Pedicure, design, novelties 2020 - the most fashionable trends in beautiful nails

One of the best ways to make the legs attractive and interesting is to choose a pedicure design, the novelties of 2020 are presented in an extreme variety. It can be made as an evening, wedding, casual and beach option. Depending on individual preferences, the design is chosen bright or discreet.

Summer pedicure — fashion trends 2020

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of summer pedicure ideas:

  1. Manicures and pedicures in the same style are welcome. However, this does not mean that they will be absolutely identical. They can be united by related shades, the same pattern, or the execution technique itself.
  2. In 2020, conciseness will be welcome, while creating unusual and bright design options will also be relevant.
  3. In every season there are new pedicures, often girls turn to the classics, it can be a jacket or plain nail art. If this option is boring, then you need to move away from the traditional nude coverage and white smile, and replace it with rich color options.
  4. To create a stylish pedicure design, the novelties of 2020 allow the use of glitter and shiny blotches that look great on nails.
  5. Fashionable bright colors and mosaics on nails will be welcome this summer. Among the colors, you should turn to red, green, yellow or blue.
  6. Geometry also never goes out of style. Nails can be decorated with triangles, squares, dots and lines. The geometry can be made in one color or applied with different techniques.
  7. To be in trend, you can turn to matte varnish, because it looks no less advantageous than a glossy base.

summer pedicure fashion trends 2020summer pedicure ideas

Summer plain pedicure

A monochrome beautiful summer pedicure will always be fashionable, but the color palette may vary seasonally:

  1. Black can be turned even in summer, the same can apply to red and white. If the classic colors are a little tired, then you can turn to brighter and more playful shades.
  2. For the spring-summer period, a pedicure design will be suitable, the stylish novelties of 2020 of which are presented in nude and pastel shades.
  3. On a hot summer day, you can afford a neon pedicure.

summer plain pedicure

Bright summer pedicure 2020

A truly unique effect on nails is able to give a bright summer pedicure, the design of which is presented in various design variations:

  1. Often, red, hot pink, orange, yellow and blue shades are used in summer pedicure. In addition, these colors are often combined with metallic additions, such as gold or silver.
  2. Bright additions can be represented by small glitter.
  3. In a pedicure, you can highlight some nails with pearl, azure or sand color.
  4. The ideas of a summer pedicure embellished with rhinestones and concise drawings will look stylish.

bright summer pedicure 2020

Gentle summer pedicure

Out of competition are the ideas of summer pedicure 2020, which can be found in gentle variations:

  1. Variants of volumetric drawings look amazingly beautiful and gentle. On the nails, you can create beautiful patterns with twigs or translucent flowers, this will help create a truly romantic summer pedicure design.
  2. Nail art with floral patterns can become gentle. You can turn to both beautifully traced flowers and slider stickers, which will be a great option for a quick drawing.
  3. The marine theme also looks gentle, but when choosing a pattern, you should not turn to anchors, starfish, stripes and decoration with pearls. Imitation of water depth and waves in an abstract design will look spectacular and original.
  4. One of the top options remains the white pedicure design. It will look gentle if you add rhinestones, pebbles, highlight the hole or add fashionable geometric shapes.
  5. The jacket, beloved by many, continues to delight young ladies, new solutions appear every season. French can have a brilliant smile, stucco decor, rhinestones and various prints.

gentle summer pedicure

Summer pedicure for the office

For women who spend a lot of time at work, an elegant summer pedicure will be indispensable:

  1. For a short length, you need to select the option that is as close as possible to naturalness.
  2. As a decor, you can turn to painting in the form of abstraction, this is a decorative decoration that is used on 2-3 fingers. In such a painting, you should not resort to too voluminous options and bright colors.
  3. In a pedicure, you can use longitudinally located straight lines, they will visually lengthen the plate.
  4. French is one of the few options that presents summer pedicure options. For the office, you can turn to the matte version, which beckons with its restraint and maximum attractiveness. Suitable shades will be blue-gray, beige, powdery or black and white.
  5. One of the trends of recent years is the style of negative space, it looks great in all business combinations.

summer pedicure for the office

Red summer pedicure

Lovers of bright memorable bows will appreciate the beautiful summer pedicure of 2020, created in red tones:

  1. The easiest option would be to cover the nails with a plain varnish, these can be dark red or bright scarlet options.
  2. Red color in a matte finish can also give brightness, it can be embellished with rhinestones, stripes with a shimmering structure.
  3. A beautiful summer pedicure without a gradient or ombre pattern will look juicy and colorful on the nails. This is a gradual lightening of the tips of the nails by several tones.
  4. A stylish solution would be the design of nails with a graphic pattern, stripes will be extremely relevant.
  5. In a fashionable pedicure, a combination of several colors will be relevant, for example, red, beige and gold tone. The combination can occur with catchy colors, or, conversely, with calm options.

red summer pedicure

Summer pedicure french

A universal solution will be a fashionable summer pedicure, made in the form of a jacket:

  1. For its design, you can use all sorts of decor, different shades and textures of varnishes. In such a pedicure, you can experiment with a touch of the base.
  2. You can add small neat drawings to the jacket, because minimalism will bring a piquant variety.
  3. In summer, neon color, which is used for the free edge of the plate, will be relevant for decoration.
  4. Another original option would be the use of foil, elements of gold foil fit perfectly on the nude color.
  5. The jacket will be relevant only on the thumbs, and the rest are made in a different style or color.
  6. A good pedicure option would be a geometric design that can be complemented by a brilliant decor.

summer pedicure french

Summer yellow pedicure

A win-win option for the warm season will be a light summer pedicure, made in yellow:

  1. There are a huge number of shades of this color, from pale yellow, close to pastel, to bright acid tones.
  2. In some cases, for decoration on the thumb, a decor is created in the form of a shiny pyramid, openwork white or black flowers. You can turn to glitter, which completely covers the finger.
  3. An ombre can be created on yellow, it will be a gradient consisting of acid shades.
  4. On a sunny yellow background, butterflies, fruits and flowers look amazing with rhinestones, with the help of these elements whole creative compositions can be created.

summer yellow pedicure

Nude summer pedicure

The summer nude pedicure looks original in the style of minimalism:

  1. In nude design, a gradient pedicure is often created, which can be complemented by multi-colored sparkles.
  2. In this design, the leopard print looks amazing.
  3. Nude pedicure is also available in a pearl rub, this sparkling pigment can be applied to a pale pink color of varnish.

nude summer pedicure

Summer pink pedicure

With the help of a pink coating, you can create an incredibly stylish summer simple pedicure:

  1. Pink color is perfectly combined with other varnishes, it will be white, black, blue and gray, you can refer to decorations and patterns.
  2. The leading position is occupied by the creation of a pink jacket. A snow-white and milky smile line will perfectly complement one of the selected pink bases.
  3. Glitter can duplicate the main shade of a pedicure, the pink palette in this option looks amazing.

summer pink pedicure

Summer matte pedicure

With the help of a matte finish, you can create an incredibly stylish summer pedicure:

  1. The muted velvet color looks great with neon shades, it fascinates so much that it is impossible to tear yourself away.
  2. The matte finish is perfect for trendy designs, negative space, stripes, rhinestones and foil.
  3. Matte design looks amazing in bright colors, on such a coating you can lay out rhinestones in the form of a shiny crown.
  4. Matte designs are perfectly combined with voluminous patterns, because they have an unusual charm. With the help of modeling, you can make delicate flowers, which are complemented by pebbles at the base.

summer matte pedicure

Green summer pedicure

Green summer bright beautiful pedicure can be presented in different shades and design:

  1. A green pedicure complemented by a floral print looks harmonious. You can only use your thumb to place the pattern. For example, a large flower on a green background can be a contrasting color, it is made in yellow, orange or another shade.
  2. To create a pedicure, one can use such an option as a “cat’s eye”, a dark green tone is often taken for its design.

green summer pedicure

Summer pedicure in white

A universal solution suitable for all occasions will be a summer white pedicure:

  1. In white, the jacket remains relevant, because it suits any style and any image.
  2. Lunar pedicure is created using snow-white color, pebbles or rhinestones, lined with a crescent.
  3. A drawing in the form of a delicate twig or flower looks great on a white nail cover and gives a romantic touch.
  4. It is worth turning to different geometric images. These clear and strict geometric lines perfectly emphasize the restraint of style. Another option would be to create delicate openwork lace curls.

summer pedicure in white

Summer pedicure with rhinestones

Shiny pebbles of different colors will help create a bright summer pedicure with rhinestones, beautiful and unique:

  • such a technique as laying out the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole with rhinestones or simply their location at the base of the nail is common;
  • small rhinestones can fill in the details of certain decorative elements, for example, the core of a flower or leaves on branches;
  • pebbles can lay out several clear lines parallel to each other or intersecting with each other.

summer pedicure with rhinestones

Summer pedicure at the sea

With the onset of the beach season, summer pedicure becomes incredibly relevant, the marine theme of which is represented by a variety of solutions:

  1. It is worth referring to the emphasis on the thumb in the form of pebbles or rhinestones.
  2. If catchy colors are preferred, then you can safely cover your nails with them, they can be complemented with gold or silver. Out of competition are bright aquamarine and pale blue tones.
  3. Neon and acid color schemes will help you stand out from the crowd, look amazing at the party.

summer pedicure at the sea

Summer pedicure with flowers

A summer pedicure with a pattern presented in the form of a floral ornament can look truly unsurpassed:

  • the image can be made three-dimensional, made with the help of modeling, ordinary traced varnish or made with stickers;
  • it is common to apply a large flower on a large nail, for example, a poppy or a rose, the drawing will serve as the main accent of the image;
  • you can also depict a scattering of small flowers, for example, daisies.

summer pedicure with flowers

Summer pedicure «Kiwi»

Fruit theme is a popular solution that can complement a summer design pedicure. One of the most popular options is to apply a kiwi image:

  • the fruit can be drawn as a whole or in a section. The latter option looks more picturesque, especially if, during its execution, the seeds are drawn in detail;
  • to make the kiwi image look more clear, it is worth putting it on a light white or pastel background.

kiwi summer pedicure

Summer pedicure with foil

To complement both an evening and everyday look, a brilliant summer pedicure, which is decorated with foil, is perfect:

  • this element can be arranged in the form of clear stripes, which can have a very different direction;
  • in recent seasons, the application of foil in the form of chaotic divorces, which look incredibly picturesque on the nail plate, has become popular.

summer pedicure with foil

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