Summer nail design 2022 - top 100 ideas of the most beautiful nail art

With the onset of the warm season, saturated colors become relevant. In line with summer 2022 nail design trends. Stylists resort to bright multi-colored or discreet bed solutions. An appeal to an extraordinary decor, an interesting creation of a form is welcome.

The most popular new nail designs in summer 2022

Nail service masters are guided by non-standard ideas when creating a manicure. The attention of girls is offered fashion trends and novelties of nail design in 2022:

  1. In an interesting interpretation, a chess print is proposed. To create a pattern, catchy pink-red, blue-violet shades are taken.
  2. The transparent base is harmoniously complemented by juicy patterns. An example is the rich polka dot print associated with retro style.
  3. It is allowed to turn to a bright raspberry base and complement its transparency with mica.
  4. In catchy colors, abstract patterns look organically, made with the help of randomly applied strokes and lines.
  5. The traditional pastel range is suitable for the embodiment of marble nail art. The veins of the stone are drawn with a snow-white tint.
  6. Tenderness acquires an ombre, made in a peach-pink interpretation.

the most popular new nail designs in summer 2022neon nail designbright summer nail design

Design for long nails

A significant area of ​​​​the plates is an occasion to show imagination when decorating them. The summer version of nail design is represented by ideas:

  1. A strict square is allowed to be softened with the help of winding lines drawn on a pastel background.
  2. A delicate pink-blue base will be harmoniously complemented by a golden leaf.
  3. Retro polka dots are allowed to alternate with light floral ornaments, giving the image of tenderness
  4. Romantic notes are acquired by geometry, decorated in a neutral pink-sky color scheme.

design for long nailssummer nail designglitter nail design

New Short Nail Designs 2022

Shortened plates are suitable for the embodiment of a gentle romantic manicure. Confirmation is the easy nail design for short nails, presented by the trends:

  1. Nude coatings remain out of competition, against which drawings are depicted with contour lines.
  2. Neutral pastel summer nail design «French» 2022 is allowed to be supplemented with a bright «smile». Another solution is to cover the tips of the plates with golden sparkles.
  3. The voluminous decor looks extraordinary in the form of a contrasting shell on one finger or stripes that stand out against the general background.
  4. A transparent matte background can be supplemented with catchy abstract stains.

new designs for short nails 2022easy design for short nailsgentle summer nail design

Summer almond nail design

The feminine form is played up with the help of delicate or bright colors. The design of almond nails is represented by solutions:

  1. A pearl rub in pale pink colors looks win-win. An alternative solution is an iridescent jacket with a cream base and a snow-white tip.
  2. The geometry is proposed to be done in light pastel shades, resorting to alternating with negative space.
  3. Brightness will bring a rich lavender coating. Another option is the alternation of catchy lilac, blue, yellow tones on adjacent fingers.
  4. Translucent drawings made in watercolor technique look advantageous. These are images of large flower petals, dragonfly wings.

summer almond nail designalmond nail designmulticolored nail design

New designs for square nails

The practical form will become catchy due to certain stylistic devices. The design for square nails is represented by ideas:

  1. A gentle nude coating will help soften the severity of the corners. A harmonious addition will be a silver «spider line».
  2. It is allowed to emphasize the originality of the form with the help of a bright jacket, made by painting over the “smile” in yellow and orange.
  3. It is allowed to turn to the ombre, which is created with the help of transitions from a rich peach to a snow-white shade.
  4. The geometry is recommended to be made using thin lines zoning the plate.

new designs for square nailssquare nail designgentle summer nail design

Design for sharp nails

The seductive form is emphasized by applying the original decor. Confirmation is the summer manicure for sharp nails:

  1. A game with texture is welcome, which consists in covering certain fingers with small pebbles.
  2. It is allowed to make a drawing resembling a shell, performing it in golden tones.
  3. Fingers are accentuated with the help of a popular tropical theme. Large leaves are decorated with emerald rhinestones.
  4. A light coating with translucent patterns applied to it will soften the pointed shape. The latter are embodied using the watercolor technique.
  5. A shiny black or graphite coating, applying silver sparkles will add catchiness.

design for sharp nailssummer manicure for sharp nailsglitter nail design

Ballerina nail design

The original form is played up with the help of well-chosen nail art. Summer nail design «ballerina» is represented by ideas:

  1. Romanticism will give the application of the image of clouds on a pale pink background.
  2. A beautiful form is played up by highlighting the “smile” with bright colors. The tip is given the appearance of a triangle with the help of lines converging to the center.
  3. The popular fiery summer 2022 nail design is embodied with the help of golden sparkles that are laid out in the form of flames.
  4. A monochromatic coating, presented in a light pink or trendy lavender tone, looks self-sufficient.

ballerina nail designsummer ballerina nail designsummer nail design

Toenail Designs 2022

To create a harmonious image will help not only a beautiful manicure, but also a pedicure. To the attention of fashionistas are offered new designs of toenails:

  1. A matte finish is associated with nobility. Alternation of dark and light varnish is allowed. The latter covers the thumb and is complemented by black, purple rhinestones laid out at the base of the plate.
  2. Tenderness in the image will bring a light pink coating and the design of the tips of a snow-white shade.
  3. It is allowed to turn to a self-sufficient monophonic pedicure, made in coral color. An alternative solution is to resort to rubbing in metallic, golden, rich purple tones.

toe nail designs 2022new toe nail designsthe most popular new nail designs in summer 2022

New French nail designs for summer 2022

Classic manicure is offered in both traditional and extraordinary interpretations. Confirmation is the novelty of French nail design:

  1. Transparent tips look original, accentuated with a bright base.
  2. The jacket is allowed to be made abstract by designing with the help of winding lines.
  3. The combination of a transparent base and the design of a “smile” in a brilliant version does not lose its relevance. The latter can be done with the help of kamifubuki or potali.
  4. A gentle summer nail design can be realized by combining a jacket and an ombre. «Smile» becomes snow-white and turns into a nude base.
  5. The tips filled with rich peach, yellow, crimson colors look beautiful.

French nail design novelties for summer 2022french nail design noveltiesthe most popular new nail designs in summer 2022

New bright designs for nails 2022

Saturated coating makes the manicure extraordinary. Confirmation is a bright summer nail design:

  1. A bright yellow color is associated with the beach theme, which can be applied in a single color.
  2. An orange tone is suitable for the embodiment of a fruit theme: images of an orange in a section. Another option is to apply multi-colored abstract stains.
  3. It is allowed to dilute the lemon background with the help of a chaotic application of potali in light green, orange shades.

new bright nail designs 2022bright summer nail designalmond nail design

Foil Nail Design

Luxurious shine to the plates is given by applying certain elements. This is a nail design with potal or other foil details:

  1. A popular technique is the application of chaotic shiny stains on a light, bright or dark base.
  2. It is allowed to alternate sweating with strips made of crinkled foil. The decor is applied to adjacent fingers.
  3. Potal is harmoniously combined with sequins or rhinestones, laid out at the base of the plate.

foil nail designpotal nail designsummer almond nail design

Nail design «geometry»

Clear figures will harmoniously complement nail art, suitable for going to work or everyday wear. Confirmation is the design of nails with stripes:

  1. An easy way is to apply tonic lines in the same or different directions.
  2. With the help of strips, the zoning of the plate is carried out. Separate areas remain unfilled, others are covered with sparkles. An example is nail design with gold.
  3. With the help of geometry, it will be possible to embody rainbow nail art. Certain areas are filled with multi-colored bright varnishes.
  4. The drawings made with the help of geometric shapes look extraordinary. The contour lines depict a dragonfly or butterfly. The latter is allowed to be decorated by filling individual parts with multi-colored varnishes, sparkles and small rhinestones.

geometry nail designstripe nail design

Nail design with rhinestones

Transparent or colored stones are associated with luxury. The decor helps to embody the summer nail design with rhinestones:

  1. A simple technique is laying out pebbles in the form of a strip or filling in the base of the nail. In the latter case, it is allowed to resort to a large accent diamond-shaped detail.
  2. With the help of rhinestones, you can embody a vintage print. Small pebbles are evenly laid out on plates in the form of peas.
  3. Rhinestones are suitable for applying thematic images. An example is laying out in the form of a crown, the Eiffel Tower.

summer almond nail designnail design with rhinestonessummer nail design with rhinestones

Ombre nail design

Stretching with color makes the manicure extraordinary. Nail design «gradient» is represented by trends:

  1. Delicate transitions from pink to blue or lilac look win-win.
  2. The red-orange-yellow nail art will attract the maximum attention.
  3. The original interpretation of the moon manicure will be an ombre, starting from a dark tone at the base of the plate and moving to light or bright tips.

almond nail designombre nail designgradient nail design

Aquarium nail design

Stylists resort to non-standard solutions when creating a manicure. The result is a brilliant nail design, made in an aquarium version:

  1. The plate is covered with a transparent varnish, on which a catchy decor is laid out with the help of kamifubiks, foil strips. A transparent top is applied over the resulting pattern.
  2. Glittering decor helps bring abstract floral motifs to life. The jacket looks original with a similar “smile” design.
  3. When creating nail art, it is allowed to resort to mica. Parts that are uneven in shape completely cover the plates and are complemented by a transparent top coat.

french nail design noveltiesaquarium nail designglitter nail design

Nautical nail design

With the onset of the beach season, thematic manicure becomes relevant. This is the sea nail design:

  1. A common solution is to turn to the blue-blue color scheme. Shades are suitable for applying a background coating. The base is complemented by snow-white patterns depicting sea waves.
  2. On top of a plain sky background, it is allowed to apply an image of a golden or silver anchor.
  3. Beach nail art can be realized with the help of velvety sandy powder. The textured coating is complemented by the image of a depressed footprint.

fashion trends and novelties of nail design 2022marine nail designsea ​​nail design

Nail design with stickers

Ready-made decorative elements will simplify the process of creating nail art. Nail design with a pattern is embodied with the help of stickers:

  1. There are small details that can be applied to the plate in multiple quantities. An example is the image of romantic hearts.
  2. Stickers will be a godsend for the embodiment of cartoon prints, pop art drawings, original inscriptions, insects.
  3. It is allowed to combine stickers with volumetric decor. Details that differ in design will make two fingers accent.

the most popular new nail designs in summer 2022sticker nail designpatterned nail design

Stretch nail design

Kamifubuki belong to the category of trendy decor. The result is an original glitter nail design:

  1. Stretching is recognized as a popular technique, which consists in concentrating details in one place and reducing them towards the other edge.
  2. The sparkles covered with a transparent top coat look original. On top of the latter, it is allowed to apply a strip laid out on the base of the plate and made of similar elements.
  3. Stretching can be done by evenly covering the plate or by placing it on a wide accent strip.

glitter nail designnail design stretching

neon nail design

Saturated shades will make nail art memorable. Multi-colored nail design is represented by trends:

  1. The trend is light green, raspberry, yellow, orange, aquamarine shades. Tones are allowed to be used to implement a self-sufficient monophonic manicure.
  2. Catchy colors are suitable for creating an ombre or jacket. It is allowed to dilute neon with a pattern drawn with thin black lines.
  3. The yellow design looks interesting with the accentuation of one finger with the help of the image of snow-white daisies. Another option is to make several plates transparent and decorate with peach designs.

neon nail designmulticolored nail design

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