Fashionable clothes spring 2020 - 58 photos of the most fashionable looks and combinations

The fair sex, who follow current trends, will be interested to know what fashionable clothes will be in spring 2020. Designers presented a number of new products in their collections, among which any girl will choose an option to her taste.

Fashion trends in clothing spring 2020

Stylish and fashionable clothes for spring 2020 are represented by the following trends:

  1. Attention deserves bright and rich colors, which at the same time look alluring and mysterious. Relevant red, purple, yellow and pink tones.
  2. Among the main hits are such prints as floral, striped, 3D, animalistic, striped and checkered. In one image it will be possible to combine several different types of drawing, this is only welcome. In the spring you can play on contrasts.
  3. Logos and inscriptions, drawings in the style of pop art are in fashion. You can create bold and extraordinary bows that will make the girl stand out from the crowd. When looking for an answer to the question of what to wear in the spring of 2020, outerwear can be presented in such variations.
  4. If we talk about fabrics, then designers recommend paying attention to silk or satin and other expensive fabrics in different variations.

fashion trends in clothing spring 2020clothes spring 2020

Spring 2020 Trends — Women’s Clothing

Designers bring to the attention of fashionistas a variety of clothing trends in the spring of 2020, which are presented in the following variations:

  1. mini length. Ideal for girls with great legs.
  2. Bra. This piece of clothing can be worn in everyday and evening looks.
  3. Gold is also in fashion. With the right selection of clothes, such clothes can be worn every day.
  4. Total bow in jeans. Such images will turn out very interesting and unusual, so it’s definitely worth a try.
  5. Tropical prints. Such fashionable clothes for spring 2020 look bright and extravagant.
  6. Clothing with puffed sleeves — from flirty lanterns to voluminous puffs.
  7. Animal prints: zebra, python and leopard.
  8. Jumpsuits in a variety of variations.
  9. Floral prints are always in fashion in spring and add lightness to looks.
  10. Sheer blouses or dresses, often worn without underwear.
  11. Fringe of various types is in demand.

spring 2020 trends women's clothingclothing trends spring 2020

Antitrends in clothes spring 2020

When stylish women’s clothing is selected, spring 2020 fashion means not only studying current novelties, but also anti-trends that must be avoided. These include the following things:

  • fur vests. It is better to replace them with a light fur coat;
  • jackets made of thin fabrics. They hang very ugly on the shoulders;
  • narrow coat with patterns;
  • tight jackets. It is better to replace them with leather jackets and quilted cropped jackets, parkas or bombers;
  • short coats, down jackets and parkas (above the knee);
  • trench dress;
  • tight lace dress;;
  • shirt dress: from denim in mini length or from dense cotton with a checkered pattern;
  • bandeau dress;
  • tutu skirt or sun skirt;
  • denim mini skirt;
  • classic trousers with arrows;
  • tight shirts;
  • sweaters with collars-collars;
  • thin jersey cardigans.

anti-trends in clothes spring 2020clothes spring 2020

Fashionable clothing color spring 2020

Couturiers offer a variety of colors in clothes in the spring of 2020. There will be a variety of shades in the trend, so every girl will be able to find something for herself:

  • fiery red;
  • mosaic blue;
  • faded denim;
  • blue blazer and classic blue;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • grape compote;
  • Orange peel;
  • saffron;
  • Biscay green;
  • olive;
  • Sunshine;
  • coral pink;
  • lark feathers;
  • brilliant white;
  • ashen.

trendy clothing color spring 2020colors in clothes spring 2020

Clothing style spring 2020

You can choose your style without any problems, if you focus on modern trends. Designers recommend paying attention to the following fashion trends that are used in the manufacture of clothes in the spring of 2020:

  1. Images with elements of red color. You can buy chic red dresses, overalls, skirts and blouses. You can complete the bow with a red spring coat or jacket.
  2. Images in white or with elements of white. The bows in total white color look the most interesting. Dresses, trouser suits, shirts or blouses in your favorite style will do.
  3. Floral print outfits. Dresses are acceptable in combination with coats or overalls, skirts, trouser suits, tops and so on.
  4. Pantsuits in all their diversity. You can take suits in a romantic style, casual, street style or sport chic. Fashionable clothes for spring 2020 can be complemented with fringe, embroidery, floral patterns and so on.
  5. The image in total jeans. The perfect choice for denim lovers. There are even whole denim suits.
  6. Leather clothing is also acceptable.. It can be shirts, trousers, jackets and so on.
  7. Images with flying dresses will look very airy and feminine.

clothing style spring 2020clothing capsule for spring 2020

Women’s clothing collections spring 2020

If we consider the latest trends that represent the collection of clothes in the spring of 2020 from different designers, we can distinguish the following trends:

  1. Green fashion. Floral and floral prints appeared in clothes, which look interesting and whimsical.
  2. Only basic things. Classic women’s clothing is easy to combine with each other, which is what many designers use.
  3. Pastel has also regained its former popularity.
  4. Macrame and knitting looks interesting and brings back the fashion of the 70s.
  5. A huge bag, more reminiscent of a bag, has come into fashion. It will fit everything, which is incredibly convenient.
  6. Trouser suits for business women have also become relevant.
  7. Fashionable clothes spring 2020 with a bare shoulder looks mysterious and unusual.

spring 2020 womenswear collectionsspring 2020 clothing collection

Outerwear spring 2020

Many fashion collections feature outerwear for women in the spring of 2020:

  1. Trench coats: oversized, short, with different sleeves or dropped shoulders.
  2. A coat that goes well with business attire.
  3. Cardigans are the perfect finishing touch to any spring look.
  4. Ponchos and capes, which are still very popular.
  5. Short fur coats that provide the opportunity to warm up if necessary.
  6. Bombers that help create very stylish looks.
  7. Leather jackets in a variety of options.
  8. Denim jackets are a great option for spring.

outerwear spring 2020outerwear for women spring 2020

Streetwear spring 2020

Streetwear fashion for girls in the spring of 2020 will be very popular because it allows you to wear comfortable and beautiful things. Designers have selected options for all girls, so that everyone can find something for themselves. The following items are on trend:

  • raincoats and capes;
  • down jackets, coats, jackets;
  • poncho with an interesting design;
  • leather raincoats with floral prints;
  • light chiffon skirts, complemented by tight jackets or trench coats;
  • transparent blouses complete with tight plain trousers or a pencil skirt;
  • fur coats made of artificial or natural fur in bright colors;
  • leather jackets;
  • bomber jackets;
  • striped spring 2020 streetwear fashion, including striped knee socks and socks;
  • denim products in different variations;
  • capes and wraps;
  • mid-calf cocktail dresses;
  • pleated skirts.

streetwear spring 2020fashion clothes for girls spring 2020

Casual wear spring 2020

Casual fashion clothes for women in the spring of 2020 are represented by such current trends:

  • products in the style of the 70s;
  • dresses, skirts and shorts in mini length;
  • spring 2020 trendy casual wear with plaid prints;
  • denim total bow is ideal for every day;
  • products made of transparent fabrics that look airy and gentle;
  • a variety of trouser suits that will appeal to girls who love practical looks;
  • dresses of any style;
  • overalls;
  • shirts and blouses, skirts;
  • jeans of different styles.

casual wear spring 2020fashion clothes for women spring 2020

Evening wear spring 2020

Evening dresses are an exquisite type of clothing for spring 2020 for girls:

  1. The classic remains relevant, and an open back and shoulders, a deep neckline and a long hem are considered additional elements of a fashionable product. Ball gowns with puffy skirts will also look good.
  2. Combination dresses have come into fashion, which are ideal both for the evening and for every day. Asymmetric products in various versions look interesting. Black dresses are also relevant. Even a sheath dress looks elegant if you complement it with lace and beautiful stones.
  3. If we consider the color in clothes for spring 2020, then white wardrobe items are also very good, they set a festive atmosphere. A short ball gown with a multi-layered skirt looks beautiful. A lot of elongated models were also presented at the shows.
  4. Strapless evening dresses look curious. They are very elegant and beautiful and make every woman stand out.

evening wear spring 2020clothes for spring 2020 for girls

Fashionable women’s clothing for overweight spring 2020

For owners of magnificent forms, designers also offer a stylish clothing capsule for the spring of 2020. The following types of products are popular:

  1. Dresses with large prints to the knees or mini. Let’s say a small floral ornament.
  2. Pastel coat.
  3. Trousers in rich colors with a straight cut, slightly cropped and loose silhouette.
  4. Skirts to the knee or midi length. The best styles are straight or pleated, under the skin, denim or pleated.
  5. Trouser suits: pink, blue, blue, purple.
  6. Total denim bow.
  7. Loose cozy sweaters without a pronounced collar.
  8. If outerwear is chosen for the overweight, fashion in the spring of 2020 suggests choosing a classic or straight-cut coat.

fashionable women's clothing for overweight spring 2020outerwear for overweight fashion spring 2020

Fashionable clothes for pregnant women spring 2020

Pregnant girls can look stylish too. Fashion for spring 2020 in clothes for them is represented by the following trends:

  • dresses in the form of an elongated tunic;
  • loose blouses, shirts;
  • cardigans, jackets and wrap coats;
  • cotton evening dresses;
  • loose sweaters or jumpers;
  • trousers or jeans of any cut.

maternity fashion spring 2020fashion for spring 2020 in clothes

Fashionable clothes for women 40 years spring 2020

For women over 40, incredibly stylish spring 2020 clothes are designed:

  1. As for dresses, it is advisable to take options from wool or silk, cotton. The style is best to take a «case» because it is comfortable and makes it possible to wear it every day. Greek-style dresses are also suitable.
  2. Relevant for women over 40 and cargo pants. Good jeans with a high waist and dress pants.
  3. Fashionable stylish clothes for spring 2020 are also presented in such options as trouser suits, light shirts or blouses. Classic midi skirts look great. Avoid mini.

fashion clothes for women 40 years spring 2020stylish clothes spring 2020

Fashionable images in clothes spring 2020

Absolutely from any wardrobe items you can make stylish sets of clothes in the spring of 2020:

  1. Air images made up of clothes made of light fabrics look great. Denim total bows will be very popular.
  2. You can combine dresses with floral prints with light cardigans.
  3. Outerwear for girls in spring 2020 is often represented by leather options that can be combined with blouses and jeans.

fashionable images in clothes spring 2020clothing sets spring 2020

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