All people and even models have unsuccessful photos, despite all their photogenicity and the work of photographers. Why, even the queen herself has unsuccessful photos, but because she is always in sight and it is simply impossible to control emotions 24/7. But this is a big plus — we can turn them into memes!

Elizabeth II frowns, grumbles, paints her lips, picks her nose, is surprised, laughs, gets upset, goes crazy with boredom and even shows her tongue, in a word — Her Majesty gives us many reasons for smiles and good mood. And you know, it will not be bad at all if these shots go down in history as the most hilarious!

1. What??? Are you mocking me on the first day of the diet?

on the first day of the diet

2. You can only do this over my dead body!

over my corpse

3. I wonder what Harry and Meghan are doing now?

what do they do

4. 93 years old is not a reason to deny yourself the joy of fooling around on the road!

fool around on the road

5. Well, how much longer should I look at this?

long time to look at this

6. I love roses. Is it really impossible to remember once and for all?

I love roses

7. When your son’s knees become public — it’s always a reason for laughter!

son's knees

8. Oh, God, how long will I have to listen to this heresy?

listen to this heresy

9. They will still dance with me …

They will dance with me

10. If only not to fall asleep, if only not to fall asleep …

do not fall asleep

11. And how did you dare to do this?

how dare you

12. When you have already drunk four mugs of tea, but your favorite cookies have not been brought!

four mugs

13. And what — Charlotte can, but I can’t?

Charlotte can

14. You might think that this does not happen to you?

doesn't happen to you

15. I haven’t come up with a punishment yet, but you’re next!

you are next

16. A couple more fiery speeches and I will miss my favorite series!

skip the show

17. And why only I saw it?

why did I just see

18. When you suddenly remembered that you were late for a date!

late for a date

19. And believe me, guys, my revenge will be insidious!

revenge will be cruel

20. And now I’m not planning anything, but I just forgot to go for a manicure!

go for a manicure

21. No, my nerves can no longer stand this shame!

nerves won't last

22. I just pressed the red button …

pressed the button

23. Is this oatmeal for dinner again tonight?

oatmeal for dinner

24. When you think you told a funny joke, but no one around is laughing!

nobody laughs

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25. And where did he even find her?

where did he find it

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