Nails 2019 - new items - an overview of the latest trends of the season

The nails of the novelty 2019 have gone through several stages of evolution in order to please with a unique exclusive design in the new season. Girls need to be perfect from head to toe, only then can you feel like a perfect lady. Impeccable manicure will add confidence, grooming and beauty to the handles.

Nails 2019 new trends

Fashionable nail design 2019 novelties consist of several inexorable conditions. For a perfect manicure, first of all, you need to take care of the initial care of your hands, because on dry skin and untreated cuticles, even the most excellent manicure will look untidy and ugly. Beauty salons offer a wide range of hand care services: paraffin therapy, hardware or trimming manicure will help keep the skin moisturized and in perfect condition.

We figured out the preparation for applying a manicure, there was a more complicated process of selecting a suitable design. Fortunately, the manicure industry is developing, every day making adjustments and innovations to established traditional coatings. What trend ideas will decorate in the new season:

  1. Twig design. A very fashionable type of nail art is the image of twigs with leaves. Such a kind of analogy to the floral image. Twigs are made colored, black or left transparent.
  2. transfer foil. With its help, they make the most diverse design. Use one or more colors in one coating and cover with a matte or glossy top.
  3. Graphic drawings. A special kind of fine art, consisting of thin lines and clear sharp contours. Flowers, animal heads, abstract elements are depicted in this way.


New manicure 2019 for long nails

The novelties of 2019 manicure for long nails will make it possible to carry out any nail art, because the impressive length only contributes to this. Long nails need a more scrupulous attitude, they are not easy to grow on their own, because the rhythm of modern life requires women to participate in all areas. To facilitate this process, beauties resort to gel nail strengthening or extensions. Particularly relevant in the new season is a long almond-shaped shape with the following types of decoration:

  1. Foil. There are a myriad of types of it: cutting, transfer, slider foil. The effect of broken glass is made from chameleon cutting foil, and the slider foil is applied to the entire perimeter of the nail, similar to rubbing.
  2. Rhinestones. They will never go out of style as you can’t go wrong with the extra sparkle. Their presentation is being improved, new types of sequins are being added. Now fashionable rhinestones with the effect of opal and colored stones.
  3. different hands. New York style with a single finger is hackneyed, if you want something new, you can paint each hand with a different color — this is unusual and interesting.


New manicure 2019 for short nails

Short nails of the novelty 2019 will decorate the hands of business ladies and housewives who are not practical to wear long nails. Even the shortest nail plate can be decorated with an attractive design and the handles will look irresistible. Short length nails new 2019:

  1. Unicorn tears design. An indisputable fashion novelty in nail art. This design is made with the help of a base blot, on which a piece of foil is laid out, dried in a lamp, the rest of the foil is removed and covered with a top coat.
  2. Marble, malachite pattern. This design imitates the pattern on the stone of the same name. You can add a smoky manicure to the same list.
  3. Geometry in drawings and rhinestones. The combination of geometric images together with curly rhinestones and rivets is a sign of style and excellent taste.
  4. Caviar manicure. Transparent broths covering the entire nail area, decorated with several interspersed with rhinestones, create a trendy nail art.


Nails 2019 — new manicure

Nails 2019 novelties in the manicure world are full of variety. Several fashionable beauty innovations have appeared to create a trendy coverage. What hit new nails 2019 filled the fashion lists of trendy nail art:

  1. blurry lines. Curved asymmetrical arcs in different colors on any substrate are in great demand among cutting-edge beauties who follow fashion trends.
  2. Flexible tape for manicure. It can highlight the area under the cuticle, reproducing a steel reverse jacket, or a smile line in a traditional French manicure.
  3. Manicure with strokes. Colored careless strokes of paint produce chaotic uneven broken lines and a very interesting visual effect.
  4. molten metal. An analogue of the «unicorn tears» design, and the use of silver or gold foil represents molten silver or gold.


Red nails — new 2019

New 2019 nails in bright colors using a red tint will embody a bold and catchy nail art. Red color goes well with white and black base colors, and can be used to reproduce ombre, french, moon manicure. The red color goes well with a matte top and is often complemented by rhinestones. Another classic is the combination of red and gold, they can be combined in the form of gold foil, sparkles, ribbons. Even solid red nails look self-sufficient, and a wide range of shades from light to dark will satisfy any taste.


New nails 2019 — rubbing

The sharp nails of the new 2019 with the use of rubbing will be a good choice in the autumn-winter period. All types of rubbing are relevant in the new season, both independently and in combination with another design. Any color is covered with a mirror rub and acquires an incredible shine and radiance. Pearl rubbing will emphasize the tenderness of the light coating. Rubbing a unicorn or a cockchafer will give charming play of shades. Holographic rubbing has been at the top of fashion trends for more than one season, and this year will not be an exception. It is possible to add rubbing to another type of design.


Nude nail design — new 2019

Delicate nails of the novelty 2019 in a nude version will perfectly fit into the business style. Such delicate colors are suitable for business ladies, show business stars, young beauties, for decorating a wedding manicure. Kamifubuki on a matte finish, sealed under a matte finish, look unusual and original. Beige and white creates the perfect jacket or baby boomer design — a kind of gradient. Beige is often used to perform a negative manicure, because it does not contrast much with transparent areas. Any image will look expressive on a beige background.


Drawings on nails 2019 — new items

New 2019 nails with flowers will be a wonderful feminine addition to your look. Floral design in all years, regardless of the season, is in particular demand. Vintage images of flowers are often complemented with casting and rhinestones. In addition to floristry, the fruit theme is very loved, and raspberries and papaya have replaced watermelons and oranges. Animal print is more relevant than ever, nails can be dressed to match a leopard or draw a small animal or a bug on them. Volumetric patterns, monograms, Scandinavian and African ornaments are also able to recreate stylish nail art.


New nails 2019 — ombre

Airbrushing on the nails of the novelty 2019 has long gone beyond mixing two colors. Now, when making a gradient, you can mix several shades, observing smooth transitions or making a geometric ombre. The airbrush is the perfect tool for a non-trivial gradient. The double mix is ​​the best in black and red, and beige and white combination. The geometric ombre suggests making the transition not smooth stretches, but clear lines, these can be stripes, zigzags, corners or circles. They also make a gradient jacket and pattern, decorate the design with rhinestones, kamifubuki, sparkles.


New french nails 2019

French nails 2019 new items with a pattern in the smile line area are an original way to diversify the traditional vision of French manicure. The now fashionable geometry has also migrated to this design, the jacket is decorated with straight broken lines, or a non-standard jacket is made, highlighting the free edge area with geometric shapes so that it is not immediately possible to understand what kind of design it is. Reverse French, with a smile line under the cuticle, is also in trend and is compatible with other techniques, just like a gradient and a jacket are compatible in one manicure.


New nails 2019 — geometry

Stylish nails of the new 2019 with geometry have become a household name in fashionable nail art. Geometry has filled the hearts and the market of decorative jewelry in the form of geometric rhinestones, rivets, large sequins. The drawn geometric pattern will be a good addition to monochrome. It can be abstract or symmetrical, extensive and minimalistic, even one small geometric figure looks stylish and spectacular. Ethnic patterns combine several forms in one ornament, they are reproduced in different colors and sparkles.


Nails — new 2019 with sparkles

New 2019 nails with rhinestones and sparkles will become a sparkling nail decoration. Sequins come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, from fine glittery dust to large kamifubuki. A monophonic manicure, locally covered with sparkles to match, will add shine and relief. Sequins lay out a jacket, holes and even make an ombre. Any pattern, three-dimensional drawing, modeling can be applied to sequins, such a design is very solemn and is used in wedding and festive decoration of nails. Large kamifubukas make confetti designs, or lay them out in one row.

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Nails — novelties 2019 cat’s eye

Nails of the novelty of 2019 with the effect of a cat’s eye are also being improved both in design and in the coating itself. Now this varnish has 5D, 7D and even 24D visualization with maximum depth effect. This design is performed with gel polish and a special magnet that reproduces the desired effect. With a magnetic pen, you can make an intricate pattern, ranging from a diagonal line to a snake print. Often, a varnish with a cat’s eye effect is covered with a matte top and gel drops or a pattern are applied, or modeling and a three-dimensional pattern can be applied to it.


Solid nails — new 2019

White nails of the novelty 2019 in a monochrome version will become a decoration in the summer season, because they look great on tanned skin, and in winter manicure, associating with snow and New Year holidays. Nails of any length and shape are covered with white color and look equally beautiful. They can be covered with a pearl rub, adding radiance. In addition to white, neon shades are relevant in the new season, especially lemon ones. All dark, saturated colors are also in trend, especially for short lengths, so choosing plum and wine shades, you definitely can’t go wrong.

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Nails — novelties 2019 with an inscription

Fashionable nail design novelties 2019 with inscriptions quickly took root to the top of the top design options. The inscriptions are applied manually, with the help of stickers, stamping. In the course of the latest fashion trends, nails with inscriptions new 2019 brought to mind the newspaper design that was popular a few seasons ago. It is made with newspaper clippings and alcohol. Wetting a segment with a font in alcohol, it is applied to the nail, pressed down and the inscription is transferred to the coating. This design can easily be done at home. The inscription can consist of one word, phrase and phrase.

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Nails — novelties 2019 gossamer

Stylish nails of the new 2019 with a thick gel, which is applied in thin intersecting lines, fell in love with fashionistas of all ages. This design can be interpreted and supplemented in different ways. The lines are applied evenly, making a slight wave or bend. Often in this way they improve the rainbow design, smoky, ombre. Simple lines are interesting, but if you complement them with rhinestones, sparkles or colored blots, they will change many times over. For applying cobwebs, black and white are used, or their combination, and for summer manicure they experiment with bright colors.


Nails — new 2019 with holes

New nails 2019 lunar design has changed and improved in recent years. Previously, the holes were left unpainted, but now they are painted with different colors, sparkles and combined with other designs. A successful moon manicure is combined with a jacket and ombre, contrasting in shades with the main coat. It is very fashionable to reproduce negative space without painting over the area under the base of the nail and marking the hole on it. Geometric holes are attractive and relevant. They are even, devoid of an arcuate outline, triangular or rectangular and decorated with all sorts of decor.


Matte nails — new 2019

New 2019 nails with a matte finish allow for a variety of traditional glossy polish. Matte effect will transform any art and design. The opacity emphasizes the radiance of rhinestones especially well, so they are often used in combination. Rhinestones lay out lines and patterns over a matte base, combining different sizes and colors. The matte top will perfectly accentuate gold and silver ribbons, castings and molten metal designs. The combination of gloss and matt harmoniously merge together, bringing an unprecedented visual effect.


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