In manicure, it is important not only to monitor the condition of the nail coating, but also to remove it correctly. We found out from the experts everything about the technique of safely removing gel polish at home. Although it is still better to do it in the cabin.

How best to remove gel polish at home

There are two ways to remove the coating from the nails at home: with a special liquid and foil or a manicure device. Safer and more effective — the second, when a special cutter gently removes the gel coating without injuring the nail plate. This is the method used in salons.

Other advantages of removing gel polish with the device are listed by Elena Likhova, coach-mentor of the network of manicure and pedicure salons «Fingers».

  • Manicurist knows the intricacies of removing old gel polish. For example, in the cuticle area, it is worth acting very carefully: the nail scales there are still quite soft and immature.
  • Acetone in nail polish remover is an aggressive and caustic ingredient that dries out the delicate skin of your fingers.
  • With self-removal, a beginner risks damaging the nail plate. This is easy to do, for example, if you overexpose the gel polish remover or cut off the coating, hitting the top layer of the nail, which is responsible for the strength of the nails.
  • Removing the coating with the machine will take about 10 minutes, and with liquid and foil — twice as long.

How to remove gel polish with a machine in the salon

The master disinfects the client’s hands, and then removes the old coating layer by layer with a sterile cutter. The power of the device is adjusted according to the client’s feelings and the condition of the nails. So, it is worth acting especially carefully on damaged nails. If the client plans to re-coat, the master leaves a part of the strengthening base of the coating so as not to injure the nail plate once again.

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How to remove gel polish at home

If you need to remove gel polish, but there is no time to go to the salon, you will have to act on your own. Or by the forces of a home manicure machine — its power of 35-40 W (against 60 W or more in professional devices) is enough to remove the old coating and process the cuticle. But even such simple gadgets require skill and experience.

What you definitely shouldn’t do is to tear off the gel polish, tearing off piece by piece. So you remove the coating with the upper (dorsal) layer of the nail. The adhesion of gel polish to this layer is strong, so it is impossible not to damage it. If the dorsal layer is damaged, the nail plate becomes thinner, the nails become brittle, bend easily, and look unkempt.

Step by step: how to remove gel polish with a special liquid

The most affordable way to remove gel polish «here and now» is with the help of foil and a special acetone-based product. Zamina Shakhbanova, a nail service master at the Be Beauty Bar beauty salon, shared a step-by-step instruction.

What will you need?

  • Nail file, preferably with an abrasiveness of 100/180 grit (grit is a unit of measure for the hardness of a tool).
  • Cotton discs.
  • Gel polish or nail polish remover with acetone.
  • Foil.
  • Manicure sticks from an orange tree.
  • Nutritious cream.

What to do?

  • Cut the cotton pads into triangles about the length and width of a nail plate. So the nail polish remover will be less likely to get on the skin and irritate it.
  • Remove the gel polish from your nails with a nail file. The thinner the layer, the faster the remover (liquid) will dissolve the varnish.
  • Soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover, apply to the nail, and then wrap it tightly in foil. Wait 5-15 minutes, the time depends on how much you cut the coating.
  • Remove the foil, the polish should come off with it.
  • Remove the remains with an orange stick or a pusher — this metal tool looks like a spatula and imitates the bend of the nail plate. Proceed with caution: do not attempt to remove the coating if it does not come off. Just wrap your nails in foil again for a few more minutes.
  • At the end of the procedure, treat your fingers with oil or a fat cream to protect the skin from dryness.

How to remove gel polish at home (photo 2)


Useful tips for removing gel polish for beginners

  • Do not overdo it with the removal of the old coating. Proceed carefully, moving the nail file over the entire surface of the nail. Do not try to cut the gel polish clean, you risk damaging the nail. If during the procedure you experience discomfort or burning, most likely you are already doing something wrong. Stop and continue with more delicate movements.
  • Before wrapping your finger in foil, apply a fat cream to the skin around, it will protect against the aggressive components of the liquid.
  • At the end of the session, use a buff — a universal nail file in the form of a bar. Buff removes all irregularities from the nail, grinds and polishes the surface of the nail plate. It will help smooth out the external consequences of an independent procedure.

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