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Cherry blossom - who suits and what is combined with in clothes?

The desire to look stylish and non-trivial is inherent in every modern woman. A beautiful and deep cherry color will help you create a beautiful and elegant look, diversify your wardrobe, while not resorting to drastic changes.

Who is cherry blossom for?

Deep and rich cherry color was not in demand, enjoyed great respect among the aristocrats and was present in the clothes of many royal people. Its main characteristics are energy, strength, activity, temperament. Unlike red tones, it is more restrained, colorists refer to it as shades of burgundy. Cherry color is preferred by strong and self-confident girls; it is appropriate both in a business office bow and at a gala event.

Who goes cherry blossomWho suits cherry blossom fashion

First of all, it is important to figure out who suits the cherry color of hair or clothes. This shade is more suitable for dark-skinned girls, or for fair-skinned girls with naturally dark hair. For burning brunettes, cherry blossom will give a touch of elegance and chic. Light-skinned blondes should limit themselves to cherry-colored accessories — you should not choose it as a base.

Who suits cherry blossom ideasWho suits cherry blossom style

There are some features that you need to take into account before replenishing your wardrobe with cherry-colored clothes or dyeing your hair this shade:

  1. Cherry color very much focuses on skin imperfections. Redness, acne, freckles, moles on the face will be more noticeable.
  2. Be prepared for the fact that cherry dark color can visually add a couple of years to you, so women over 50 should choose it with great care.
  3. Who suits cherry blossom clothesWho suits cherry blossom hair

What color goes with cherry blossom?

Like any other shade, fashionable cherry color is very different and multifaceted in various combinations — some combinations soften it, while others, on the contrary, enhance the feeling of rigor and elegance. Among the intense dark red shades, cherry blossom is considered the most expressive and no less seductive than bright scarlet. Due to the saturation of the dark component, it has a lot of options for color combinations.

What color goes with cherry blossomWhat color goes with cherry blossom ideas

The most successful color combinations with cherry are:

  • cherry with black is a great way to emphasize the severity of the image;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom black

  • cherry and white — looks catchy and fresh, especially if you use colors in approximately equal parts;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom white

  • cherry color with gray — such a tandem will maximize the depth and saturation of the berry shade;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom gray

  • cherry with beige color will give the image sedateness, nobility, such clothes look very elegant;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom beige

  • cherry with pastel shades will allow you to create a light, calm and direct female bow;
  • What color goes with pastel cherry blossom

  • cherry color with shades of green (emerald, olive, khaki) — a detailed solution for a sophisticated look;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom

  • cherry in tandem with shades of blue (navy, dark, ultramarine, sapphire, cobal) is considered a classic;
  • What color goes with cherry blossom blue

  • cherry deep color with shades of yellow looks catchy and sharp.
  • What color goes with cherry blossom yellow

Cherry blossom in clothes

Stylish, deep and rich cherry color should certainly be in the wardrobe of every modern girl. The shade looks luxurious and noble, easily combined with a large number of both neutral and interesting trendy colors. How to wear cherry blossom depends largely on the appearance of the girl — a dark-skinned or fair-skinned brunette will have a monochromatic outfit in such a shade, for example, a business suit or an evening dress. Blondes should use it as accents in small quantities.

Cherry blossom in clothesCherry blossom in fashion clothes

An important advantage of cherry-colored clothing is its versatility regarding the constitution of the girl’s body. It is ideal for both slender girls and more curvaceous physique. In addition, in some clothing styles, dark cherry color slims and visually stretches the female figure, which is a big plus for overweight girls.

Cherry blossom in clothing styleCherry blossom in clothing design

cherry blossom coat

Fashionistas who like to be bright, but are afraid of red, can safely try on a cherry-colored coat — a stylish and elegant option for outerwear. Such a thing visually slims and stretches the silhouette, it fits perfectly into both business bows and romantic elegant images. A cherry-colored wardrobe can rightfully be called a win-win option for many girls.

cherry blossom coatcherry blossom coat ideas

According to stylists and psychologists, in moderation, the burgundy color looks very bewitching, while in excess it gives the image a feeling of arrogance and detachment. Therefore, if you decide to give preference to a cherry coat, it is better that this be the only thing in your image in this color. Other clothes and accessories should be chosen in shades that blend harmoniously with cherry.

cherry blossom coat fashioncherry blossom coat style

Which cherry coat model is better to choose depends on age, body type and personal preferences:

  1. Girls with harmonious figure parameters should give preference to fitted midi models.
  2. If you need to hide the volume in the waist area, with a high probability, an A-line coat will be the ideal option for you.
  3. For girls with extra pounds or with wide hips, cherry-colored loose-fitting or oversized coats are a suitable solution.
  4. Cherry color coat optionscherry blossom coat design

Cherry color jacket

For many girls, a jacket is the ideal option for everyday outerwear — a practical solution that provides warmth and comfort throughout the day. A beautiful shade will give a feminine look elegance and elegance, if you know what to wear cherry blossom with and choose the right combinations. The thing looks beautiful both in the long version and in the short one.

Cherry color jacketCherry Blossom Jacket Fashion

The material for a cherry jacket can be anything, the most popular options are:

  • natural or artificial leather;
  • suede and nubuck;
  • practical textiles.
  • Cherry Blossom Style JacketCherry dtzine jacket

cherry blossom dress

The deep dark cherry color of the dress is capable of emphasizing the nobility, luxury of the image and elegance of its owner like no other. Often such backgammon is preferred by women with high social status. At the same time, wearing it and choosing matching accessories for it is far from being as simple as it might seem at first glance. But with the right approach, you are guaranteed to create your elegant and flawless look with a cherry-colored dress.

cherry blossom dresscherry blossom dress fashion

When choosing a dress, it is important, first of all, to take into account the features of your figure — cherry blossom, as a rule, slims and visually stretches the silhouette, but this effect is not always appropriate. In addition, it makes all skin imperfections visible, so if you have wrinkles, freckles, acne, moles on your face that you would like to hide, you should be careful with a cherry tint.

cherry blossom style dressCherry blossom dress design

Particular attention to cherry-colored dresses should be paid attention to by girls with voluminous figure parameters or overweight. Properly choosing the cut of the dress, you will fully enjoy the effect created by this shade — it slims the female figure in the best possible way. A-silhouette.

cherry blossom dress ideascherry blossom dress fashion

Cherry trousers

Any thing in red shades looks very catchy and attracts maximum attention, therefore, giving preference to cherry-colored trousers, you should pay maximum attention to choosing the right style. Cherry red color slims and visually stretches the female figure, which is a huge bonus, but at the same time, fat women with very big troubles should not choose this clothing option — you risk drawing too much attention to the problematic part of the body.

Cherry trousersCherry Blossom Pants Fashion

To create a harmonious look, you should know how and with what to wear cherry-colored trousers:

  1. Skinny pants or jeans go well with a black jacket, beige, white or black blouse, striped top. A checkered cardigan, a denim shirt, a coat or beige capes will perfectly complement the look.
  2. Flared trousers are suitable for tall and slender girls. It harmonizes well with light golf, a thin blouse or a jacket in a neutral shade. A large-knit cardigan will look good.
  3. Women’s trousers of cherry color made of genuine leather look extravagant. They are perfectly combined with a white T-shirt, a short gray sweater, a black leather jacket.
  4. Cherry color pants styleCherry color trousers design

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of shoes for cherry-colored trousers. For a harmonious stylish look, shoes or boots must certainly be contrasting — if you combined trousers with a dark top — a black blouse or T-shirt, for example, shoes in this case should be light, and vice versa — in a light version of the top, you should choose stylish dark shoes.

Cherry color pants styleCherry trousers options

Cherry blossom suits

When giving preference to a business or casual suit, it is important to remember that shades of cherry color in large quantities are not a very good solution for an elegant female look. Such an idea can visually add a few years to your look, give your bow a sense of arrogance. To avoid this effect, it is worth diluting the cherry color with lighter shades as much as possible — for example, choose a blouse in harmonious light shades, shoes, a handbag or other accessories.

Cherry blossom suitsCherry Blossom Suits Ideas

cherry blossom skirts

In the wardrobe of every woman there are things that are basic and do not lose their relevance. These can be safely attributed to a cherry-colored skirt, which is a highlight in the image. When choosing such a thing for your wardrobe, its length is of particular importance:

  • short — suitable for slender girls with beautiful long legs;
  • cherry blossom skirts

  • midi — a universal style for any physique and body type;
  • Cherry blossom skirts fashion

  • long skirts — suitable for everyone except those with wide hips.
  • Cherry Blossom Maxi Skirts

The following styles of cherry-colored skirts have become relevant:

  • cherry pencil skirt;
  • Cherry pencil skirts

  • graceful flared sun skirt;
  • Cherry sun skirts

  • cherry leather skirts.
  • Cherry leather skirts

cherry blossom shoes

The deep and bewitching cherry color of the shoes will harmoniously fit into any look — a strict business one or an elegant evening one. Any model can be made in this color, from classic and laconic pumps with heels to modern creative models that resemble men’s boots or cherry-colored sneakers.

cherry blossom shoesCherry Blossom Shoes Fashion

In matters of combining cherry-colored shoes with clothes, there should be no difficulties — the shade is in harmony with most color options. The most successful combinations are:

  • black dress or suit with cherry-colored shoes;
  • cherry blossom shoes with beige clothes;
  • cherry shoes with bright colors;
  • cherry-colored shoes with pink clothes;
  • cherry combined with gray.
  • cherry blossom shoes to wearCherry Blossom Style Shoes

cherry blossom bag

Such a stylish accessory as a cherry-colored women’s bag will easily become a part of any feminine look, ideally combined with most of both light and dark shades. In order for your bow to be harmonious, it is worth adding at least a minimal detail of the same color to it. It can be shoes, a neck scarf, a scarf, a hat, a bracelet, a brooch or other thing.

cherry color bagscherry blossom sum design

cherry blossom pedicure

It is believed that the nail design in dark red shades draws too much attention to the legs and looks too dark and defiant. This is partly true, but with proper use, a beautiful cherry color on the nails can be very stylish and sophisticated, emphasizing the femininity and elegance of the legs. To make a cherry-colored pedicure look light and gentle, you should combine the shade with another color. Ideal options would be:

  • white;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • beige.
  • cherry blossom pedicurecherry blossom pedicure style

Actual pedicure ideas in a beautiful cherry color are:

  • french;
  • ombre — looks especially impressive in combination with black;
  • lunar design;
  • pedicure with sequins and rhinestones;
  • various drawings.
  • Cherry Blossom Pedicure IdeasCherry blossom pedicure design

cherry blossom manicure

Cherry color nail design is a very peculiar idea that is not suitable for everyone. But at the same time, it is fashionable and very popular. It cannot be called too catchy — such a nail design looks muted, velvety, and at the same time demonstrates luxury and nobility. To create interesting design ideas, cherry blossom is best combined with shades such as:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • black;
  • golden;
  • silver.
  • cherry blossom manicureCherry blossom manicure style

Cherry manicure is especially popular in such design variations:

Cherry hair color

Some women of fashion like natural shades of hair, while others crave bright and bold experiments, for which rich cherry color is ideal. It is not important to know that this shade is very capricious, not always and not the first time girls manage to get a beautiful color, it is especially difficult to color natural blondes.

Cherry hair colorcherry blossom hair fashion

Cherry hair color is not suitable for everyone — it looks best on brunettes and brown-haired women with an even complexion. Facial features should be bright expressive, eyebrows and eyelashes should be dark. Cherry hair color looks especially beautiful in combination with a modern short haircut. This shade is not recommended for girls with problem skin.

Cherry hair color ideascherry blossom hair fashion


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