Beautiful manicure on short nails — there is nothing easier. We learned from the masters how to make it: is it possible to cover it with gel polish, what color and design to choose.

What shape is suitable for very short nails

The best option is an oval, as close as possible to the natural shape of the nail plate. It will continue the line of the fingers and visually lengthen them, and the soft shape without clear angles will make the nail more elegant.

Delicate manicure for short nails: what shades are suitable

For short and very short nails, milky, coffee, powdery and beige shades are perfect. Such a manicure looks natural and appropriate in any situation. Varnish of nude colors can be applied in one layer — a translucent coating will create the effect of healthy natural nails.

Dark manicure for short nails: is black varnish suitable?

Fortunately, by 2020 we have (almost) got rid of the taboos associated with aspects of beauty, so there is no longer a division of the color palette for long and short nails.

However, something still remains a fact — for example, dark shades visually lengthen the nail plate. And it’s not just about black: burgundy, eggplant, muted emerald, dark olive, cadet blue or the color of wet asphalt are rightfully included in the category of noble universal colors.

Not only the chosen shade, but also the application technique can visually lengthen the nail. “Leave a space of one millimeter uncovered on each side of the plate — this way the nail will look longer,” advises Anastasia Ustichenko, a manicurist at the White Garden Health and Beauty Center.

Timeless classic: how to choose red polish for very short nails

You should not be afraid of the red color: it is beautiful and it seems that it will never go out of fashion. And in the Pantone palette there are 100 shades of this color, for example:

  • baked apple color;
  • American beauty;
  • high risk;
  • and even ski patrol.

Everyone will find their red.

If you get lost among the variety of shades, choose classic red — it is universal for any length and shape. For summer and spring, coral is useful, and in autumn — burgundy and burgundy.

Matte, glossy or glitter: short nails

The final coating (top) can be of three types: glossy, matte and shiny. All three are suitable for short nails, and which one to choose — focus on the desired result.

For example, according to Svetlana Kashitsyna, manicure master of YOUNIQUE skin & nail bar, the matte finish muffles the color and gives it a cashmere effect –– suitable for those who love soft, calm tones.

A shiny top on short nails, according to some nail artists, resembles children’s creativity, but this, of course, is not so. Pearl and mother-of-pearl finish look gentle and diversify the monochromatic coating of any color.

Design Ideas for Very Short Nails

  • french. Suitable for any occasion and outfit. On short nails, it is important to observe one rule: the white strip should be thin. A thick line will shorten the nail plate and make it disproportionate. French can be made colored.
  • Rhinestones. With rhinestones, it is important not to overdo it — both with quantity and size. Large crystals will make the nail smaller and shorter. As for the design, put a few beads of different sizes at the base of the nail — it’s concise and beautiful.
  • Metallic effect (rubbing). To quickly and easily diversify a monochromatic coating, rubbing will help — a special powder for creating different effects, from delicate highlights to rich holographic overflows. Pearl or mother-of-pearl pigment is suitable for delicate images for every day, and metallic on a dark basis — for evening outings.
  • handmade design. Drawing pictures on short nails is difficult, and there is no need — minimalism, geometry and abstraction are in fashion. For example, thin vertical lines lengthen the plate, and simple floral motifs on a neutral base look relevant even on short nails.

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