Summer manicure for long nails 2021 - stylish, bright ideas, fashion designs

Stylists offer a variety of ideas that represent the summer manicure for long nails in 2021. Thanks to the large area of ​​​​the plates, it will be easy to realize any fantasies. Both lovers of bright images and girls who prefer restraint in design will find their option.

Manicure for long nails summer 2021

Any fashionista will be able to match the ideas of manicure suitable for her for long nails:

  • fresh notes will bring the effect of broken glass or wet shine. Details are applied to the tips of the nail, creating a kind of imitation of a jacket;
  • a nude that never goes out of fashion will advantageously set off a tan. However, it is recommended that the shade of the coating be selected so that it differs by a couple of tones from the color of the skin;
  • trendy fun-french, decorated with beads and beads;
  • the lunar summer manicure for long nails of 2021 continues to be out of competition. The depressions at the base of the plate are left completely transparent or painted over with a radically contrasting varnish in relation to the main coating;
  • lunar design can be decorated with original details, for example, to make an imitation of cilia around a hole drawn in the form of an eye.

light manicure for long nailsmanicure ideas for long nailssummer manicure design for long nails

Beautiful manicure for long nails almond shape

Sophistication and femininity is characterized by a manicure for long nails of an almond shape:

  • any pattern fits perfectly on transparent nails, be it abstraction, geometry, floral motifs;
  • the embodiment of restraint and elegance — the «negative spice» technique, when certain elements are filled with transparent varnish, for example, clear geometric figures or hearts;
  • sophistication and luxury will be given by pixie crystals laid out at the base of the marigold or arranged in the form of a certain pattern;
  • The summer French manicure for long nails in 2021, made in classic white and nude variations, looks like a win-win.

beautiful manicure for long nails almond shapeManicure for long almond-shaped nailsbeautiful summer manicure for long nails

Manicure for long sharp nails

On a pointed shape they embody an incredibly beautiful summer manicure for long nails:

  • to emphasize the seductiveness will help the coating with the effect of «metallic». An alternative solution is a lacquer of an amazing shade of «rose gold»;
  • the winning solution is a rub, which is selected in a catchy mirror or more delicate pearl version;
  • bright manicure on long sharp nails will emphasize the unusual shape and attract everyone’s attention. To smooth out some aggressiveness, it is allowed to paint over the tip of the nail with a rich color, and closer to the middle to make it nude. To implement such an idea, a jacket or ombre is suitable.

manicure for long sharp nailsmanicure ideas for long sharp nailsmanicure for long nails summer 2021

Manicure for long square nails

Versatility and practicality are characterized by a manicure for long nails of a square shape:

  • the design is made gentle or bright, depending on the individual preferences of the owner of nail art. On a clear or soft square, both delicate nude and catchy raspberry, lemon, orange varnish look unsurpassed;
  • the square is organically combined with all kinds of geometric shapes, which are applied in the form of stripes, squares, triangles. To bring variety to a light manicure for long nails, the figures are filled with sparkles;
  • when creating a jacket, the tips are made traditional rounded, with a clearly marked square, in a triangular design.

manicure for long square nailsmanicure for long square nails

Manicure for long oval nails

Lovers of sophisticated images will appreciate the summer manicure for long oval nails:

  • the tenderness of the form can be emphasized with the help of a pearl rub, which gives the nails the maximum resemblance to stones;
  • an interesting solution is to place the beads over the entire surface of the plates at a uniform distance from each other;
  • a marble design will look unique, during the creation of which veins are applied to a light background, imitating the structure of a stone;
  • foil prints made in gold or silver look harmoniously.

beautiful manicure for long nailsmanicure for long oval nailssummer manicure for long oval nails

Manicure for long stiletto nails

For connoisseurs of extraordinary bows, a “long stiletto” manicure is intended:

  • The shape got its name from the Italian dagger. The plates look narrow and pointed, thus achieving maximum similarity. It is problematic to grow such nails, so girls often resort to extensions;
  • design largely depends on the features of the form. So, «Gothic» has symmetrical evenly pointed edges. The jacket looks great in the dark design of the tips;
  • the «sword» shape is very elongated and has a significant surface. Thanks to this, it is permissible to create three-dimensional drawings, use decoration with large stones and beads;
  • A lace pattern that contrasts with the main background will help soften a certain aggressiveness of stilettos.

beautiful summer manicure for long nailsstiletto manicure for long nailslong stiletto manicure

Manicure for long nails «ballerina»

Sophistication has a summer manicure for long nails «ballerina», regardless of the chosen design:

  • mica will help to emphasize the sophistication of the form, giving a unique shine;
  • romantically inclined persons are allowed to put hearts on several plates, and paint over the rest with scarlet varnish;
  • the alternation of matte and glossy surfaces on different plates is welcome. The reception will give a contrast that will not leave the owner of her art unnoticed.

manicure for long nails summer 2021manicure for long nails ballerinasummer manicure for long nails ballerina

Bright manicure for long nails

For the warm season, the ideal solution would be a bright summer manicure for long nails:

  • it is permissible to simply paint over the nails with a catchy neon or acid coating. The design is self-sufficient and does not require addition of decorative elements;
  • it is allowed to alternate different bright colors of varnish alternately on the fingers, creating an imitation of a rainbow;
  • extremely popular design in the style of pop art, which involves the application of portrait images or cartoon prints;
  • original inscriptions applied in a catchy color are welcome.

manicure for long nails ballerinabright manicure for long nailsbright summer manicure for long nails

Delicate manicure for long nails

Out of competition continues to be a nude manicure for long nails, suitable for all occasions:

  • nude looks unique in both matte and glossy versions. It is allowed to apply a brilliant rub over the main coating, giving a resemblance to pearls;
  • plant motifs look organically against a nude background. For their implementation, snow-white or black varnish is often used;
  • it is allowed to make one finger accent by painting it with a black coating and applying a pattern lined with sparkles;
  • A popular way to create an accent is to decorate the ring finger with beads or rhinestones.

manicure ideas for long nailsdelicate manicure for long nailsnude manicure for long nails

Matte manicure for long nails

Noble notes in the image brings a summer matte manicure on long nails:

  • nail art is characterized by elegance, even if it is embodied with the help of bright coatings. Matte lacquer gives a muted and discreet effect;
  • the matte base is great for placing shiny elements against such a background. An example is the laying out of large rhinestones or the creation of chaotic foil prints;
  • The image of contrasting motifs looks great. So, a clear geometry, drawn in black, is applied to a delicate flesh-colored varnish, which almost blends with the color of the skin.

summer matte manicure for long nailsmatte manicure for long nails

French manicure for long nails

Classic, not influenced by fashion — French manicure for long nails:

  • the design is done both in the traditional version using a snow-white, transparent, pastel coating, and using rich shades;
  • stylists are also experimenting with the shape of the “smile”, making it classic rounded, triangular, wavy, double or triple;
  • when embodying a bright jacket, a gentle nude is often taken as the basis, and the tip is drawn in a rich shade. However, the opposite execution is also acceptable, when the pastel tip is located on a catchy background;
  • Stretching with sparkles is a popular technique used to create a jacket. Shiny elements are concentrated in the “smile” area and gradually decrease towards the base.

french manicure for long nailsManicure for long almond-shaped nailsfrench manicure for long nails

Manicure for long nails with glitter

To embody the evening design, a brilliant manicure for long nails will be a godsend:

  • glitters are often filled with longitudinally or transversely located strips;
  • one nail is allowed to highlight and create an accent on it if it is completely filled with sparkles;
  • certain figures are filled with bright details: geometry, the core or petals of a flower, leaves on branches, embodying plant motifs.

glitter manicure for long nailsglitter manicure for long nails

Rainbow manicure for long nails

A stylish trend of recent seasons is a rainbow manicure for long nails, embodied in a variety of ways:

  • a simple trick is to alternately cover the nails with colors that imitate a rainbow;
  • iridescent motifs are also achieved by drawing stripes alternating on one nail plate. Drawing is allowed both clear and abstract wavy;
  • to create a rainbow, bright saturated colors or muted and gentle, close to pastels are used.

rainbow manicure for long nailsbright manicure for long nailsrainbow manicure for long nails

Manicure with a gradient for long nails

A light gradient manicure for long nails, a dark or bright ombre variation continues to be in demand:

  • the transition is carried out by applying two or more shades. Preference is given to similar colors, which implies the avoidance of pronounced contrasts;
  • the French gradient is popular, in which the tip is bright and accented, and the base is restrained;
  • Ombre, embodied with the help of glitter stretching, is the undeniable hit of the season.

gradient manicure for long nailslight gradient manicure for long nailsbeautiful manicure for long nails almond shape

Leopard manicure for long nails

Predatory animal prints provide an opportunity to be creative and create a beautiful manicure for long nails:

  • in order not to overload the image, it is recommended to use leopard colors not on all, but on individual nails. The rest are covered with plain varnish;
  • it is allowed to fill a square or other geometric figure with a leopard print;
  • a stylish technique — dividing the plate into two parts, one of which is made leopard, and the other is plain;
  • The print is also used when applying romantic motifs, for example, when the heart is filled with it.

leopard manicure for long nailsbeautiful manicure for long nailsManicure for long almond-shaped nails

Fruit manicure for long nails

A popular seasonal design is a summer manicure for long nails with a pattern depicting fruits:

  • common drawings — kiwi, lime, watermelon, orange, lemon, applied in a section. To enhance the impression of realism will help voluminous drops flowing down on the surface of the fruit;
  • on a snow-white background, a banana peeled by half looks unique;
  • it is allowed to combine several motifs, for example, draw a pineapple on one nail, and a flamingo on the other.

fruit manicure for long nailssummer manicure for long nails with a patternmanicure ideas for long nails

Marine manicure for long nails

With the onset of the beach season, a marine-style manicure for long nails becomes relevant:

  • a common technique is the use of a blue or turquoise base depicting waves. Images of anchors, shells, starfish and other thematic motifs are applied to the sky background;
  • in the trend is a blue and white stripe depicting a marine vest. The drawing is self-sufficient or is used as a basis on which characteristic drawings are applied;
  • To bring brightness to nail art, covering several fingers with scarlet varnish, which contrasts with the main blue and white design, will help.

marine manicure for long nailsmarine-style manicure for long nailsbright summer manicure for long nails

Bright manicure with palm trees for long nails

Popular manicure ideas for long sharp nails are images of palm trees, especially relevant in the beach season:

  • a yellow-orange background is often used as a base, associated with the beach and sand. Palm trees are drawn in black on top;
  • an alternative solution when choosing a base coat is blue lacquer, associated with the sea and blue sky. Black palm trees will contrast and effectively stand out on it;
  • lovers of naturalistic motifs will appreciate the palm leaves depicted in green on a snow-white background.

bright manicure with palm trees for long nailsmanicure ideas for long sharp nailssummer manicure for long nails with a pattern

Yellow manicure for long nails

When choosing a color in which a summer manicure design is created for long nails, stylists strongly recommend using yellow shades that fit perfectly into this season:

  • plain yellow nail art is self-sufficient and looks bright on its own. It will add spicy notes by laying out similar yellow or traditional transparent rhinestones;
  • yellow coating is allowed to be used for applying animalistic motifs. On this basis, leopard brown spots look great;
  • one finger is allowed to be contrasted by covering the nail with sparkles or mica;
  • the yellow shade is perfect for embodying beach motifs. With the help of velvety powder, sand is depicted, against which a depressed footprint is located;
  • on a sunny background, the image of a palm tree organically looks.

yellow manicure for long nailssummer manicure design for long nailsbright manicure for long nails

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