20 desperate women who have seen from their own experience that beauty is a terrible force


Halloween is just around the corner, but some girls did not wait for the eve of All Saints’ Day to scare others with their appearance. The reason for this is the desire to try something new and transform using affordable beauty products.

Most women like to experiment with their looks. They do haircuts, dye their hair, straighten curly hair and curl it straight, get tattoos, lose weight or get better depending on their build, put on a bright make-up, change the style of clothes. Our today’s heroines decided to become a little more beautiful, but something went wrong. Their experience will be a valuable lesson for us.

1. Putting a plastic bag on your head when dyeing your hair, it will be useful to make sure that it is without a pattern.

hair pack

2. Whatever happens, you should not cry after applying self-tanning, otherwise divorce cannot be avoided.

self tanning

3. Yellowish skin tone is a common consequence of a turmeric mask.


4. When the driver jerked sharply and part of the makeup remained on the seat upholstery.

Upholstery makeup

5. Why is it better to entrust shaving your head to a specialist?

Drawing on the back of the head

6. As if dogs were biting their hair. Cascade very blunt scissors?


7. I forgot to take off the bandage while sunbathing. But the result of tanning is definitely visible!

Tanning result

8. I got so carried away solving math that I ruined the whole manicure. Nerves to hell!


9. I forgot that I had lipstick in my hand and rubbed my already painted eye. Will have to start over…

I rubbed my eye

10. When you decide to repeat your manicure by watching YouTube video tutorials.

Repeat manicure

11. Sometimes hair dye behaves unpredictably.


12. Not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity understand exactly how to use cosmetics.

Doesn't know how to use makeup

13. When I caught the idea of ​​a manicure, but the technique is in trouble.

Trouble with technology

14. When you train a novice nail technician and part-time your best friend.


15. I just wanted the tail to be voluminous.

voluminous tail

16. When makeup lighting left a lot to be desired.


17. Eyebrow stencils are not a panacea, you need to know how to use them.

Eyebrow stencils

18. How do you like this smoky eyes?

smoky eyes

19. I can’t help but smile. Does this bun of hair remind you of anything?


20. Why you should not do a manicure when drunk. In the morning you still have to wash!



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