Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020 — an overview of the most relevant novelties of the season


Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020 - an overview of the most relevant novelties of the season

Fashion trends for autumn-winter 2019-2020 are diverse, but united in their goals. They are designed to emphasize beauty through trendy clothing. Some subtleties in choosing clothes will help to create a fashionable look so that every woman feels at her best.

Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020 in clothes

The fashion trends of 2020 are presented in the collections of famous designers. All clothes have a single style, direction and differ only in the way of finishing and decor. What will be in trend in the new season:

  1. Havelock coat. This trench coat model is distinguished by the presence of a cape. The colors of this coat have no limits, they can be solid or combined from contrasting shades. The combination of different types of fabrics, the addition of fur or leather elements will only improve the model.
  2. Leather Total look. Designers offer to completely make up the image of leather products, and the more brutal the look, the more trendy the image, so black is the best color. Leather dress, jumpsuit, suit — you can choose whatever your heart desires and be an icon of style in the new season.
  3. Accent shoulders. Large shoulder pads are back on the fashion list with a few tweaks. Now they use shoulder pads, or other types of accent details in this area: ruffles, frills, fringes.

Prints, clothing colors and decor also play an important role in a stylish look. Neon lemon shades are at the peak of popularity and are often found in most brands. The black and red buffalo check and houndstooth prints are the most successful prints, the main thing is to combine a softer contrast so that the owner’s appearance is not lost against the background of the clothes. You can also add some rebellious bold elements in the form of chains, spikes, rivets.


Coat 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Fashion trends 2019-2020 in outerwear are chosen for stylish warming in the off-season. A well-chosen coat will emphasize the appearance, style and peculiarity of its mistress. What styles, colors in the coat will be a trendy chip in the new season:

  1. Basic beige coat. This type of outerwear is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. This coat is relevant in any season and is suitable for any clothes.
  2. snow white chic. A white coat will decorate, rejuvenate and refresh. For a festive look — this coat is indispensable.
  3. Baggy coats. Oversize is at the peak of popularity in all types of clothing and coats are no exception. For daring, expressive girls, this is a great way to stand out.
  4. Checkered and bright colors. The cage does not give up its leading position this season, the combination of different colors, soft and as contrasting as possible, will be a good accent. This applies to bright colors and prints, which will also not fall behind in the new season.


Down jackets 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Women’s winter down jackets 2019 2020 fashion trends have several undisputed favorites among beauties. For modern women, it is very important to preserve the peculiarity, individuality and exclusivity at any time of the year. In the cold, it is especially important to feel attractive, feminine and at the same time be stylish and fashionable. Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020:

  1. Quilted down jacket. It is fashionable every year, modernizing in decor, style and length. Now bright and steel shades are fashionable.
  2. Down jacket blanket. A variety of oversize down jackets with a voluminous collar and a straight wrap cut with a belt.
  3. Short down jackets. The shortened version is non-trivial and will bring special audacity. Voluminous short down jackets will become indispensable companions of everyday life.


Fur coats 2020 — fashion trends

Fur coats 2019 2020 fashion trends may consist of natural expensive or artificial furs. As for the direction, it is limitless, there is no single right color and style, which allows for a mixture of shades, textures and accessories. Fashion trends for autumn-winter 2019-2020 offer such stylish types of fur coats for purchase:

  1. Leopard print. Until recently, a frilly print associated with bad taste is now at the top of fashionable tops. The «wild» color of the fur coat is a fashionable trendy choice.
  2. white fur coat. Snow-white fur is held in high esteem by the most famous couturiers and is found in many collections.
  3. Bright colors. Furs can be dyed in a variety of colors and they will take on a new breath and appearance. Colors range from discreet muted to bright neon.
  4. Fur coat with print. A fashionable novelty of fur fashion is a multi-colored print. The pattern is highlighted with contrasting colors or another type of fur.


Sheepskin coats 2019-2020 — fashion trends

The fashion trends of 2020 in clothing create successful ensembles of business, evening and casual style together with sheepskin coats. Different lengths, finishes and tailoring will make this piece unique and unrivaled. Fashion trends in sheepskin coats autumn winter 2019-2020:

  1. Short tanned leather jackets. Fashionable in the new season, shortened versions of sheepskin coats with fur trim on the collar and bottom.
  2. midi length. Long sheepskin coats are good for special occasions, and medium-length sheepskin coats will help to stylishly warm up in the daily routine. They are worn over business suits, jeans and dresses.
  3. unusual colors. Bright sheepskin coats emphasize individuality and peculiarity, they are unusual for the standard design of sheepskin coats, therefore they cause double interest in themselves.


Dresses fall-winter 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Dresses 2019-2020 fashion trends will be in a combination of stylish colors and trendy styles. In autumn and winter, choose models with ¾ or long sleeves. Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020 in dresses:

  1. Floral chiffon dresses. Such dresses will create a flowing, weightless silhouette, emphasize femininity and beauty. A length just below the knee or maxi will visually stretch the silhouette and make it more slender.
  2. Velvet. In the new season, velor or velvet fabrics are in a special place. These fabrics are combined with lace and get a very sophisticated look of clothing.
  3. Silk dresses. It is very unusual to see silk in the off-season, but with massive shoes and a trench coat, these dresses look simply amazing.


Skirts 2020 — fashion trends

Skirts fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion trends highlight some of the most popular models and ways to wear them. Skirts are the most feminine item in a lady’s wardrobe, so the look with them should be as thoughtful and stylish as possible. Which skirt to choose to emphasize grace and impeccable taste:

  1. Tulle skirt. Fluffy skirts made of several layers of tulle are firmly seated in the top of fashion trends.
  2. Plaid skirt. A must have in your business wardrobe. A discreet small cell of soft contrast with a smell or on buttons of an uneven cut will become a laconic but expressive accent.
  3. Suede skirt. Fashionable straight-cut suede skirts are excellent companions for everyday and business life.
  4. Denim skirt. Denim is good in all seasons from year to year, varying in length and decorative framing.


Women’s trousers 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Pants 2020 fashion trends are to emphasize femininity through menswear. The trend is loose, freeform, well-outlining the waist. Fashion trends for trousers fall-winter 2019-2020:

  1. riding breeches. The 90s are back in fashion, taking with them some of the leading models of those times. These trousers are very beautiful, but they should be avoided by girls with lush hips, but for thin women, on the contrary, they will add volume where it is not enough.
  2. flare. Flared trousers from the knees are worn with a heel so that they completely cover the shoes. This makes the legs look longer and slimmer.
  3. Palazzo. Wide trousers-skirt will fit perfectly into the office environment. They can still be replaced with a shortened version — culottes.
  4. Bananas. Close relatives of jodhpurs, which this season will be at the peak of popularity.


Cardigans 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Fashion trends in autumn-winter 2019-2020 clothing suggest using cardigans for a stylish and warm look. Knitted or knitted cardigans of modern models are a stylish warm accessory. Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020:

  1. Slim knit straight cardigan. It will fit into the office and everyday wardrobe.
  2. Chunky knit cardigan. A voluminous knitted cardigan looks stylish and is able to warm well in the frosty season.
  3. Cardigan with patch pockets. Large pockets are very practical and have impeccable organoleptic qualities.


Jeans 2020 — fashion trends

Fashion trends 2019-2020 in denim have their own trendy models. Denim clothing is firmly entrenched in the hearts of girls, thanks to its practicality and versatility. With a different combination, such a wardrobe detail can be entered into everyday style and even into a business one. What jeans will be popular:

  1. raw edge. An uneven, slightly frayed edge is a fashionable feature of the new season’s denim fashion.
  2. Rolled up jeans. Exposing the ankle, the silhouette is immediately transformed and improved. This is especially necessary for girls with curvaceous forms, because this version of jeans will make them visually much slimmer.
  3. Denim overalls. A fashion item is a one-piece jumpsuit, with or without long sleeves, it makes no difference.


Fashion shoe trends — autumn-winter 2019-2020

Shoes 2020 fashion trends should be beautiful and of high quality. Natural materials will allow you to enjoy shoes all season without deformation and loss of appearance. Stocking boots and sock boots, tightly fitting the leg with a sharp or square toe, will become trendy in the autumn collection. Pipe boots are relevant in every year and this season will not resist established traditions. For a warmer season, oxford shoes will go together with trousers or jeans. Buckles and chains can decorate boots.


Bags 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Bags 2020 fashion trends are once again returning to the generally accepted standards for choosing a bag for shoes, but this is not the only trend in the successful selection of accessories. The bag will be a good accent piece in an achromatic look. Non-standard forms of handbags in the form of a barrel, a circle, a saddle, a rectangle are fashionable. Two bags of different sizes look unusual and interesting at once, they can be of the same style or radically different. Mini handbags will also attract unprecedented attention, although they are not practical, and serve only as decoration.


Hats 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Hats 2019-2020 fashion trends for women should not fit the head tightly, depriving it of volume. Large knitting is in trend, bright colors will add mood and positiveness, especially this look is suitable for an informal everyday style with voluminous coats and down jackets. A turban hat looks harmonious, it can be added to business and even evening clothes. The classic simple beanie with a lapel will be timeless, remaining a traditional unchanged piece. A beanie hat that fits the head and has a protruding part on top in daily use will complement the sport-chic style.


Haircut 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Hairstyles 2020 fashion trends can be applied to hair of different lengths. Trendy short page and pixie haircuts will improve the appearance, highlight and open the face. A medium-length cascade will add volume, especially if the styling is done in the form of light waves. Cute curls on short hair in the style of Marilyn Monroe will make your appearance attractive and sexy. No less perfect look straight straight hair, cut under one line, with or without bangs does not matter.


Manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Manicure 2019-2020 fashion trends are a mixture of techniques and a combination of textures. The most fashionable will be design options using an airbrush, this is a simple two-tone ombre and a complex gradient pattern. The use of glitter and foil locally, decorated with careless strokes of paint or gossamer will also be popular in the new season. A separate place should be allocated for geometric manicure. A laconic one geometric detail looks impressive and tasteful, and a complex geometric pattern will break out of a faceless image.


Hair color 2020 — fashion trends

Hair color 2019-2020 fashion trends call to forget about stereotypes, erase the frames and embody the most daring experiments. Solid coloring will become unusual in unusual colors of peach, pink, scarlet. Ombre techniques will remain fashionable, while you can make transitions of classic and bright shades using several colors. The artificial effect of sun-bleached hair using the balayage technique looks natural and beautiful and will become an ornament without drastic external changes.


Eyebrows 2019-2020 — fashion trends

Makeup 2019-2020 fashion trends advise on emphasizing naturalness and naturalness, so the most weightless makeup with an emphasis on the eyebrows will be perfect in everyday life. Cosmetology offers a procedure for long-term styling of eyebrows, thanks to which they will be more expressive and will reduce the time for applying makeup. Microblading and powdered eyebrows are also popular — it looks natural, adds density and brightness to the eyebrows and lasts for several years.



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