Manicure summer 2020, fashion trends - for every day and for special occasions

Summer 2020 manicure can be a harmonious addition to the image, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse. This is expressed both in the choice of the shape of the nail plates, and in the use of various colors, while the shade of the coating can be both catchy and rich, and gentle, emphasizing femininity.

Summer manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Stylists offer a variety of variations in which summer 2020 manicure can be performed on long nails or on shortened nail plates:

  1. In 2020, saturated colors will be relevant, it can be a kind of abstraction, simple geometric shapes or classics, but already complemented by bright solutions.
  2. Often girls stop at the almond shape, because it visually looks fragile and soft. This is emphasized by varnishes of light and pastel colors. You can turn to darker shades.
  3. A sharp shape has returned to fashion, even if it is covered with a bright monochromatic varnish, it will help the young lady stand out from the crowd.
  4. Warm shades will be relevant, it can be coffee, plum, toffee and creme brulee colors.
  5. This year, the lunar and French manicure summer 2020 will be relevant, while fashion trends are characterized by the fact that when it comes to summer design, the classic completely changes its appearance. To make the jacket interesting, the white stripe should be replaced with a multi-colored one.

summer manicure 2020 fashion trendstrendy manicure for the summer of 2020

Summer manicure 2020 — fashion trends for short

The fantasy of the masters does not dry out, so the summer 2020 fashionable manicure for short nails is represented by a variety of original ideas:

  1. In 2020, a tropical print design will be relevant. For its implementation, all shades of green colors are suitable; white or black tones can be used as an addition.
  2. A stylish trend is summer 2020 manicure, the fashion trends of which are represented by drawings in the form of butterflies. They can be painted with varnish, made using three-dimensional elements or inlaid with rhinestones.
  3. On a short length, you can create a classic using thin stripes for a smile.

summer manicure 2020 fashion trends for short

Summer manicure 2020 — fashion trends for long

Fashionable manicure summer 2020 on long nails will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. In 2020, a graceful gradient will be welcomed, it looks especially beautiful in neutral shades.
  2. Minimalism and geometry continue to be relevant. On the nails, you can create fine lines or add shine with glitter or sequins.
  3. Nail art with inscriptions continues to be popular on long nails. A single color overlay is used as a base to keep the text well readable. For additional decoration, you can use foil inserts or sparkles.
  4. On long nails, a marble design or decoration of one nail with glitter looks amazing.

summer manicure 2020 fashion trends for long

Manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends almond

On the almond-shaped nails, you can apply all sorts of summer 2020 fashion trends for women:

  1. A win-win solution would be to turn to a French or moon design. You can complement the idea with a beautiful accent with floral motifs.
  2. Almond-shaped nails with a gradient transition look great, delicate shades are mainly used.
  3. The summer 2020 season manicure is relevant, the fashion trends of which are represented by images of animals, goodies and fruits.
  4. On the almond shape, you can see a trendy web, negative space and a smoky pattern.

manicure summer 2020 fashion trends almonds

Manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends square

In a variety of performance techniques, you can find a stylish summer 2020 manicure, the trends of which are represented by original ideas on a square shape:

  1. You can create a gradient or matte nail art. Do not forget about romantic options, this is a square manicure with delicate flowers, light curls, lace patterns and bright thematic patterns.
  2. In summer, bright shades, all kinds of floral and abstract patterns can play advantageously on a square shape.

manicure summer 2020 fashion trends square

Fashion trends for the summer season 2020

Stylists are invited to the attention of girls manicure summer 2020 fashion trends, the novelties of which are extremely diverse:

  1. In the summer of 2020, artistic drawings on a white background are highly valued. There are no subject restrictions. It is worth trying a new trend — blureffect, when a simple drawing is applied to a colored, slightly blurred background.
  2. Those who want more should use a pearl mirror powder.
  3. French is a classic, which is presented both in traditional performance and in new directions, when the shape of a smile is modified and shiny elements and catchy tones are taken.
  4. The gradient is able to best convey the rich colors of summer.
  5. If you want to give an image of depth, you can turn to dark coatings.
  6. Extraordinary drawings will fully reflect the individuality of a fashionista.

summer fashion trends 2020manicure summer 2020 fashion trends new items

Summer jacket 2020 — fashion trends

When summer manicure 2020 fashion trends are chosen, the jacket deservedly occupies one of the leading positions:

  1. For the hot season, the classic French design has changed a bit. It appeared juicy and contrasting shades. They are rooted not only in the “smile”, but also in the base coat.
  2. Manicure summer 2020 French fashion trends should be complemented with sparkles of bright color, while not forgetting about the sense of proportion. A brilliant design should pair with a solid color finish. If you do really fashionable nail art, then you should use the matte option.

summer jacket 2020 fashion trends

Bright manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends

If you create fashionable summer manicure 2020, bright trends will be incredibly popular:

  1. Bright nail art looks great with azure, blue, turquoise and blue shades. By adding a shimmer to them, you will be able to get a miracle manicure.
  2. In the summer of 2020, the color of lush grass and the yellow sun will become relevant. A design shimmering in the sun is perfectly created with a gel polish with glitter or other shiny texture.
  3. The trend of 2020 is also delicate mother-of-pearl, peach and coral tones.
  4. Bright manicure summer 2020 fashion trends can be in a minimalist style. For this idea, you can use a plain bright coating, to which simple drawings on two nails are added.

bright manicure summer 2020 fashion trends

Fashionable manicure for summer 2020 trends — geometry

By using geometric shapes, you can embody the most fashionable summer 2020 manicure:

  1. Both complex geometric patterns with decor and minimalist lines are in trend.
  2. The most common option is polka dots or moon design.
  3. Popular summer 2020 patterns include: cage, squares, hearts.
  4. Won a place and diagonal geometry. Strict straight lines look great on short nails.
  5. The combination of black and geometry may seem gloomy. However, this is easy to fix if you add a light tone, gold or silver sparkles.
  6. The geometry also looks good on a red plain surface. This is a great choice for special occasions.

fashion manicure for summer 2020 trends geometrythe most fashionable manicure summer 2020

Manicure summer 2020 fashion trends — gradient

Stylish nail art provides an opportunity to embody a variety of summer 2020 fashion trends:

  1. The design should be done in pastel, nude or bright neon shades. The minimum number of colors is two, the maximum is as far as the width of the nail plate allows. The design is suitable for short and long nails of any shape.
  2. The gradient is a great base for drawings. In some cases, it even becomes part of the design. The gradient is combined with a jacket, more precisely, it turns the “smile” into a stretch of a light shade.
  3. Manicure gradient summer 2020 fashion trends perfectly combined with rhinestones, rubbing and «cobweb» The decor should be used wisely, depending on what style you want to give your hands.

manicure summer 2020 fashion trends gradient

Manicure summer 2020 fashion trends — dark shades

The opinion that only light nail art is needed in the summer is erroneous. You can meet such fashion trends in the summer of 2020:

  • slate magnetism, which fully manifests itself on a velvety matte base. All 50 shades of gray can be used;
  • mocha style, which moved from hair to nails. Glossy chocolate patterns work well with a matte finish;
  • galactic design, which is a combination of blue-black and deep purple;
  • manicure summer 2020, the fashion trends of which are presented in dark shades, can be chosen for nails of any length and shape.

manicure summer 2020 fashion trends dark shades

Manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends drawings

All kinds of original images are one of the solutions that represent the summer 2020 manicure trends:

  1. Recently, a white base has become popular, which is complemented by flowers, beads, a bottle of perfume, and other elements that bring the Parisian theme closer.
  2. Marine design, fruit nail art, ice cream images, which are incredibly relevant in the summer season, do not give up their positions on the fashionable Olympus.

manicure summer 2020 fashion trends drawingsmanicure trends summer 2020

Nude manicure summer 2020 — trends

If you want to embody a gentle fashionable manicure for the summer of 2020, you can use nude colors:

  1. In the new season, it is worth combining two trends — geometry and nude. On a matte or glossy base, it is worth depicting triangles, rhombuses, squares, circles and other shapes in a chaotic manner.
  2. Another fashionable option is black or colored dots on a cream, beige tone. Their location depends only on the imagination of the master and mistress of the marigolds.
  3. Stripes and lines are also welcome on nude coverage. Single, parallel (vertical or horizontal), they can be absolutely anything.
  4. Nude goes well with the pattern, because the neutral color will only emphasize its beauty. Popular images include: leaves, flowers, fruits, animals, abstraction.
  5. Free space should be left around the image, so in some cases a large pattern may occupy the entire nail, but there should be a solid coating next door.

nude manicure summer 2020 trends

White manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends

White shade is a popular option, which presents the trendy colors of summer 2020 manicure:

  1. White will not be boring, because it can also be decorated, for example, with a beautiful contrasting pattern. Juicy fruits, which become incredibly popular in summer, stand out twice as much against a white background.
  2. If a wedding is to take place in the summer, then there is nothing more reasonable than the combination of white and rhinestones. For calmer days, decor is provided — geometry.
  3. The simplest decor option is foil, which can be both an accent and a base coat. It is worth experimenting with different types of foil, because the result will exceed expectations.

white manicure summer 2020 fashion trends

Red manicure summer 2020 — fashion trends

When a summer 2020 manicure is selected, fashion trends, a solid red design or containing decor, will become an extremely popular type of nail art.

  1. A color that is strongly associated with a positive mood does not go out of style. The most popular designs include monophonic, very simple and beautiful, appropriate in any situation.
  2. Ombre is combined with red, but it can also be diluted with a rub. The cat-eye technique is also relevant, which is incredibly amazing.
  3. If you decorate nail art with something, then with a clear pattern, small pearls or rhinestones.
  4. It is important to combine no more than three shades with red, placing them on accent nails.

red manicure summer 2020 fashion trendsfashion trends summer 2020

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