Wedding in Bulgaria

What can be a wedding? Ordinary — in the church or registry office of your hometown or unforgettable — in Bulgaria. In the latter case, there are a lot of options for where the ceremony will take place. A wedding in Bulgaria for Russians and not only is a popular service offered by companies with different price lists.

Documents for registration of marriage

Foreigners who decide to marry in this state must take into account several conditions regarding the provision of certain documents:

  1. Permission to stay in the country. It must be received by both future spouses.
  2. Certificate of civil status. This document confirms that the future husband and wife have no obligations that may serve as an obstacle to marriage. The certificate can be obtained from the Bulgarian consulate. If it is not issued in the language of this country, then a translation with subsequent legalization will be required.

Other required documents include:

  • marriage statement and passport;
  • declarations (they are received directly at the place of registration);
  • medical certificates written in the language of this country or officially translated (must be received at the latest one month before the registration of marriage).

A wedding can take place with or without a ceremony. In the first case, it can be held in the municipality or be outsourced. If the newlyweds wish to hold the ceremony, they must submit documents at least a week in advance.

Documents for registration of marriage in Bulgaria

Where can you get married in Bulgaria?

A wedding can take place on a picturesque sea coast or a cliff overlooking the sea, on an island or a yacht, in a modern hotel or an old castle.

Among the most popular wedding venues in Bulgaria are the following:

  1. the Royal Castle. The newlyweds, who decided to hold a ceremony in it, remain in indescribable delight. The hotel, located on the Balkan coast, is reasonably considered one of the most luxurious. There are countless places for a photo session, both the landscape of the castle and the surrounding area, consisting of picturesque forests, smoothly descending to the sea, are suitable for them.
  2. Wedding at the Royal Castle

  3. Botanical Gardenlocated by the sea. This is a favorite place of the Romanian Queen Mary, which is also appreciated by newlyweds. On the territory there is a palace, Roman baths, waterfalls, ancient bridges.
  4. Wedding in the Botanical Garden

  5. Church of Hagia Sophia. Some newlyweds prefer to capture themselves against the backdrop of a picturesque temple. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the wedding will become public, as many tourists are constantly walking around.
  6. Church of Hagia Sophia

  7. Lockwho is in love with the wind. The unusual name fully justifies itself: there are countless beautiful places here. One of them is a magnificent lake with swans.
  8. The castle that is in love with the wind

  9. Bozhentsy village perfect for eco-weddings and boho-style ceremonies. Guests can be comfortably accommodated in authentic houses.
  10. Bozhentsy village

  11. Saint Anastasia Island ideal for those who want to have a wedding in a close circle of relatives and closest friends, or even retire.

Saint Anastasia Island

The responsibilities of the organizers include developing a script, selecting music, decorating the venue and hiring a photographer. From the newlyweds, in addition to being present, it is required to tell what such an important life event should be like. Transfer to the destination in some companies is paid separately, so it is important to clarify all the details with the organizer before the big day.

Where can you get married in Bulgaria

Features of a wedding in Bulgaria

In order for the event to be unforgettable, it is necessary to take into account important nuances:

  1. wedding cost depends on the season, venue and number of guests. If the celebration is organized in the summer on the coast, then it will be more expensive than at the ski resort at the same time. Another moment concerning the monetary side is that the Bulgarians do not trade. The named amount is final, but for the sake of motivation, one should not fully pay for the service. It should be warned that the organizer will receive part of the amount after the celebration.
  2. Bulgarian service pretty highly specific. If the booked time for a photo session is up, guests will be asked to leave immediately, and no couple of minutes for the very last shot.
  3. Menu and drinks it is important to discuss in advance, because during the tasting they can serve something amazing, which will then be replaced by something incomprehensible. The reason — «could not find, ended.»
  4. Decorating the wedding venue, hairstyle, makeup and manicure. Even with a classic celebration, you should not leave it to the last minute. Not always local beauty masters will be able to make an elegant make-up. It is better to practice it in advance.
  5. Bouquet. For a summer wedding, you can find fields of wild lavender and roses, so that a beautiful bouquet will turn out to be truly unique.

Features of a wedding in Bulgaria

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