Nude glitter manicure - a selection of photo ideas for long and short nails

Naturalness has come into nail art, so a nude manicure with sparkles is one of the trends of 2020. Shiny elements of different sizes will help to diversify the coating in shades of nude. Among the limitless number of ideas, you can find options for any occasion.

Nude glitter manicure 2020

Desired such a design as a delicate manicure with sparkles 2020 makes practicality and beauty. The soothing tones of the nude palette are perfectly combined with the grace of sparkles:

  1. Manicure has such advantages as all-season, versatility, long shelf life.
  2. Not a single design from the many ideas in different directions will get bored. But a lot depends on what shades will be used, how the shiny details are arranged. The color can be expressed to a greater or lesser extent, pink or beige tonality may prevail.

nude glitter manicure 2020delicate manicure with sparkles 2020

Nude glitter manicure for long nails

Luxury and at the same time sophistication is characterized by a gentle manicure with sparkles on long nails:

  1. The main rule is not to use shiny elements in excessive quantities. It is recommended to decorate one or two nail plates, then nail art with laconic colors and sparkles will be successful.
  2. Nude shades are beige, peach and other pastel colors that are attractive in their own right. Shiny elements will turn them into a great nail weapon. In this case, the nails will not be perceived as vulgar. This move is appropriate to use for a festive or winter manicure.
  3. Due to the length of the nails, the options for using shiny elements increase, but the finished nude manicure with sparkles should not be overloaded. They can cover only one nail, but they can be applied to the entire surface. Another option would be to put one drop on several plates.

Nude glitter manicure for long nails

Nude manicure with sparkles for short

You can make a neat and incredibly stylish gentle manicure with sparkles on short nails:

  1. In this case, opaque and translucent varnishes are ideal for the background. Coming up with a design for short nails, do not get too carried away with decor. On a small nail plate, many glitters will not fit.
  2. Shiny details can be placed in a line, with an ivory or pearl edge and a pink or peach body.
  3. Minimalism and nude are the perfect combination in 2020 nail art. Shiny details can be arranged in the form of twigs or stars. It all depends on what occasion it was decided to do a nude manicure with sparkles. On short nails, shiny twigs look beautiful and bring sophistication, creativity and lightness to the image.

short nude glitter manicure

Nude manicure on oval nails with glitter

Nude shades and oval nails are a real demonstration of practicality and versatility. A drop of glitter gives the nail art a unique style. Nude manicure with almond sparkles is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of their age:

  1. The design is simple in execution, so it will be possible to realize interesting variations on your own at home. On oval nails, sparkles with a golden tint look beautiful. They can be distributed over the entire nail plate of the little finger, and on the nail of the ring finger, draw a thin vertical line over the nude background. Lacquer of the same shade can cover the rest of the nails.
  2. The background can be either matte or glossy. Shiny elements lay out horizontal or oblique stripes.

Nude manicure on oval nails with glitter

Nude glitter manicure on square nails

Nude manicure with square sparkles looks extremely stylish, well-groomed and natural. Nail art is appropriate in any situation and fits absolutely any image:

  1. To add a drop of brightness, you need to use shiny parts of different sizes and shapes. They look good on short or long square nails.
  2. They can be laid out with an ombre effect — most at the base, and less and less material is used towards the end of the plate. For this design, small sequins are best suited.
  3. Shiny elements can be laid out in geometric shapes. Many of them cannot be created, but simple shapes and lines will work. For square nails, the technique is ideal — 4 nails with a plain coating, and 1 nail with a bright design.

Nude glitter manicure on square nails

Manicure delicate design with sparkles

A beautiful nude manicure with sparkles can be created not only with the usual shades:

  1. These include light powdery and beige tones.
  2. Extraordinary, but stylish shades include coffee, blue, pink, gray.
  3. An ideal base that complements delicate nails with sparkles is discreet pastel colors.

manicure delicate design with sparkles

Nude manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Both everyday and evening looks will harmoniously complement a gentle manicure with sparkles and rhinestones:

  1. Pebbles can be placed at the base of the nail. The holes can be filled in different ways, creating an inverted version of the jacket.
  2. Sequins and rhinestones can be placed on different nails, creating interesting patterns for each decor.
  3. A nude manicure with sparkles and rhinestones is a great option for the summer. Decor with slightly darker shades is suitable for the autumn period. Shiny elements together are worth using for winter holiday design as well. Peach shade should be saved for spring. A transparent background is also suitable, on which it remains to draw twigs or geometric patterns.

Nude manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Delicate transparent manicure with sparkles

A delicate glitter manicure containing transparent details will look incredibly elegant:

  1. The design option is designed for both long nails and short ones. The most suitable shade of sequins is gold. The easiest way to create a beautiful nude glitter manicure is to apply a pastel base and then dip the tip of your nail into a jar of glitter. Excess is removed with a brush.
  2. On a transparent basis, a stretch of shiny particles looks good.
  3. From a bright decor of different colors, you can make a panel, for example, visually divide the nail into 4 zones. On the first one you can apply yellow sparkles, on the second — blue, on the third — gray, and on the fourth — purple.

delicate transparent manicure with sparkles

Pale blue glitter manicure

The nude design allows the use of other shades, for example, this is a pale pink manicure with sparkles in combination with a blue tone:

  1. The color, although not so multifunctional, goes well with all styles of clothing. Pale blue color is suitable for short and long nails. The shape does not matter much, but on sharp and almond-shaped nails, a nude blue manicure with sparkles looks better.
  2. The color is relevant for spring and summer looks. The most popular shades for nail art are as follows: pale blue, sky blue, azure blue, pale turquoise.
  3. The location of the shiny details should be suggested by fantasy, for example, they can be laid out in a wide semicircle near the base or applied to the entire nail with a transparent background, but others can be painted with a plain blue coating.
  4. The pale blue design can be supplemented with one small rhinestone near the base of each nail.

pale blue glitter manicure

Pale pink glitter nails

A pale pink manicure with sparkles will look truly unique:

  1. The design is suitable for every day and for a festive occasion. The color looks good on long square nails. On them, you can distribute a small amount of sparkles over the entire nail plate or highlight one nail, decorating its base with decor.
  2. A manicure in gentle tones with sparkles should also be chosen for long sharp nails. The main background can be matte or glossy.
  3. The ideal shade for nude nail art is cream with a bit of powdery pink.
  4. It is worth paying attention to the sandy pink color, which is great for an urban or romantic look. The shade, complemented by sequins, goes well with bright evening dresses.

pale pink glitter nails

Gentle purple glitter manicure

If you correctly approach the design, you can create a pale lilac manicure with sparkles:

  1. This option is suitable for a creative person. Shiny particles can be a mono-decoration or be part of an intricate decor.
  2. By choosing purple decor in different shades, you can achieve an ombre effect. It is better to place light purple shiny details at the base, and leave slightly darker ones for the tip of the nail. The main thing in design is to achieve the most even coverage.
  3. Violet glitter particles can be applied to the entire nail or cover only the tip with them. It looks interesting to combine two options in one manicure. You just need to use a transparent base for nails with a dyed tip.

soft purple glitter manicure

Nude manicure with glitter on the fingertips

If the classic jacket is boring, you should make nude nails with sparkles:

  1. The tip of the nail plates can be decorated with gold sparkles. The design looks elegant, in which a small heart is drawn with the same sparkles on the ring finger and on a nude background.
  2. Millennium design is the perfect nude manicure on short nails with glitter. The decor can be applied not strictly along the tip, but more casually, with a stop at the plate, as if a finger was dipped into a jar of sparkles.

nude manicure with glitter on the fingertips

Delicate manicure with sparkles and a pattern

All kinds of drawings can be supplemented with nude-colored nails with sparkles:

  1. Flowers and twigs look best, but it all depends on imagination, personal tastes and the time of year. Snowflakes, balls and other drawings on the theme of the New Year and winter are suitable for winter nail art. The drawing can be minimalistic, this is the most relevant option for 2020.
  2. Complex options are best prepared for an evening or solemn look. Drawing and shiny particles may not occur on the same finger, but may complement each other. For example, sparkles should be placed at the tip, and a rhinestone flower should be created right in the middle of the nail plate.

gentle manicure with sparkles and pattern

Matte nails with sparkles in gentle colors

An ideal option for every day, which has a lot of variety, is a matte nude manicure with sparkles:

  1. On a matte base, you can draw patterns or lay out a picture using rhinestones. Shiny details will only dilute a simple background. The length and shape of the nails does not matter. There is a design for every occasion.
  2. The simplest decoration is nails in delicate colors with sparkles located in the middle. But they themselves can become the basis for a golden branch, playing the role of grass. The color of the shiny particles in this case should be selected according to the shade of the background and pattern.

matte nails with sparkles in gentle colors

Nude manicure with gold glitter

A nude nail design with gold glitter will help create a luxurious look:

  1. According to fashion trends, golden shiny elements are appropriate for both festive and everyday use. The design looks beautiful, in which 4 nails are covered with a nude shade, and the fourth one is covered with one layer of golden glitter.
  2. The decor can be arranged in the form of a vertical line. Its thickness does not matter. A scattering of gold sequins can decorate the tip or base of the nail, or they can be collected on the right or left side of the nail plate.
  3. Fine glitters go well with delicate natural shades. Nail art is suitable for a date or for every day, but it does not go well with sportswear.

Nude manicure with gold glitter

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