Orange manicure 2019 - fashion design for girls and women

Many people associate bright orange shades with warmth and sun, so many girls prefer them in the summer. Orange manicure 2019 is a variety of juicy and rich ideas for every taste, which are suitable for any length of nails.

Orange manicure 2019 — fashion trends

A lot can be said about a girl by nail design — a manicure largely reflects the individuality, mood and state of mind. Orange nails, a diverse design of 2019 is more often the choice of bright and strong personalities who prefer to be in the spotlight, and those who love a lot of positive emotions. This is the perfect choice for a bright casual look, themed party.

Orange manicure 2019 - fashion trendsOrange manicure 2019 - fashion trends ideas

Bright and juicy orange manicure 2019 can be not only spring-summer, this color goes well with traditional winter shades, especially with neutral white or silver. The color range of orange is very wide, it includes both rich, even acidic and neon shades, as well as gentle, close to pastel shades — apricot, cream, caramel.

Orange manicure 2019 - fashion trends fashionOrange manicure 2019 - fashion trends style

Orange nails design 2019 is a variety of interesting ideas, including stylish combinations with other colors. As a rule, this color scheme, especially bright colors, is diluted with neutral ones. Orange color is successfully combined with the following tones:

Orange manicure 2019 for short nails

If earlier bright colors were used exclusively for long nails, then the trendy orange manicure 2019 looks great on short ones. A short length is a practical solution for everyday life — such nails do not interfere with your usual activities or work at a computer. Modern stylists have done a good job of making stylish and bright nail art ideas look good on short nails.

Orange manicure 2019 for short nailsOrange manicure 2019 for short nails fashion

When choosing a bright design for short nails, it is important to consider that too colorful drawings will look very sloppy and sloppy. Good ideas for orange manicure on short nails are:

Orange manicure 2019 for long nails

Long nails briefly lost their leading positions in the fashion world, but in 2019 they were not in trend again. The main advantage of a large length is the ability to bring any creative idea to life, even the most complex and sophisticated, and the orange color is an excellent backdrop for a variety of decor options. Long orange nails 2019 — these are the options for ideas:

Orange Manicure Ideas 2019

Summer season fashion offers a variety of stylish orange manicure ideas 2019 for any length of nails. The most popular options for nail art are:

  1. Combination of different textures. The combination of an orange nail coating with a glitter or shimmery glossy varnish, a matte top has become relevant. The idea looks both in a single-color design and in combination with different colors.
  2. Manicure ideas with orange color 2019 texture

  3. Drawings. Although orange is a bright and dominant color, it can serve as a great backdrop for a variety of designs, from artistic painting to stylish stickers. Orange manicure with a pattern 2019 is mostly a floral theme.
  4. Manicure ideas with orange color 2019 drawing

  5. geometric design. This version of manicure in 2019 is extremely popular, including in orange. It is a pattern created from the intersection of straight lines and geometric shapes.
  6. Orange Manicure Ideas 2019 Geometry

  7. Brilliant design. Orange goes well with silver.
  8. Orange Manicure Ideas 2019 Silver

  9. With rhinestones. Decor with miniature shining stones has not lost its relevance in 2019, fashion trends offer neat and concise design options.
  10. Orange Manicure Ideas 2019 Silver

Bright orange manicure 2019

In the summer, girls especially want positive emotions and bright colors, and a sure way to add them to your life is to make a manicure in your favorite shades. Bright, even acidic orange nail designs are often favored by bright personalities who love to be the center of attention. If earlier such ideas were used exclusively for long nails, now they can be safely used for short ones, regardless of shape.

Bright orange manicure 2019Bright orange manicure 2019 ideas

Bright orange manicure 2019 is a variety of stylish design ideas, from plain options to beautiful combinations, interesting patterns and a variety of color transitions. If you combine a bright orange color with a neutral light one, the result will be softer and calmer. In case you want to enhance the catchy effect, it is better to combine it with the same bright color. Good ideas are yellow-orange manicure 2019, pink-orange, red-orange.

Bright orange manicure 2019 optionsBright orange manicure 2019 fashion

Neon orange manicure 2019

One of the variations of the bright nail design was the acid-orange manicure 2019, which has gained the widest popularity among young and creative fashionistas. This idea of ​​​​nail art looks very catchy, it will not allow you to be left without the attention of others. Neon orange manicure 2019 is successfully used for both long and short nails, and looks beautiful in various design variations — color combinations, drawings, decor with rhinestones and sparkles.

Neon orange manicure 2019Orange manicure 2019 ombre style

Orange manicure 2019 with a pattern

One of the most popular nail design ideas among girls and women of all ages is a variety of nail designs, which can be either in the form of abstract patterns or whole complex artistic compositions. Orange is considered a very self-sufficient color, but at the same time it can be an excellent background for a variety of patterns.

Orange manicure 2019 with a patternOrange manicure 2019 with pattern style

Before drawing on an orange background, it is important to take into account that this color looks very catchy, and most of the tones will simply blend in and get lost. To prevent this from happening, patterns should be applied in black or white. Delicate or bright orange manicure 2019 with a pattern — these are the options for ideas:

Orange matte manicure 2019

Increasingly popular is the nail coating in a matte version, which looks more neat and elegant, and orange nail art is no exception. The lack of shine characteristic of gloss gives its advantages — even in bright sunlight, the color does not lose its expressiveness and depth. An orange manicure with a 2019 design looks especially beautiful and stylish in a matte version.

Orange matte manicure 2019Orange matte manicure 2019 fashion

The advantages of matte nail design are obvious — the manicure looks more sophisticated, elegant and neat. But it is important to note the disadvantages of such coverage, which for many can be very important. The main disadvantage of a matte nail design is the fact that it shows all the flaws in the shape and irregularities of the nail plate, so it is important that the manicure is flawless.

Orange matte manicure 2019 optionsOrange matte manicure 2019 design

Orange nails — design 2019 with rubbing

If you like glitter on your nails, but sequins, glitters and shimmers are not what you would like, you should pay attention to the orange manicure 2019 with a rub that creates the effect of a delicate radiant shine. The result may be different, depending on the type of rubbing — from a light pearly sheen to a glossy mirror surface.

Orange nails - design 2019 with rubbingOrange nails - design 2019 with rubbing ideas

The rubbing itself is a glitter of a very small fraction, which can be absolutely any color. For an orange manicure, it is not necessary to use a rubbing in tone — a white coating or a chameleon will look beautiful. The technology for creating a nail design is extremely simple — first, a varnish coating is applied to the nail, which can be either plain or with any decor option. Next, a thin layer of small sparkles is created and gently rubbed with a special sponge.

Orange nails - design 2019 with rubbed fashionOrange nails - design 2019 with rubbing style

Manicure 2019 orange with black

If you want your beautiful orange manicure 2019 to look more catchy and expressive, a combination with black is a great option. Such a tandem looks very contrasting and gives the female image a special sense of style. Popular ideas for combining black with orange in neit art 2019 are:

  • simple combination of two colors;
  • ombre design;
  • orange manicure 2019 with black drawings;
  • black and orange geometric nail design.
  • Manicure 2019 orange with blackManicure 2019 orange with black design

Orange and white manicure 2019

White color is considered universal and neutral, but at the same time it extinguishes the brightness of orange, making the nail design look more gentle and neat. In addition, with all the tenderness, softness and lightness, it is very contrasting, so you can use it to create a wide variety of ideas for stylish and beautiful nail art.

Orange and white manicure 2019Orange and white manicure 2019

Manicure in orange 2019 in combination with white — these are the options for ideas:

  • a simple combination of two colors;
  • white-orange jacket;
  • ombre design;
  • white drawings and patterns on an orange background, and vice versa;
  • geometric design.
  • Orange with white manicure 2019 designOrange with white manicure 2019 style

Orange manicure with marine motifs 2019

Traditionally, marine nail design is blue or aquamarine shades, but stereotypes exist to destroy them. After all, a beach holiday is associated not only with the sea itself, but also with warm sand and bright sun. According to stylists, orange nail design is the perfect solution for the summer 2019 season, this nail design creates a sunny and positive mood.

Orange manicure with marine motifs 2019 style

Orange manicure in a marine style is a lot of ideas associated with the hot sun, warm beach and relaxation. The shade of aquamarine fits perfectly into this design — the color of sea water, the beige color of sand. A variety of drawings in this theme look stylish — shells, starfish, green palm trees, colored umbrellas and much more.

Orange manicure 2019 with inscriptions

Orange manicure 2019 with inscriptions

Orange nail color is more often preferred by bright creative personalities who like attention to their person. With a high probability, such a fashionista will appreciate the stylish and original manicure in orange tones 2019 with a variety of inscriptions that will help emphasize her individuality, sense of style, mood. The inscriptions can be both interesting philosophical, reflecting the values ​​and life position of the girl, and funny, humorous.

Orange manicure 2019 with inscriptions fashion

When making inscriptions on nails, pen, what should be taken into account is their readability. Since orange is a very bright, catchy and self-sufficient color, most of the shades are lost against its background, especially when it comes to small print. The most successful options are inscriptions in black or white. The text can be placed both completely on one nail, and on all — one letter or a word on each.

Orange manicure 2019 with inscriptions fashion

Orange manicure 2019 with rhinestones

Particularly relevant for several years now is the nail design with rhinestones — miniature stones of different colors with a dazzling brilliance. This decor option transforms even the simplest manicure, giving the nails an elegant and festive look. Stylish orange manicure 2019 with rhinestones are laconic elegant ideas with combinations with small bouillon balls. Decorated can be just one nail on the hand, or everything, but it is important that the decor is not too catchy and massive — conciseness and minimalism have become the trend of 2019.

Orange manicure 2019 with rhinestonesOrange manicure 2019 with rhinestones style

Orange manicure french 2019

A beautiful French manicure is a kind of classic that has long won the widest popularity. In the original version, it was a flesh-colored, nude-colored nail plate with a neatly designed white tip. This option has not lost popularity even now, but modern fashion offers new solutions that are far from the classic conservative ones. One of these ideas was the orange nail design for the summer of 2019 in the French style.

Orange manicure french 2019Orange manicure french 2019 fashion

French in orange looks very bright and positive, it looks beautiful on both long nails and short ones, regardless of their shape. Such an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bnail design can be in two versions:

  • nude nail plate with an orange tip;
  • orange background with a “smile” of a different color (more often it is white).
  • Orange manicure french 2019Orange manicure french 2019

Orange manicure 2019 ombre

Another interesting idea that is especially relevant for bright colors of manicure is the ombre design. The idea is two or more tones on the nail plate, depending on the length, with very smooth color transitions. Orange manicure with ombre design 2019 is a combination with various colors, both neutral and calm, and bright. The most successful, according to stylists, are:

  • white with orange;
  • black;
  • red;
  • yellow — bright or calm;
  • bright pink.
  • Orange manicure 2019 ombre styleOrange manicure 2019 ombre

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