Cold colors - what are they, how to distinguish from warm and their combination with others

All shades are divided into warm and cold colors. Based on the type of appearance, a tone is selected that relates to a particular palette. It is recommended to choose a color scheme taking into account the peculiarities of appearance, the compatibility of some shades with others.

Which colors are warm and which are cool?

Many couturiers presented cold shades in their collections, the colors of which are extremely diverse:

  1. It is known that all chromatic shades can be obtained from three primary ones — red, yellow and blue. Colors with more red and yellow tones are called warm, and those with more blue tones are considered cold. If the shades contain the same amount of warm and cold tones, then they are called neutral.
  2. To understand which tone is warm and which is cold, it is recommended to focus on the clues of the subconscious. For example, if you take such tones as scarlet, berry and crimson, then scarlet will be the warmest, and the other two are perceived as colder colors.
  3. From the foregoing, we can conclude that at the subconscious level we compare all shades with yellow and blue. These tones are responsible for the warmth and coldness of each of the shades.

which colors are warm and which are cold

How to distinguish a warm color from a cold one?

Many fashionistas are interested in: what colors are cold:

  1. There is a simple rule that can always be followed: warm colors are those dominated by yellow, and cold colors are those dominated by blue. For example, if you take a carrot shade, then it has more yellow tones, but in cold red there is more blue pigment.
  2. Consider sunny yellow, which looks very warm, and lemon yellow, which has a bit of green added to it, making it cooler.

how to distinguish warm color from cold

Cold color palette

If we consider cold colors, their palette is presented in an extraordinary variety. It is realistic to consider those that are most popular and are found everywhere. These are shades from yellow-green to purple. In practice, the separation of «heat» from «cold» occurs as follows:

  1. Determining the color temperature is based on one’s own psychological experience and human stereotypes. For example, a white or blue tone is invariably associated only with cold.
  2. If warm and cold colors interact on the same color field, mutual equilibrium influence occurs. If blue is combined with red, then the first becomes softer, and the second hardens.
  3. Mixing color bases with each other with the introduction of white provides an opportunity to adjust the visual temperature of the shade.

cool color palettecold colors palettecold shades of color

Cool color combination

For many girls, the question is relevant: what colors are cold, and how they can be combined with the rest:

  1. Most cold shades, especially bright and clean, are combined with almost all other shades. For example, the combination of dark blue with white and red seems interesting, the latter should be a highlight, and it is not recommended to take it in large quantities.
  2. Cool turquoise colors look great with a rich palette of shades, for example, with warm pink or rich orange, coral or colors from the red-red spectrum.
  3. The blue tone looks good with a combination with a cold yellow or light green scale, blue can shade the green.
  4. If you want to create an interesting image with purple flowers, then you can take lilac + pink + green. If you do not like deep purple shades, you can give preference to lilac and lavender, lilac.

cool color combination

Bright cool colors

It may seem that cold colors are very boring and uninteresting. In fact, this palette can be bright and very attractive. Bright can be called such shades of this palette:

  1. White color without any impurities can be considered bright, especially if the bow is exclusively in one shade. It draws attention and stands out.
  1. Bright red is classified as a cold shade. Especially attractive are such tones as cherry, raspberry, burgundy, burgundy or lingonberry. In this case, the combination of warm and cold colors will look especially beneficial.
  2. Most shades of pink can also be classified as cold: fuchsia, icy pink, bright red-pink.
  3. The yellow tone has several cold shades. This is, for example, lemon color.
  4. As for green, it is recommended to pay attention to mint, emerald, coniferous.
  5. It is impossible not to designate the blue tone. Such shades as aquamarine, cornflower blue, electric blue, indigo look beautiful and catchy.
  6. You can choose almost any purple, since all its variations look bright and noticeable.

bright cool colors

pastel cool colors

Pastel cold muted colors are liked by many women due to their tenderness and femininity:

  1. They are suitable for girls whose color type is “winter” or “summer”.
  2. The palette of tones includes muted red, dusty burgundy, pale pink, lemon, yellow with gray, bleached orange, cold green, frosty blue, purple with gray tones, dusty lilac, gray chocolate and cold wine.
  3. It is desirable to shade the image in the listed colors with things of neutral shades: white or black is better. If you want something interesting, you can add a silver element of the wardrobe to the bow. As for accessories, jewelry made of white or yellow gold, pearls, silver, emeralds or rhinestones is optimal.
  4. Due to pastel colors, you can create excellent romantic images. Ideally, they fit into the office dress code.

pastel cool colors

Cool colors in clothes

If you choose the right cold shades, the colors in clothes will look incredibly harmonious:

  1. Each of them looks best in different combinations. For example, cool variations of brown harmonize best with blues, cyan, greens, whites and purples.
  2. Blue is a good complement to white, beige, burgundy, green and coral. Cool blue harmonizes with brown, dark blue, red, orange and purple.
  3. Cold variations of green can be combined with white, black, beige, brown, navy blue and burgundy. Green looks perfect with soft pink, peach, yellow and gold.
  4. Cool yellows look great with denim, beige, blue, pink, pistachio and so on. The perfect combination of yellow and brown.
  5. Red in its cold versions can be supplemented with white, black, gray and beige, brown, blue and turquoise, purple.

cold colors in clothescold colors in clothes

Who suits cool colors in clothes?

For girls with both warm and cold skin, cold shades of colors in clothes are great. The former can choose cold shades of yellow or orange, brown, green. The second is more suitable for cold tones of blue, green, pink, purple and red. To more accurately understand which cold colors are suitable for a girl, it is best to refer to a special table.

who suits cold colors in clothes

Cool hair color

When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to know what colors are considered cold? This tone is suitable for girls with gray, light brown and green eyes, swarthy or white skin, graceful features. You can make a simple check: put on silver earrings and see if they emphasize the appearance. Such shades help to emphasize the individuality of the girl and create a stylish look. There are the following types:

  • frosty blondes — most suitable for girls with natural blond hair;
  • ash blond;
  • cold blond, especially with platinum highlights;
  • frosty chestnut;
  • muted brown.

cool hair color

Cool blonde color

You can pick up an incredibly successful cold hair color for blondes. It suits girls with brown, green and blue eyes, it is best if they have a cold appearance color type. The main shades of blonde are as follows:

  • ash or platinum — a classic that always looks profitable;
  • dark ash is great for girls with dark hair;
  • brown ash;
  • transparent ash — hair looks like «glass»;
  • ashy with color additions: pink, purple, blue. Option for brave girls.

cool blonde color

Cool dark hair color

Fair-haired ladies often choose cool hair color for brunettes. This tone gives the image sophistication and nobility. This kind of hair tone is not suitable for all girls; you need to take into account your color type and eye shade. Cold dark hair color looks best on girls with a summer or winter type of appearance, although red-haired beauties can also find something for themselves. Fashion shades are as follows:

  • cold blond;
  • cold dark blond (between blond and chestnut);
  • cool chestnut tones are a great choice for ladies with swarthy skin and green eyes.

cool dark hair colorcool hair color for brunettes

Cool red hair color

Some people think that red is a warm color, but in fact it is not. There are many variations of it, including cold ones. They are suitable for girls with any color type of appearance, except for winter, if you choose the right one. Possible options that represent cold shades of colors are as follows:

  • light shades of cold red (for the «spring» color type);
  • ash-red ombre or cold copper (for the “summer” color type);
  • ash red.

cool red hair colorcold shades of colors

cool makeup colors

Cold makeup is ideal for girls with the Winter and Summer color types. Possible options for eye shadow are gray, purple, blue. To emphasize the lips, cool red lipstick and shades such as muted nudes or icy pinks are suitable. The selection of cosmetics depends on what impression you want to make: bright or calm, restrained.

cool makeup colors

Manicure cold colors

A manicure, to create which the coldest color is used, looks very impressive:

  1. It can be made in blue, green, purple, cool red and many other colors.
  2. Such a manicure is suitable for almost any girl, and it can be supplemented with different prints and abstract patterns, matching (or contrasting) stones, rhinestones, stickers.
  3. It looks interesting French or matte nail design in cold shades.
  4. This kind of manicure can be supplemented with sparkles. A good option is to paint your nails with cold varnish, but cover one with gold or silver varnish.

cool color manicure

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