcasts impressive bright shades of crimson, purple, green. Do not lose sight of the gentle tonal range, providing lemon, menthol, purple, peach shades. The choice of stickers was replenished with chic adhesive products of different shapes and sizes. Pedicure design summer 2020 presented a wide range of diverse stickers with interesting textures.

pedicure with stickerspedicure with stickers fashion trends

Summer pedicure berries

Girls love to decorate their toes with exclusive nail art, especially during the summer season. At this time, you can put on your favorite open shoes, chic sandals, exquisite sandals. The best accent for your outfit will be a neat design of nails. The trendsetters offered the young ladies flirtatious drawings in the form of all kinds of berries. Often, pretty pictures are displayed on one or more fingers.

The most popular today has become a summer pedicure with strawberries. Cherries, raspberries, and currants also received special demand. The base ball can be made in bright colors, for example: pink, red, peach, emerald, blue. Do not forget about neutral shades of black, white, beige. Additional elements can be sparkles, rhinestones, foil, beads, volumetric modeling techniques.

pedicure with berriessummer pedicure with berries

Summer pedicure with fruits

Not a single hot season can do without an ultra-modern fruit theme. Designers personify sweet fresh products on clothes, shoes and accessories, makeup artists create newfangled makeup ideas, and craftsmen offer summer fruit pedicures. Fans of creative stylistic solutions will certainly appreciate the new trends. They immediately conquered girls’ hearts with colorful colors and original decorative details.

Many stunning and impressive shades are available. For lovers of colorful interpretations, it is better to pay attention to red, pink, yellow, emerald, blue, blue tones. More delicate outlines include light beige, pastel, peach, lemon, lilac colors. Don’t forget to consider neutral black, white colors. The most daring young ladies can afford a pedicure design summer 2020 in neon variations.

fruit pedicuretrendy fruit pedicure for summer

Summer yellow pedicure

To keep your feet in constant comfort in the summer, it is better to wear open shoes. Fashion designers and leading brands presented many beautiful models of sandals, flip flops, sandals, open shoes. It is better to decorate your legs, add a coloristic accent to the overall image, you should take care of nail art. Representatives of street trends sincerely recommend paying attention to bright, saturated performances.

What color can be better than a rich sunny shade? The best specialists offer a fashionable summer pedicure in yellow shades. Current performance techniques, matte, glossy finishes are welcome. Spectacular neon colors, light lemon shades, lovely classic tones are acceptable. To make your performance look more impressive, use additional decorations. The most popular are rhinestones, three-dimensional elements, stickers.

pedicure yellow fashion trendsyellow pedicure

Summer pedicure butterfly

To make your toes amaze those around you, it is better to consider current ideas with exquisite patterns. Lovers of colorful stylistic solutions will like summer pedicure options with overhead patterns of butterflies or dragonflies. Often, pictures are embodied on all or several fingers. However, in most cases they are used only on the big toes of each foot.

The base can be performed in all sorts of bright or delicate shades. The colorful range includes red, cherry, pink, blue and green colors. The light palette includes beige, pastel, lemon, lilac and menthol tones. Additional decorations can be beads, diverse ornaments, volumetric modeling techniques. Pedicure design summer 2020 will look more glamorous with sequins and rhinestones.

butterfly pedicuresummer pedicure with butterflies

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