Summer new manicure 2022 - a selection of top nail designs

With the onset of the hot season, the original nail art becomes relevant. Summer 2022 manicure novelties are presented in extraordinary solutions. Stylists allow a discreet design or prefer to turn to bright decor in the form of floral, animal, fruit ornaments, interesting performance techniques.

Fashion summer manicure trends 2022

Masters of nail service is guided by extraordinary trends. Summer manicure trends are represented by design variations:

  1. Volumetric decor is in fashion, expressed in the application of sinuous abstract elements that stand out in relation to the base. The plate is decorated with a single line or a combination of numerous elements that form a pattern.
  2. The opposite trend is the creation of an indented decor depicting a fracture on the nail plate.
  3. The trendy floral theme gets a fresh touch with the help of decoration with transparent drops.
  4. Marble nail art is offered in an interesting interpretation. The drawing does not fill the entire nail, but a certain part, separated by zoning.

trendy summer manicure trends 2022summer manicure trendssummer colors for manicure

Summer manicure «almond»

Feminine plates organically look both in delicate and bright designs. Summer youth manicure is expressed by ideas:

  1. It is welcome to apply light pastel or blue lacquer associated with the sea on the nails. Delicate restrained coloring is balanced by a shiny coating in the form of a rub.
  2. It is allowed to apply minimalistic patterns formed using lines and dots.
  3. Luxury will add decoration with rhinestones. Attention is drawn to a single accent stone, which has a rhomboid shape.

summer manicure almondsummer youth manicuresummer minimalist manicure

Summer manicure «stilettos»

It will be possible to express individuality with the help of the shape of the plates that attracts attention. Confirmation is a summer manicure for sharp nails:

  1. Stilettos covered with bright red or aquamarine varnish look catchy. A decor depicting openwork curls is laid out on top. Small pebbles associated with beads are taken to apply jewelry.
  2. A transparent coating will help to balance the sharpness of the form. The decoration is the sinuous lines applied in a bright shade.
  3. On the stilettos, the textured coating organically looks, embodying the structure and coloring of the reptile.
  4. To soften the sharpness of the corners, a gentle ombre, presented in a white-nude tonality, will help.
  5. It is allowed to beat stilettos by applying sweat on a matte background and shiny geometry.

trendy summer manicuresummer manicure for sharp nailssummer manicure stilettos

Summer new manicure 2022 for square nails

The practical shape is suitable for creating designs that differ in style. Summer manicure for square nails is represented by solutions:

  1. It is allowed to make a barely noticeable cloudy nail art. A white pattern is applied on a light beige background. Another idea is to make the lollipop design in a similar color scheme.
  2. Geometry or abstraction will stand out advantageously on a pastel basis. The drawing is applied using contour lines or filled with bright colors, sparkles.
  3. The square shape is allowed to be marked with a contrasting black outline drawn on a nude background.

summer new manicure 2022 for square nailssummer manicure on square nailssummer nude manicure 2022

Summer manicure on the «ballerina»

The original form acquires interesting notes with the help of a certain design. Summer manicure design for the «ballerina» is represented by ideas:

  1. The emphasis on one finger is welcomed with the help of the image of translucent flower petals, made using the watercolor technique.
  2. A jacket will help to highlight the shape of the beveled square, including a “smile”, which is formed in the form of intersecting lines.
  3. The design looks luxurious when decorated with rhinestones and golden edging.
  4. A trendy tropical ornament that accentuates one of the fingers is allowed to be decorated with silver sparkles.

summer manicure for a ballerinasummer manicure designeasy summer manicure

Summer matte manicure

A certain coating will soften the neon tones and accentuate the discreet nude. This is a summer youth manicure, made in a matte version:

  1. Warm themed colors are welcome, presented in a yellow-orange tonality. The emphasis of one finger is carried out using the image of a glass with a cocktail.
  2. The popular lavender shade is highlighted with a matte finish. A discreet coating will highlight the radiance of rhinestones laid out on a pink or terracotta background.
  3. Dark shades in a matte finish take on even greater depth. In the hot season, the combination of black or dark blue with a bright orange tint is welcome.

summer matte manicuresummer youth manicuresummer multi-colored manicure

Acid summer manicure

If you want to make the image as bright as possible, turn to saturated shades. Acid-colored summer manicure will help achieve the desired effect:

  1. Light green varnish applied to the plates can be decorated with the image of a snake drawn with contour lines.
  2. Monochromatic nail art “different hands” looks self-sufficient. To create a design, they resort to lemon and raspberry shades.
  3. It is allowed to decorate a matte acid coating with the help of geometry or cobwebs drawn in black lines. An alternative solution is to depict abstract blots on the plates.
  4. Acid ombre looks as bright as possible, in which one saturated color turns into another.

acid summer manicureAcid summer manicuretrendy summer manicure trends 2022

Summer nude manicure 2022

Beige-pink coating is associated with tenderness. Summer nude manicure is designed to create a universal look:

  1. Glitter will bring the application of a shiny finishing rub on a pastel background.
  2. It is allowed to emphasize the ring finger with the help of abstraction, embodied by drawing winding lines and dots.
  3. A simple but effective decor — strokes applied with contrasting varnishes, combined with golden leaf.
  4. A retro design is welcome, created by drawing a small polka dot print or an image of bead details.

summer nude manicure 2022summer nude manicuresummer nude manicure

Summer glitter manicure

Catchy decor will be a godsend in the hot season. Light summer manicure is embodied with the help of sparkles:

  1. Stretching remains unrivaled, created by applying details in one area and decreasing towards the other edge.
  2. It is allowed to make a gradient effect by applying the technique on a wide strip covering the plate.
  3. The stretch created from multi-colored sparkles looks interesting. Another option is to use kamifubuki, which differ in shape, made in the form of rhombuses, circles, stars and hearts.

summer glitter manicureeasy summer manicuresummer manicure trends

Summer French manicure 2022

French design is played with interesting interpretations:

  1. A win-win way to attract attention is to make a “smile” in neon shades. A transparent base will help balance the image.
  2. Tenderness will be betrayed by the design of the tip with the help of thin lines forming a “spider web” pattern.
  3. It is allowed to make the “smile” abstract by resorting to filling with sinuous contrasting lines.
  4. Summer manicure-jacket with a pattern is popular. Accentuation of individual fingers is carried out using a leopard print. The dot pattern is filled with a traditional beige or bright acid color.

summer manicure french 2022summer manicure french patternsummer manicure almond

Summer manicure with dandelions

Floral theme is relevant in the warm season. Summer floral manicure is complemented by the image of a dandelion:

  1. Brightness will give the design of drawings in a yellow tint. The pattern is applied to a snow-white or transparent background.
  2. Another option is to depict a falling dandelion that has an airy structure. Thin lines are suitable for drawing a flower, giving elegance to the pattern.
  3. Fresh notes will bring a combination with voluminous dew drops.
  4. An additional pattern is allowed with silver sparkles depicting a crumbling flower.

summer youth manicuresummer flower manicuresummer manicure with dandelions

Summer manicure with cats

Animal drawings remain relevant. This is a summer manicure with cat sliders:

  1. The cartoon theme is popular. Drawing in the form of a cat is conveniently applied using stickers that give maximum naturalism.
  2. It is allowed to make an original jacket, depicting the muzzle of an animal in the “smile” area. A transparent base will help balance the image.
  3. The cat acts as an accent pattern or is applied to all fingers. In the latter case, patterns that differ in design are welcome. Images of black, red, white, striped animals alternate on the nail plates.
  4. There is a variant in which the image of a cat affects several fingers. The muzzle of the animal is drawn on the Middle plate, and paws on the nails on the sides.

summer manicure with catssummer manicure with sliderssummer new manicure 2022 for square nails

Summer manicure with flamingos

Romantic fashionistas will appreciate pink nail art. This is a trendy summer flamingo manicure:

  1. The drawing is used to emphasize a certain finger and is applied to a snow-white background. It is allowed to depict a floral or floral ornament on an adjacent plate.
  2. There is a minimalist design in which the flamingo is drawn with contour lines.
  3. The slider in the form of a bird with a three-dimensional effect looks interesting.
  4. Flamingos are often drawn in full growth. There is a drawing depicting only the head of a bird.

summer flamingo manicure


summer flamingo manicure short

Summer manicure with a dragonfly

An actual theme in the hot season is the image of insects. A confirmation is a summer manicure with a pattern in the form of a dragonfly:

  1. The voluminous decor looks original, in which the wings of an insect are laid out with the help of mica, and the body is decorated with rhinestones.
  2. A drawing made using the watercolor technique looks naturalistic.
  3. There is a version in a cartoon form, where the dragonfly is drawn with contour lines and painted over with colored varnishes.
  4. Alternation with the image of a butterfly is allowed. The result is a play on the contrast between multi-colored and transparent wings of insects.

summer colors for manicuresummer manicure with a patternsummer manicure with dragonfly

Summer manicure with fruits and berries

Certain topics become trendy in the hot season. Nail art with fruits or berries is presented in design variations:

  1. A summer manicure with watermelons depicted using stamping has become a trend. Another trend is the cutaway fruit. The pink pulp looks as naturalistic as possible with the drawing of black seeds.
  2. The cutaway image of citrus fruits is popular. It is allowed to combine an orange or lemon pattern with a pattern in the form of a quail egg.
  3. Sunny yellow nail art will organically complement the image of bananas in whole or semi-peeled form.
  4. A berry theme is welcome, containing drawings in the form of raspberries and cherries.

summer manicure with fruits and berriessummer manicure with watermelonssummer manicure with sliders

Leopard summer manicure

Animalistic themes remain relevant. Summer manicure with animal print in the form of leopard spots is in trend:

  1. A black pattern created on a yellow background looks bright and at the same time naturalistic.
  2. It is allowed to resort to decoration with sparkles. Small details fill the pattern in the form of spots or act as a basis.
  3. Leopard print can be used as an accent with a wide patterned strip.

leopard summer manicuresummer animal print manicuresummer manicure with a pattern

Summer manicure «aquarium»

Romantic looks nail art, endowed with the effect of weightlessness. This is a summer manicure on a transparent basis, made in an aquarium version:

  1. A gentle effect is created by coating the plate with mica particles. A finishing layer is applied on top in the form of a rub.
  2. Aquarium transparent design is complemented by the image of waves, small shells. It is allowed to cover the adjacent finger with a print in the form of fish scales.
  3. Brilliant kamifubuki look organically applied on a transparent base and covered with a finishing shiny layer.

summer manicure aquariumsummer manicure on a transparent basistrendy summer manicure trends 2022

Summer lavender manicure

The lilac color palette is recognized as a seasonal trend. Confirmation is the summer manicure «lavender»:

  1. A gentle monochromatic coating applied to the fingers looks self-sufficient.
  2. Accent with a small floral lavender print applied on a white background is allowed.
  3. Brightness in the image will bring the addition of one finger with large sparkles of a lilac hue. An alternative solution is to make marbled nail art in a lavender-white tone.
  4. Alternation with a pattern embodying large violet petals is allowed. A drawing made in a translucent version using the watercolor technique looks organic.

summer lavender manicuresummer manicure lavendersummer manicure trends

Summer manicure with drops

A certain decor will bring fresh notes to the image. This is a minimalist summer manicure filled with images of drops:

  1. The volumetric pattern organically looks on a discreet matte base.
  2. There is a design in the form of numerous drops that completely cover the plate.
  3. The three-dimensional element organically complements the image of dandelions, other flowers, fruits in a section.
  4. It is allowed to decorate with drops of marine nail art containing the image of shells, waves, dolphins.

summer manicure with dropssummer minimalist manicuresummer new manicure 2022 for square nails

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