In December last year, I became interested in art manicure. It all started with matte nails with black designs, and ended with rhinestones. I highly recommend the salon, which is called «Mel», I implemented all my experiments with them. The most thrill is when you have one idea in your head, but then you come to the place, you see all sorts of things that you can stick, translate or draw, and, as a result, you leave with completely different nails.

Anyone who draws, even unprofessionally, I advise you to decorate your nails with your own creativity. You just need to show the masters of the work, and they will figure out how to transfer them to the nails. You will definitely get pleasure — it’s nice to admire what you created yourself.

Igor’s manicure with his own drawings

Another of the options that I wanted to do to myself, but it didn’t work out (plus this is a rather radical story and not everyone will be ready for it) is to make hematomas, bruises on the nails, as if a finger was crushed by a door or a car. What else is possible. I could not find decent examples, but I think you can show the master and real ones.

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