We decided to add to our last list of salons that the BURO editors love, and collected 10 more places where we go for beautiful nails ourselves.

True Mel


st. Anatoly Zhivova, 10

The salon is visited by young rappers, micro-influencers, girls who DJ in the Lisitsa bar and just fashionable people. Have you read somewhere about the trend for “oblique nails”? They already do it here.


Manicure + coating
(design included in the price): from 2,500 to 3,500 rubles.
Pedicure + gel polish: 3 000 rubles

Mon Poney

st. Zhukovsky, 19, p. one

Dried flowers are glued on nails here, and cat faces, petals and abstract patterns are also painted. Sign up in advance, because the queue of those who want to have a unicorn on their little finger is all the way to McDonald’s.


Gel manicure: 1 400 rubles
Dried flowers for one nail: 150 r.
Rubbing: 500 r.
Simple design (all nails): 500 r.
Complex design (all nails): 1 500 rubles

Fedua Salon

st. 2nd Zvenigorodskaya, 13, building 11;
3rd st. Yamskogo Polya, 9, building 3

The Fedua Salon franchise was brought to Moscow by Laura Giugelia together with Italian partners Isaac Moreno and Luca Gonzini. Laura is the founder of the social life portal Peopletalk, so don’t be surprised if you meet Timati’s fiancee, the actress of a new popular TV series on TNT, or a woman with the number of subscribers equal to the population of Krasnodar at the door.

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Classic manicure: 1 000 rubles
Gel polish finish: 1 500 rubles
Removal of gel polish: 300 r.

Be Beauty Bar

st. Rochdelskaya, 15, building 35

As residents of Trekhgorka, we complain: there is nowhere to have a tasty and inexpensive lunch and nowhere to get a manicure. More precisely, there was nowhere! First, an Asian shop with pho soup opened in front of the editorial office. Secondly, Be Beauty Bar has been operating in the neighboring building since summer. There are a lot of offices in our cluster, so the number of people who want to go to the nails after work does not end there. They also do hair, make-up and eyebrows, so the joys of society chroniclers from Hello and Gossip have no limits.

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Express manicure: 1 300 rubles
Gel polish finish: 1 100 rubles
Lacquering: 700 r.
Design: 500 r.

Le Colon

Kuznetsky Most, 7, Lomonosovsky pr-t, 14

Here they are not fond of nail art, but rely on spa treatments and offer medical manicures and pedicures: you can come here with an ingrown toenail or get an orthopedic foot corrector.

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Manicure without coating: 3 000 rubles
Coating with a simple varnish: 1 000 rubles
Gel Coating: 2 500 rubles
Pedicure: 4 500 rubles
Ingrown toenail treatment: 500 r.

little and green

Stoleshnikov lane, 7, building 4

The studio has a good location — next to the Enthusiast bar and the Sculp and Cook dumplings. We sign up for a tortoise jacket and go to celebrate the result with dumplings with king crab and a glass of cherry beer.

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Manicure without coating: 1 000 rubles

Manicure + simple design: 2 500 rubles

Manicure + complex design: 3 000 rubles

Simply and Beauty


Novoslobodskaya, 31/2

Here they do a manicure with which you will not be hired to work in a bank, Gazprom or teach at school. Favorite salon of Christina @voguediary and Sonya Miro, and that says it all.


Classic gel manicure: 1 300 rubles

Nail extension + gel polish: 3 200 rubles

Art painting (one nail): 300 r.

«Muscovite Nails»


Bolshoy Kozikhinsky, 4

Rasim and Alla Akperov, the creators of the Moskvichka brow & beauty bar chain of beauty salons, on the wave of the success of the first project, decided to conquer the nail service market. Where else will you get a decent manicure for 500 rubles? There are many masters, so you don’t even have to sign up for a month. And the first visitors also get a 20% discount.

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Manicure without coating: 500 r.

Uncoated pedicure: 1 000 rubles

Male manicure: 700 r.

Manicure + pedicure 4 hands (gel polish): 4 200 rubles



Leninsky prospect, 90

The only salon on our list that is located far outside the Third Ring Road. Finding a cool manicure shop in the center is not a problem, but where to get your nails done near the house on a lazy day is already a quest. Saviano is not rude, they work conscientiously, so residents of Obruchevsky and neighboring districts go here for classics.


Classic manicure: 850 r.

Hardware manicure: 950 r.

Gel Coating: 1 000 rubles

Plain varnish finish: 300 r.

Classic pedicure: 1 800 rubles

Noir Moscow


Newspaper lane, 13

We remember the Noir city barbershop, where they only cut their hair and nothing else. Then coloring was added to the list of services, and now they also do manicures at the branch in Gazetny Lane. They do it without any complaints, so we put Noir on our list with peace of mind.


Coated manicure: 1 600 rubles

Gel manicure: 2 800 rubles

Nail design: from 150 rubles per nail

Nail repair: 200 r.

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